And I thought it was 12 re!

Dear RD,

You know I usually do not write letters to you on the blog..If I write one you will be like this grammar is wrong and that spelling is incorrect but anyways..thanks for reminding me ย yesterday that we completed 11 years of marriage…I had completely forgotten about it and then I actually thought it was 12 years but guess its still 11..to be honest I even calculated in my phone calculator (2017-2006=11) much to R’s amusement, who said I need to learn from maths from you..What Amma? Married to Appa for 11 years and you still are not as good as him in Maths!! Bah what does she know?

11 years of togetherness..though it does seem a bit less..its like I feel I have been married to you for 12 years heheh ๐Ÿ™‚

We have literally moved continents in our togetherness, no?

Funny how the other day that doctor lady at the Gurudwara told me ‘If I ever get married I hope I have a relationship like you and RD!’

I burst out laughing and then said ‘Boss that means you will always be fighting’

She said ‘No I dont believe you..you are more like friends than the usual husband wife relationships I have seen!’

That I have to agree. Our relationship has evolved through the years and definitely we are great friends now!

The other day we were at someone’s house for breakfast and you went for a cricket match. You called me up saying you had forgotten your sunglasses and if I could get it for you and I was like ‘you have a cap that is good enough..am not coming to give you the sunglasses’

You said fine fine I will come myself and get them..our friends were pretty astonished and the husband laughed and told his wife..you wont tell that me, eh? The wife said ‘never, you would just keep complaining about it forever!’

Guess we are comfortable in our relationship now though we do have our share of daily fights..Its amazing to see how much calm you have become after the girls have been born but sometimes your temper does flare up!

I was wondering what to give you as an anniversary gift (No I am NOT going to help you clean up your clothes cupboard..dont even think about it!!!) I guess the coconut ladoos I made yesterday are good enough..

I continue to be jealous of your mathematical abilities and clear practical thinking in life.

I am still bugged that you leave your wet towels on the bed (thought you have definitely improved a lot over the past few years) and never do anything immediately when I ask you to do it..but hey guess if I can bear with it for 11 years, I can definitely do so more 111 years more!

Hereย is to many years of fighting, tears, love, respect, nagging, screaming, having fun, going on adventures, travelling with two kids and most importantly, friendship!

loads of love


PS – and while you are at it, can you please keep your bag inside and get yourย clothes into the cupboard! If they are not done over the weekend, I am going to throw them into the bin, man!


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What Do I Write About?

Today is the last day of the Blogathon…and I am glad I joined it!

Thank you, Maya for asking me toย join theย Blogathon…it was super fun writing everyday, often wondering what to write about, with RD and R asking me if ‘I had written my blog for the day’ ๐Ÿ™‚

I am not sure if I can continue to write everyday, but I am sure I wan to keep this blog alive..

R2 has been a terror and everyday with her I only seem to scold her and scream at her. It is funny how she still wants to come back to me for some ‘love’.

The other day, she came to me and said ‘Amma, can you please give me some love?’ My heart melted and we had a great cuddle session.

R, on the other hand, makes me wonder if this is at 8 what am I going to do at 13! She fights, argues and often I end up screaming at her, even when I dont want to. She is such a strong personality and so headstrong, sigh!

I guess, as a parent, I have to keep evolving, but when you have kids who are six years apart, it gets really tough..Now I know why people have kids with less age difference. It just makes so much sense, eh?

R starts school on Feb 8 and she is super excited about it. She goes to a mixed class of 3 and 4, though she would be in class 3. She was a bit disappointed last year, when she learnt that her friends from India were in class 3 when she was still in class 2, mainly because the year here is from Jan to Dec, but she has got over it! She loves school here and is so looking forward to going back to school…

I think this post is just a rambling of nothing, but I guess, I could not think of anything else to write ๐Ÿ™‚


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When You Have Daughters….

You just do things which you never have done earlier…

Like putting nail polish on your dirty feet for the first time in your life!

Concentration at its best..wish she did this while studying ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

And not just any simple colour…the brightest, jazziest and sparkliest color you can get!! 

Ignore the misshapen yucky feet! Check out the jazzy colour!!!

