31 Days – January 31, 2021

So there. After years, I finished 31 days of blogging.

Amma stumbled across the blog the other day and mentioned that my writing was meh! No enjoyment in your writing. In Tamizh she said it looks as if you are writing for the sake of writing and that is not very good! Mothers, I tell ya!

Sigh, Mothers, I tell ya. They know you so well. They know when you dont give your best and honestly, I dont think my heart was in the writing 😦

31 days of bad writing

31 days of bakwaas writing

31 days of bekaar writing

31 days of beginners block writing

Hopefully, I will return to good writing soon. Till then, thank you blog friends for encouraging me to write again. I will come back better, fingers crossed!


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6 Responses to 31 Days – January 31, 2021

  1. srutisagaram says:

    A famous author once told me that we feel that all writing needs to be good. She insisted we write everyday, 400 words, even if those words weren’t wonderful, or interesting, or creative. What that task of writing everyday does is build a habit. I hope you keep writing.

  2. Prachee says:

    RM, I m glad that you were here in the blogathon.
    You know what, your space was the first blog, which pulled me into the blogging world. And I am sure, there would be many like me.
    Keep writing. Loved reading you. 🙂

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