Maggi Memories of a Non Hostelite

So Aarti from IMC was talking about Maggi and how it evoked memories in her mind whenever she had it. This led from one email to another and I ended up writing about my experiences of maggi.

Of course, I have never stayed in a hostel. Which means most folks will consider me literally a maggi illiterate…but here is what I had to say!

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Errr…I am Definitely Technologically Challenged

RD is my partner…in sickness and in health, in poverty and in richness..also in finance and in technology! I rely on him too much as far as gadgets, apps, money is concerned…while the money part is a bit better now….I spent the last week of my pregnancy understanding where we invest and how much we invest (why we invest is still a puzzle to me, but thats another story!), thanks to Smita, who pushed me into trying to get independent in life!

Anyways, for those of you who checked this site some days ago and found it made private, I am sorry…I dont know what I did where..and it became private…now, I logged in and figured out how to un-private it! These technologies really challenge me! I often turn to Vidhya to ask her stupid questions on technology…infact I am sure RD is secretly happy that Vidhya is a friend now, because the frequency of me asking him questions has definitely come down…

I am thinking of taking a crash course on how to handle smart phones…Mine is a basic version and yet sometimes, I get so bogged down by the variety of features it scares me! But I must admit, I am kind of addicted to the phone *gives sheepish grin*

This is such a mish mash of a post…the girls are keeping me so busy that I dont get to read blogs..I dont get to write stuff anymore…who ever is thinking of having a second child…well…THINK about it..okay?

Well, this blog is not going to turn least not now…may be a couple of years later when the older R starts reading stuff on her own..may be I will make a few posts know..just like that…to feel a bit special!


In other news, we interviewed Devdutt Pattanaik on IMC! Go hop on there and check out what he has to say :)

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Overheard in the R Household!

R: You know R2 if you stop crying right now, I will give you three chocolates when you grow older!

R2: Giggle giggle!


R: R2, what did Akka tell you  now? Bolo bolo..tell me now…you HAVE to stop shouting, I am trying to study here.

R2: Scream! Scream!


R: R2, once you grow older na, I will tell you all my secrets. okay? But you have to tell me yours as well

R2: Guughghghhghg!


R: R2 we will go shopping together when you grow up and I will buy you nice make up okay?

R2: aaahhhggguuuuuu


R: You know R2, our team in the building na, has decided to give you a wonderful birthday gift for your first birthday….but that is a secret, dont tell anyone okay? only you and me know!

R2: ingggiiiiiiii


R: Listen R2, if you dont drink your milk, you will never become strong like Akka. And if you dont become strong like me, how will we play?

R2 gulps it down!


R: Amma, you HAVE to give her milk..cant you see how much she is crying? Do you make children cry? Tell me tell me

RM: !!!!


R: R2, dont listen to Appa. We will fight with him when you grow up okay?

R2: giggle giggle


R reading a book aloud to R2


R telling R2 to hop, skip and jump


And so the mayhem continues in the R household

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Dear R2

When you are older and at some point thinking why the hell do I have R as my sister? Why couldnt it be someone else? Thats when I want you to read this post.

I think you are an extremely lucky girl. To have R as your akka. She does so much for you, girl.

She dances non stop for half an hour singing loudly so that you lie down smiling at her without crying and ma can eat her food!

She sings lullabies for you so that you sleep and ma’s throat doesnt pain!

She changes your cloth diapers when you pee

She applies your cream on your legs and hands every night gently and slowly

She never makes a face when you do potty! I tell her to go from the room incase it irritates her but she says ‘arey Amma everyone does potty what?’ She has even offered to clean the potty clothes! (An offer I have been refusing:))

She scolds me when I get bugged at you and keeps telling me ‘Amma give her milk, she wants milk!’ Even as you start crying

She shows you off to all her friends and says you are the cutest one around!

She told me ‘Amma its okay if you dont come down to play Holi this just take care of my sister’

There are a lot of things she foregoes just so that I can give you milk and take care of you!

Yes, everyday she will also complain about you being a pain and all that, but the way you smile and jump when she is around is so so amazing that she forgets all the anger. You have a special smile for her. No matter what your mood or how much you are crying or drinking milk, as soon as you hear Akka’s voice, your face breaks into a smile and then a wide grin.

‘See see Amma she is looking at me and smiling’ she tells me so happily and proudly!

You are her Paapa, paapi, kutty, kanamma, kannukutty, darling, baby and dearest sister!

You are very lucky, R2. I just hope this love and bonding is there between the both of you forever and ever!