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Of Living My Life As Read In Books

As a kid, one of my favorite author was Enid Blyton…actually I am lying, even now, one of my favorite authors IS Enid Blyton..yes, as I grow older, I have issues with the way females were portrayed in her books and all..but I still love reading her…I love Famous Five and Secret Seven and the Malory Towers and St.Clares and Naughtiest Girls and all that…One of the things I always read about, in her books was camping..and for me, that became a dream come true yesterday..I ACTUALLY lived like how I have read in books ๐Ÿ™‚

Our friends were camping at a place near us and asked us if we wanted to join in..they have a camper van and hence had a spare tent which they said they would lend us and teach us how to put up and all..

So RD and I agreed…

We met them at about 3 PM on Saturday, after a hectic morning of going to an Indian couple’s grahpravesh and followed by an Indian lunch. We had packed up air matresses, bed sheets, food (by the ton), water , a torch..(Which RD felt was not needed because our phones have lights, but hey its CAMPING..needs to be authentic eh?) and all that…

We reached there at 3 PM and our friends had set up their camper van…the kids and RD went to the pool with my friend G, which her husband and I set up the tent. Well, he did 80% of the setting up, I was just helping him…but it was so much fun..we talked physics and mathematics and weather and bush walking and what not..we had so much fun! He taught me how to set up the tent, step by step..put in the pegs and then secure the tent and this tent was a TWO ROOM TENT! I kid not..but it all came out of one single bag as big as R2 hehehehehe ๐Ÿ™‚ ย I must admit, the setting up was one of the best parts of the camping trip for me..

Then we joined the kids and the spouses at the pool and the kids and the fathers had fun splashing around the water..

This was followed by the most amazing dinner of home made pasta (yes yes they had home made pasta, not just the pasta sauce) and pasta sauce, with the leftover pav bhaji which I had taken, eaten as masala pav…We ate chocolates, and chips and khakharas…oh it was a fun filled dinner with conversation about everything under the sun, with the kids dipping this and eating that!

RD and our friend S started with a game of cricket, with R supporting S and their son supporting RD..we did get a bit too loud and got told off by an old uncle (who later apologised to us in the night!) I bowled a couple of bowls and got S out (S by the way is a sports teacher at school and is good at ALL SPORTS!) so getting his out was like the yay! moment for me ๐Ÿ™‚

We then lazed around the swings for the kids, and went for a walk in the camp site (Which was cut short for me, with R2 deciding to do potty in her diapers!) and then went to play a game of 8 ball at the pool table, which I did not even understand..I was just randomly hitting balls while RD and S and G were trying to teach me rules..hehehehe ๐Ÿ™‚

We tried putting the kids to sleep and while their son slept in like 10 minutes, R and R2 just could not get used to the ‘loud’ sounds of the birds….I was laughing so loudly when R told me ‘Amma, these birds are so noisy..how do they expect to sleep’. But sleep in a sleeping bag, nice and cozy as the weather got cold, is one of the best experiences ever!

After about one hour of trying, they finally slept..and the four of us spend a couple of hours under the stars, eating almond biscuits (which my friend had made at home, yummmm) and talking about everything under the sun..yaa yaa ๐Ÿ™‚

We slept through the night and got up to go for a walk to eat amazing breakfast at the village nearby…

G and I dismantled the tent along with the kids, while S and RD went for a run ๐Ÿ™‚ We got the camper van dismantled as well and then went to pick strawberries on the way home..

All in all, a wonderful day which I will remember for a long time to come..and once we get some money, RD and I have agreed (yes yes..one of those rare things which we both agreed!!) that we are going to invest in a tent and spend time camping…

Few things :

  1. With a young kid, it is a challenge with diapers and new place to sleep and all, but the more we go, we hope R2 gets used to it..
  2. After your kid is completely toilet trained and used to making new friends, like how R is at this age, (may be after the age of 5 is great), camping is a great way to relax and let the kids bond with nature
  3. If you are not fussy about using public facilities and are okay eating any kind of food, camping is definitely for you
  4. Like us, you can start one night at a time, and then go for a couple of nights, if you are comfortable doing it
  5. Sleeping in a tent is an experience of its own, and while it was fun in the sleeping bag, the hard ground did take me time to get used to ๐Ÿ™‚

Go for it and it will be fun ๐Ÿ™‚


The tent beneath the trees


Our friend’s camper van and our tent and you can also see R’s cycle ๐Ÿ™‚


The pretty sights by the evening


The old quaint village where we had breakfast


Running towards the breakfast place!


