Mujhe Bhi Sona Hai! 

I wish I could do this right now! Monday mornings should be banned!  


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Inventions I Am Glad Were Invented!

1. Safety Pin – Ah well everyone would agree to this one…From torn bags to chappals to clothes to putting in naada…these little ones pack in a lot of power eh?

2. Bum Shower – These are the awesomest stuff invented..really…they make cleaning so easy…apart from the bum, these are really useful to clean up the potty of the infant easily, as well as use it to remove dirt and dust while cleaning the bathroom!

3. Infant Nail Cutter – I wish I had known about this when R was brother would painstakingly cut R’s nails when she used to sleep with an adult nail cutter, praying to all the Gods of the world that she didnt move…a few near misses shaved out about 10 years of his life I think..with R2, the lovely ladies (Maya, Tharani, Bingo Mom and Summerscript) sent me this nail cutter along with some million other goodies. These are so good that I cut R2’s nails even when she is playing and dancing, and even go every week to a friend’s house who has a 3 week old baby and is too scared to cut his nails!

4.Non stick dosa tawa – I know I know, dont jump on me on teflon and all that…I know its not the best of things to use, but trust me, my dosas turn out so awesome when I make them on the non stick tawa. So much so, that now when I make it on the iron tawa, they hate me enough to stick to the tawa as if glue!

5. Kindle – I know I know, again! I have written about how I love physical books and no e-reader can replace them..but in all honesty, buying books is not the issue. The issue is a pegion holed flat in Mumbai, there is only so much that one can allocate space to books. Now if we buy more books, one family member seriously needs to think about living in the car! yaa its that for me, the kindle RD got is a boon! Additionally, I love anything free..and when I get free books, my life just seems so complete…
I am sure I can add to the list..but too lazy to type…

Any inventions you like?

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Sex Education in India

Folks after the sex talk with R, I am seriously considering doing a piece om sex education in India. If anyone is interested in responding to some questions I have in mind, could you please mail me? I will also send across the questions to whoever I can, never mind you are interested or not! hehe!
mail me : readingrsmind(@) gmail(dot) com
Thanks in advance :)

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Amma What Is Sex? 

R and I were at this place which is like a school for kids but also houses a lot of other facilities. The place had a lot of stuff put up on a cabinet including how to teach your kids about English, Mathematics books, etc etc…one of the notices tucked in a corner read ‘How to Talk To Your Child About Sex?’ 

R being R, the curious cat started reading all the notices to while away time. As she came the notice down, she read loudly ‘How To Talk To Your Child About Sex?’

She looked at me and said ‘Amma, there is a spelling mistake na. Its SIX not SEX right?’ 

Before I could answer, she said ‘Amma, what is there to talk about SIX, It says SEX, so it will be SEX!’ 

R: Amma, what is SEX?

Well, honestly I had not anticipated this question at the age of seven. I thought I had some years before I started out talking about sex to her. 

Me: It may mean a couple of things

She waited expectantly.

Then I decided to just tell her the truth. Its so much easier that way.

Me: sex can mean your gender. Like your sex is a girl, my sex is a girl, R2’s sex is girl and Appa’s sex is boy.

But the brat being brat, asked then what is there to talk about?

Me: Well, sex also means something you do with someone you really like a lot.

R: Like what?

Me:Its something you will realise when you are slightly older. Its just a sort of thing you do when you like someone and are happy with that person.

R: Like kissing?

I was like ‘How on earth did she know about kissing?’ because RD and I are not really the touchy feely couple in front of her..

Me: Kissing?

R: Yaa, like how Anna and that boy (She meant Kristoff) did in Frozen.

Ah well…I realised movies do show a lot of kissing..

Yes, I said, like kissing!

R: So sex is kissing?

Me: not exactly, but its like that..

She: hmmm..okay…Look R2 is calling me..

and she skipped away!

Did I handle it okay? I didnt realise explaining sex to a kid could be so tough…Is there a better way to do it?

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And We Go Mottai! 

R2’s skull looks like an egg! Its so funny to see her keep touching her head and search for something to pull :)

We decided her mottai to be done yesterday now that she turned one and all that! RD kept her on his lap while my dad held her head. The barber was awesome really! He made her bald in like 10 minutes despite the screaming, squiggling, crying, bawling and twisting she was doing.

The funnier person to watch was actually R! She was screaming and crying louder than R2. Some dialogues mentioned include – 

– Leave my sister alone please

– Stop torturing her

– What harm has she done to you

– She is in pain and you are not even bothered

– Why does she have to go bald? Whats wrong if she is left as she is!

– She looks so weird without hair. How am I going to take her to daycare tomorrow?


– Enough Amma enough, She will be so upset to see herself in the mirror, my poor baby!

