100 Happy Days – Day #19

Today, RD and I volunteered to be a part of the Point to Pinnacle Half Marathon. This is supposed to be world’s toughest half marathon, where the participants have to climb the Mount Wellington.

RD’s hockey club was volunteering and they were short of a few people and roped me in. With the inlaws here to take care of the girls, I agreed to be a part of it.

RD and I got up at 5.30 and then got to our spots by 6.30 AM. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about how I was supposed to manage traffic, but honestly, there was no need. People here are so amazing that there was no need for me to stand at the sides and ask everyone to run at the left side of the road. Actually, it was only the top 3 runners who ran towards the right side of the road, EVERYONE else just kept to the left!!!

What a crowd it was…wow, is an understatement, really! I was at a point where they have crossed one small hill and started with the second hill. It was a hot day with 28 degrees (and hotter if you consider the Tassie sun which is brutal) but most people had a smile on their face. They were happy and excited. The walkers came first. They were such a happy bunch! Talking, laughing, doing hi-fis and just enjoying the whole experience. Most of them said a thank you to me and other volunteers for doing what we were doing!!! Can you believe that? They are huffing and puffing their way up the hill but still were so thankful and wonderful! I love Tasmania, really!

And then one guy says ‘You look too happy, girl, come and do the run with us!’ and another guy was like ‘thank you thank you for the encouragement’ and one more guy who was towards the end of the walking group tells me ‘oh lady, please tell me I am one of the first ones to pass you’ and what amazing sense of humor 🙂

And then came the runners. They were so fit, baap re! Just looking at them made me feel sooooo jealous! Gosh..most of them were like running uphill..and trust me, it is a steeeeeeppp run! Super steep run! And there were people carrying kids in prams (and RUNNING!) and carry older kids with disabilities in wheelchairs and just going through! It is amazing what people can do if they want to…I was just clapping like crazy through out! That’s all I could do!

RD and I finished the traffic controlling and went to the place where they were giving breakfast and most of the buses carrying the runners from the pinnacle (top of Mt.Wellington were already back!!! Can you believe it? In a couple of hours, they just finished the route!!!

It is so inspiring to see so many people run…I loved today’s experience!!!

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100 Happy Days – Day #18

We saw the amazing parade for Xmas and what fun it was!

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100 Happy Days – Day #17

Today I went to a photo shoot with my friend. I really really admire these models man! I mean they are so so great, that they agree to do this for a living. I went crazy in that half an hour. The lady who took the pictures was really sweet and all that, but trust me, I thought it was so weird just posing in some 100 different poses like that! And to keep smiling, man! keep smiling!!!

Now I know why those models we see never smile. Because if you smile so much, your dentures will hurt like crazy! It will hurt so much that you can’t even chew your food! And the whole thing about taking 3 hours to get dressed just for one picture! Ufff…by the end of it all, I was just ready to take my friend home heheh 🙂

I guess for people who really like doing it, it must be fun..but trust me, posing for pictures seemed like too much hard work to me!

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100 Happy Days – Day #16

A family friend sent some amazing pictures of R’s birthday to us today! What stunning pictures really! The food looks delish, the cakes look amazing and the girls look stunning! The sun shining through and our lives look so perfect 🙂 I can continue to crib for not having a job, but a friend, philosopher and guide told me that look at the positives in life and you will always be happy!

UNADJUSTEDRAW_thumb_6ba (2)

The brat looking for some stones in the backyard!


Kids at the birthday party having fun with some cycle and sharing everything!


Looking at the clothesline and checking out some bugs in the garden!


The lamps lit to celebrate #Diwali!


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100 Happy Days – Day #15

So the in laws unpacked their suitcases yesterday and like RD says ‘they got the whole of India with them!’ From cooker to kadais to tawas to clothes to alta to jewllery for the girls to bangles for me to dresses for the girls to what not? Honestly, I had asked them weird stuff like a calendar and black thread for the dance performances, and they even got that!

Santa Claus has come early to the R household and trust me, there is no space for us to keep all the stuff that they have got. It is a pity that they could not get any food in Tas or else I would have asked them to get some poockhas for us from Calcutta, hehe!

They got two pretty gold earrings for the brats and both of them are flaunting it off! They got me some really expensive bangles made of lac and I am wondering where I can wear them and if I need to buy a special dress to match those bangles!

They have got so much stuff…Gosh!

The girls are thrilled to have their grandparents with them. R2 was a bit shy at first since she hadnt seen them in 1.5 years, but she warmed up to them in some time! R is super happy because she does not have to help around in the house at all. Her thathi doesn’t let her lift a finger *eye roll*

They are here for three months and I am sure there are going to be interesting times ahead!

Meantime, I will just sit back and relax a bit!

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100 Happy Days – Day #14

Okay. I think I am too tired to even write about anything anymore! Like I told RD, I don’t think I will last even 15 days in this whole blog writing thingie! And its true. I am exhausted. I am doing nothing and yet I am exhausted. I can’t think of anything to write about which made me happy today!