Pretty flowers by the campsite


Fresh strawberries which we plucked ๐Ÿ™‚

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Okay Okay Am Still Writing

Right now am at a camp site, inside a sleeping bag, under a tent which I helped put up…I am exhausted but am elates because am living the life I have read about only in books…

More details with pictures tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

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The Story Of That Scary Spider

So yesterday night at 10 PM, I finished searching for jobs and all that and went to the toilet before sleeping. RD had his headphones on and was laughing to himself loudly, watching some stuff on his phone.

I stepped out of the toilet and looked up and saw this gigantic spider right above me… It was as big as the size of my palm…my mouth went dry..


No response..

RM: Arey RD sunnnnn RD RD RD

RD looks up from his phone..

RD: You called me?

RM: Look look

RD: not moving : What is it?

RM: Arey come here mannnn come here

RD : What baba?


RD moved out of the bed in slow motion, muttering under his breath…

RM: Look Look

RD looks up and says wow thats a big spider..

I look at him astonished

RM: Abey do something

RD: acha let it be na..how is it bothering you


RD: yaa let it be

RM: No what if its poisonous and bites R2 and all

RD: hahahahhaha okay wait

As I wait for him to go and get something to remove it..the man I married goes to get his phone …TO  CLICK A PICTURE…

RM: Hopping around..abey what are you doing..

RD goes to get a chair and climbs on it to click a better picture *eye roll*

By this time I am hopping around screaming instructions, shutting the doors to the bathroom and bedroom and this man just is calmly clicking pictures from different angles, describing the beauty of the spider!

RM : Boss, can you please remove it?

RD: Oh well…

So he takes a pair of gloves and a mug..yes yes a mug to push the spider in..

RM: Oye hero what is your plan?

RD: I will just push the spider in the mug, close it with my hands and then take it out and release it…

RM: bangs head: How can you take it in your hands…It will run na…

RD:nah nah I can do it

And the spider just scurries near the cupboard..its gigantic and moves VERY quickly..Unfortunately RD’s reflexes are not as good as Chacha Chaudhary’s brains..which means the spider is refusing to get into the mug

RM: Ab main bolu kya karna hai

RD: okay okay give your suggestion..

I go and get our good old jhadoo which I bought for a fortune from the Indian store and give it to RD

RD: Jhadoo ka kya karu

RM : oye, just push the spider out, man!

So RD does some fantastic ballet with the jhadoo and the spider providing the requisite silent music and finally after 10 minutes of leaping, hopping, jumping and twirling, we have the spider out!!!!!!

I am not really scared of spiders..but this one was HUGE..

RD compared the spider’s picture to the pics in the internet and apparently, we had a Huntsman in the house which are non poisonous… Hey but we didnt know that eh? 

The Spider on Our Wall

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Australia Day

Today is Australia Day as well as the Indian Republic Day…So it is a double celebration for us…Back in India, we used to go down in the building and enjoy the flag hoisting followed by samosas, jalebis and chai ๐Ÿ™‚

When we came here last year, it was just 5 days before Australia Day and we were so disoriented that I don’t think we did anything at all..

So this year, RD decided to surprise us..This man is really good with surprises..the only problem is, that he can hardly keep a surprise..So we are all up in the morning, eating crispy and not so crispy hot dosas (I cant make dosas on the induction stove *cries loudly*)

RD: So let us do something exciting

R: Appa, you always say that…what exactly is exciting for you?

RD: I have a surprise…lets do something really super exciting

RM: Errr…RD what is the surprise?

RD: oh we are going to the beach and eating wood fired pizza

R: yayayayay! But Appa if that is a surprise why did you tell us that?

RD: oh well!

And trust me guys, this is very usual in our house..RD can’t keep surprises at all…He always plans such amazing ones, but always always tells us what it is before the actual time!

Anyways, that being that, we left to eat some of the bestest wood fired pizzas I have ever eaten (I havent really eaten too much of that, but hey writing that makes it sound cool, eh?) and then we spent time in the beach..While RD, R and R2 went into the water, I chickened out as usual, saying it was too cold…

R made friends with three kids who had come there and all five of the kids had fun playing with a cute dog and building sand castles..

As of RD and I, well after a long time, we just sat together, often saying nothing, looking at the deep blue sea, the light blue sky and the mountains and trees, thanking God silently for sending us to this wonderful place!


Holding Appa’s hands to check out the water and the sand in the bottom, while Didi looks at awe towards to blue seaย 


Stunning beauty which can not be really described in words…hence the picture!


The kids all playing in the water, while RD and R2 look at them and enjoy the scene


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