R2 didnt seem too bothered though! Her head definitely looks like an egg…heheheheh!


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And You Are One Finally! 

Dear R2
You turn one..finally! I have been waiting for this since an year… :)

You showed right from the start that you are your akka’s sister, showing a penchant for jewellery by wounding the umbilical cord around you…You refused to come out from inside me, until you were forced to come out with the doctor cutting me open! Everytime I tried to take you out, you would ensure the cord wound around you tighter, making you breathless…you my girl, are surely a chapter!

You have scared us with your health many a times. But now you are this bundle of excess energy who is ready to crawl and cruise wherever possible!

I must admit that I have been a lot more casual as a parent with you, compared to akka. While I did find it tough initially, I realised I have been a lot more relaxed during your pregnancy as well as in the initial months. I have been in pain and I have told your Appa that I am fed up, but overall, I have had a smooth sailing with you.

You have been an Akka person through and through. She has made you laugh the most, she has scolded me for not giving your milk and she has taken your side when I have got bugged at you. She has also complained a lot about you, but between you, I see a bond which makes me so happy. I pray and pray some more to God, to keep this bond intact and keep strengthing it!

You love eating. (Just like Akka) You are adventurous with your food. You are ready to try new things, and you seem to prefer spicy food to sweet.

You clap your hands a lot, and grin at everyone and anyone. You give your vampire tooth smile really cutely and you love chewing the most. aAnything and everything HAS to end up in your mouth. 

You are a smart cookie as well. You pretend to dig out stuff from the floor and put it in your mouth. And when one of us shouts at you, you pass out a toothy smile and open your mouth to show you havent eaten anything…

You love pulling things down. Like I was telling your Appa, one of these days, you are going to ensure the TV falls on your head!

You are fascinated with switches. And I dont know love them..when I put you up to clean your bum, your first instinct is to touch the switchboard near the basin!

Your daycare teacher calls you a CHAPTER..that is a very Bombay way of describing someone who is naughty and smart..You adjusted to daycare in two days, thanks to your Akka..

You jump up and down when you see other kids and you love love love going down to play when Akka is downstairs..

You are as naughty as they get, and I am sure your Baroda Thathi will have to bite back her words when she looked at you for the first time and said that you will be a quiet child…you are proving her wrong totally!

You are loud, you are a nauntaki, you are a chapter, you are a cry baby, you are a smart cookie..

But most of all, you are our darling…our family’s little darling, who can melt Appa with a smile and love Akka with a hug…you are the person we were missing for so many complete our family so wonderfully…you were the one we were waiting for :)

You continue to be what you are, my kid and I hope all your wishes in life come true!


Amma :)


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I Am A Normal Human Being, eh? 

Yesterday I was talking to a colleague at work. She was mentioning how her two year old is getting out of hand and she keeps getting complains about how she hits people, pulls hair, etc etc.

I told her about how I used to get complains about R during the same age. I told her thats why they are called the ‘Terrible Twos’ and warned her that it is going to get worse till she turns 6 or something, post which there will be other kind of troubles, which I didnt want to scare her about :)

She mentioned how she was trying to control her temper but after a limit, she seems to lose it and shout at her child.

I told her I do it to. She seemed a bit surprised. Really? But you are a mother of two!

Me: All the more reason, I scream more. So much so, that my older one calls me the screaming Amma.

She: I am really trying RM, but somehow, whatever I do, she pushes me into screaming. I try so hard not to lose my temper, but she pushes me the wrong way.

Me: Errrr…so its normal na…you are also human, you will end up losing your temper. As long as you try your level best not to scream unnecessary, sometimes, its okay to let go and shout eh?

She: but but I read so many articles, which say that ignore, or just let the child be. Dont shout, it will have an opposite effect, etc…I feel so guilty later on!

Me: Ah well, its true. You should avoid screaming. But if you cant ignore after a while, just scream and let off the steam. Do you remember what your mother did to you when you were 2 years? Kids have short term memory. As long as the shouting, screaming and abuse is not done on a regular basis, its absolutely okay.

She: Really?

Me: well, its okay as per me. You may want to seek professional advice eh?

She laughed and I could see a weight lift off her face. It was like she was just waiting to hear from someone that her kid was normal and that shouting at her kid did not make her a bad mom.

It doesn’t. I am not saying, scream at the drop of a hat, or shout everytime. All I am trying to say, that once a while, its absolutely okay, to shout at your kid. 

Like I tell R ‘ Why do you think I had R2?’

Why Amma, for me? She asked.

Nah, I said. ‘I had R2 since you were getting older and no fun shouting at you. Now I have another kid I can shout at once a while, and have some fun!’

For once, my smart mouthed older kid was dumbstuck and didnt know how to respond to that heheh :)

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