Slightly teary eyed and counting my blessings


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These Moments

RD has gone to Sabarimalai. I get to sleep in the night between my girls with on hand on each of them.

Its 1 AM. I finish R2’s hour long feed. I undertake the difficult operation of transfering the brat from lap to bed. It needs the precision and accuracy of a spinning machine which churns 1245 threads a second. One wrong movement and its back to feeding. And I manage the transfer three times at night, night after night. *gives smug look and does not reveal the misses*

Then I realise I need to use the bathroom. I slowly cross R, get off the bed and open the bathroom door softly. I come out, switch off the light. As my eyes adjust to the dim darkness…

.I see that R’s left hand is on R2’s chest. R2’s left fingers are curled around R’s right thumb and there is a hint of smile on both their faces.

I feel a lump in my throat.

I think, let them sleep like this.

Three seconds later the elder brat is in the process of putting her leg on the 2.5 month old!

Nah! I think. Sentiments can wait, eh? Sometimes a mom needs to be practical!

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Dear RD,

Nine has a nice ring to it na. Square of three. Nine lives of a cat. Etc etc.

Jeez man! We did nine years of marriage today and no mean feat considering our temperaments eh?

As usual I didnt give you anything while the usual generous you, got me me a kindle as my previous one broke.

Between us we have managed to have two girls and a house and all that jazz. But more importantly we have managed to live along together. I still have thoughts, at times, of leaving you and going because you are sooooo irritating..but guess those are momentary flashes of madness.

Since its our anniversary let me NOT remind you of stuff like keep your bag inside and not on the sofa or that dont throw your wet towel here and there or do the work told to you in a reasonable time and not after 56 hours, or being on that phone of yours all the time, yaada yaada.


Thank you for hearing to my rants whether work related or personal

Thank you for going almost every weekend to Dmart and getting the stuff I keep forgetting

Thank you for remembering to pay the bills and book the gas and all that

Thank you for all the special food treats you get for me. Those make me the happiest :)

Thank you for giving it back to folks who sunao about you having TWO girls :)

Most importantly thank you for giving me two girls who make my life complete.

While on the girls, by the time we get to a double digit of togetherness, wake up at night when the brat 2 does potty instead of me screaming your name loudly enough to wake up the dead eh? And oh oh, learn to comb the brat 1’s hair also. Ok? Ok.

From this year onwards I promise to go on holidays with you :)


Your wife.

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Letter to My Daughters – Looks and All that Jazz

Dear R and R2,

When Amma was a teenager, Amma was very insecure about her self. Her pimples, her fatness, her looks, her lack of ability to perhaps not be good in everything as compared to her cousins and so much more. Now that I am much older, I find what my parents had told me is so true. In the long run, nothing matters.

Pimples turn to marks, fatness continues despites diets and crash diets and you just get comfortable in your skin.

Kids, remember that at the end of the day what matters is how much confidence you have in yourself.

I am not saying grooming is not important. But all am saying is that looks really dont define you. What matters at the end of the day is how good a human being you are.

Everyone has the same set of eyes, ears, nose n mouth. Its how you carry yourself that makes the difference. Of course, its easy for me to say all this at the ripe age of 33, but here are a few things I learnt over the years.

1. No matter what you wear, if you are not comfortable in it, you are never going to look good in it

2. Have confidence in yourself. Thats the best beauty secret

3. Maintain a beauty regime of at least washing your face twice a day. Dont be lazy like Amma!

4. I have noticed folks who wear kajal look pretty. Both you girls have lovely eyes. So get that kajal on :)

5. Dress in colours you love no matter what people say about skin tone and all that. Dont be stuck to blacks, greys and blues like Amma!

6. I would love to say dont use make up at all. But that would be wrong. Use it judiciously and sparingly. Remember subtle works better than garish!

7. Never get too influenced by the way others dress. Remember what suits them may not suit you!  Also try out all kind of clothes and accessories. Of course nothing to beat the comfort of a tee shirt n cotton pants but dont be like Amma. DRESS UP when the occasion demands it or you feel low in life!

8. Be prepared to get compared with each other since you are of the same gender. Your skin colour (the comparison has already started!), the lack of a dimple or the twinkle in the eye. Please dont mind these comparisons and be proud of your sibling.

9. Despite the six year age gap, I hope you reach a phase in life where you can exchange clothes. Thats like one of the best things of having a sibling of the same gender :)

10. Remember you cant change the way you look, but be confident of yourself and that makes a world of difference.

You must be wondering why Amma is writing so much about looks. Guess Amma just wants to pass on all her (un)learnings to you girls :)

One of the laziest dressers in the world

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