Oh wait, I got my eyes checked today and my numbers haven’t changed since the last time. Phew, that is money saved on new glasses.

But, I have to get sunglasses because the sun in Tassie is not really doing any good to my eyes. So well, money spent on sunglasses.

But wait, the optometrist I met was such a delightful lady that just looking at her made my day and made me happy. She is so positive and ever smiling. Such people really make your day amazing, isn’t it?

I picked up R from school today and she told me that she told all her friends and teacher about her getting glasses to wear and they all seemed pretty excited about it *eye roll* and she sounded excited about getting them too! I hope she gets used to them soon when they come after 10 days 🙂

I am going to stop writing now because its 10.30 in the night and I am blabbering something weird!

Dear blog, please forgive me if I am not able to finish this 100 happy days. It is too much for me, I think!

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100 Happy Days – Day #13

Today has been a landmark day in our lives. RD and I took R to the eye specialist for a regular eye check up. Which, by the way, we have never done till date. In India, we have never got her eyes checked. In Tasmania, we never found the need or the time to do it. It was incidental that we spoke to one of our friends the other day, who mentioned that it was a good idea to get the kids eyes checked once an year. So I took an appointment a few weeks back and we went today.

R sat on the chair and the optometrist who, by the way, is an amazing lady asked me a few questions. Like if I had glasses since my childhood, if R had any medical history, if she had complained of headaches, etc etc. And then she told R to read a few alphabets on the mirror.

R: What alphabets?

Doc: The ones on the mirror.

R: Eh?

RM: Oye, R, see that mirror

R: yes I can.

RM: Then those alphabets on it. Read those!

R: What alphabets?

Doc: looking bewildered: The ones you can see in the mirror.

R: I can’t see anything there!

RM: A bit exasperatedly: R R R..can you see a mirror?

RD: Quit shouting RM

RM: She can’t see that mirror!

R: I can see a mirror, but what alphabets

RD: looking shocked: R R R..can you see a mirror?

RM: Aha! Thats what I am telling you RD

Midst all this, the lady O just cleared her throat to remind the mad R family that actually she is the one in-charge.

R: See, I can see a mirror, but I can’t see any alphabets!

Doc: Okay.

Then she changed the alphabets to the second largest size and R still could not see it. Now the Doc is a bit shocked. And she goes, You can’t see the alphabets in the mirror?

R by now is looking so astonished that we are not believing her that she goes: Hello everyone. I know there is a mirror. I know there is something black black on it, but I CANNOT SEE what it is!!! Now, can you all understand what I am saying???

We all look at her open-mouthed!

Doc: errr….can you see anything now?

R squints through and reads the largest of the alphabets!

I am reeling in shock. The doc asks me if there has been any complaints from her school till date, at least three times. All three times I reply in negative. She then asks R if R is able to read what is written on the board and if she sits right in the front. R says yes I can see everything that is written on the board and she just sits somewhere in the middle. The doc repeats the same q and R has the same answer. The doc murmurs something about checking on what sort of magical whiteboard is used in schools nowadays. When R asks her to repeat the q, she smiles and says put your chin on the machine. I am still under shock. RD is oscillating between going outside to keep an eye on R2 and peeping in to check that I haven’t fainted yet.

Apparently, R is pretty short sighted with a number of -2. RD gapes at the doc and says WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!

I am like ‘Gosh, I must be the worst parent on earth, not to even figure out that her daughter has such a high power’. The optometrist smiles and says no don’t blame yourself, I am just astonished that your daughter hasn’t complained about any eye issues or headaches or anything till date. R is just looking bewildered because the doc keeps asking her to read alphabets. The brat is so intelligent that she has by-hearted them and when the doc asks her to read it, she just rattles it off. The doc is, thankfully, a bit more intelligent and changes the alphabets and then R struggles to read.

But midst this shock, the doc shares some good news.

  1. Her eyes are super healthy and working perfectly fine
  2. Her brain is using both the eyes with equal strength which apparently is a good thing
  3. Her response to light and stimuli is perfect

She does a series of other tests on R’s eyes and is happy with it. She says she will start by giving R prescription glasses for -1.5 and asks us to meet her after six months. I just nod and come out dazed. R goes on to choose her glasses. She has taken it so maturely. She is perfectly okay with wearing glasses, though she does say something about not looking good with glasses. The lady helps her choose a good one. She seems pretty okay with it. I don’t know what will happen once we get the glasses after 10 days, but honestly, I shouldn’t be shocked. With my -7 power and RD’s -1.5, it was evident that my girls would get glasses. Just that it shocked me a bit!

I call up my dad and tell him. Aha! he says, this is exactly how I felt when the doc told me that you had -3.5 number when I took you for a check up when you were in your grade 3. He is pretty cool about it and asks me to take it in my stride.

I must admit, that her eyes are in good health is the only silver lining for me to write about in this 100 Happy Days post.


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