While Walking from the Station – Blogathon Post 8

1. See an old uncle holding aunty’s dupatta + purse so that aunty can try out the sweaters which the hawkers have put on the street. ‘Maine badhu aapi de, hoon hold karu chu’ (Give me everything, I will hold it) he says smilingly 🙂

2. See a little boy and his mother cross the road and the boy tell his mother, Mummy aa ear ring ketlu beautiful che, tamara maate levu che (Mummy this ear ring is very beautiful, you want to buy it for yourself?)

3. Walk past a lady who sells sukha bhel etc regularly.I know she is a widow because I had gone to her once and she was cursing her dead husband to someone. Someone asks her for an extra puri. She puts one. He says put one more, are you going to take them with you when you die. She stares back with fiery eyes and says ‘koi nahi leke gaya hai aab tak, lekin maine mera paisa leke jaaungi’ (No one has taken yet when they died, but I will take my money and go) the poor guy shut up while I smiled and walked on!

4. Saw a traffic policeman helping an old uncle cross the road. He actually made the traffic stop when he saw an old couple and some school kids struggling to cross the road

5. Saw two aunties with white hair like snow wearing a red colour gajra on their hair. Looked awesome 🙂

6. Climbing down the stairs, I slipped and two young boys caught me and said ‘Madam be careful when you walk’ Yes sirs!

7. Saw couple of guys rush to catch the train, and one man held his hand out and both of them got in..despite of it being really crowded. Mumbaikars give the word ‘accommodate’ a whole new meaning eh?

8. My feet are hurting with all the walking!


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47 Responses to While Walking from the Station – Blogathon Post 8

  1. summerscript says:

    Always love your observation 🙂

  2. That’s one problem with driving to most places…you miss out on what happens around you apart from other passengers in their cars! 😛

    I love how you describe your daily sights and sounds! And do take care while walking madam! 😀

  3. Your posts are always refreshing to read. So many wonderful emotions and feelings!!

  4. simple girl says:

    heartwarming snippets .. 🙂

  5. Bingo says:

    ah! lovely moments. I am visualizing everything with a soft music in the background 🙂 Soak your feet in warm water with handful of rock salt. You will feel better, otherwise get a massage from RD, hehehe…

  6. See, THIS is why I read your blog. THIS is why I come back to your blog every single day. You bring out the little moments of everyday life so beautifully… I feel like everything is happening right in front of me. 🙂 It is mesmerizing for me.

  7. All smiles!My absent minded morning too deserves a post today 🙂

  8. Nidaa says:

    Heartwarming and sweet… Well except 8 😀

  9. The Bride says:

    I loved that your learnt the old lady was a widow because she was cursing her husband to someone!

  10. Maya says:

    I loved point 3, particularly! 🙂

  11. So you got to experience pieces of goodness haan? 🙂

  12. ashreyamom says:

    hmmm.. 8th point looks incomplete RM.. you should made it happy with a foot massage.. 🙂

  13. mahabore says:

    Lovely random observations of the world around. So many little lessons of life to be learnt here 😀

  14. Seema says:

    You always leave me amazed by the way you remember these small little observations from daily life. These posts always make your readers’ day RM 🙂

  15. Archana says:

    You know, we all spend so much time worry about how bad the current generation, we forget to look at how good they are too.
    I was feeling a bit dizzy few days back, and I rarely have these spells, I was wondering out loud ki why am I feeling dizzy, and when my 3-yr old son says, “Have some coffee amma.”

  16. Loved how the old lady got the guy to shut up 🙂

  17. techie2mom says:

    Awww Awww Awww!! This is such a warm post!!

  18. Vibha says:

    Lovely writing. #3 was too good! Missing India now:(

  19. anisnest says:

    you observe so much RM!! your eyes are wide open to the world rey.. take care of your foot lady!

  20. Smitha says:

    Your observation is amazing! I don’t even see the road ahead of me sometimes when I’m walking:)

  21. hitchy says:

    Never mind the feet R’s Mom! The world looks a nicer place through your eyes! 🙂

  22. vaidehi says:

    Well written,
    I have really started missing Gujarat…. Pani puri, sukhii bhel,uttarayan and how can I forget Navratri (Hove hove re)
    Kharekhar tame mane babhu yaad karavi didhu.
    Very well portrayed.

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