Okay Okay Am Still Writing

Right now am at a camp site, inside a sleeping bag, under a tent which I helped put up…I am exhausted but am elates because am living the life I have read about only in books…

More details with pictures tomorrow 🙂

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The Story Of That Scary Spider

So yesterday night at 10 PM, I finished searching for jobs and all that and went to the toilet before sleeping. RD had his headphones on and was laughing to himself loudly, watching some stuff on his phone.

I stepped out of the toilet and looked up and saw this gigantic spider right above me… It was as big as the size of my palm…my mouth went dry..


No response..

RM: Arey RD sunnnnn RD RD RD

RD looks up from his phone..

RD: You called me?

RM: Look look

RD: not moving : What is it?

RM: Arey come here mannnn come here

RD : What baba?


RD moved out of the bed in slow motion, muttering under his breath…

RM: Look Look

RD looks up and says wow thats a big spider..

I look at him astonished

RM: Abey do something

RD: acha let it be na..how is it bothering you


RD: yaa let it be

RM: No what if its poisonous and bites R2 and all

RD: hahahahhaha okay wait

As I wait for him to go and get something to remove it..the man I married goes to get his phone …TO  CLICK A PICTURE…

RM: Hopping around..abey what are you doing..

RD goes to get a chair and climbs on it to click a better picture *eye roll*

By this time I am hopping around screaming instructions, shutting the doors to the bathroom and bedroom and this man just is calmly clicking pictures from different angles, describing the beauty of the spider!

RM : Boss, can you please remove it?

RD: Oh well…

So he takes a pair of gloves and a mug..yes yes a mug to push the spider in..

RM: Oye hero what is your plan?

RD: I will just push the spider in the mug, close it with my hands and then take it out and release it…

RM: bangs head: How can you take it in your hands…It will run na…

RD:nah nah I can do it

And the spider just scurries near the cupboard..its gigantic and moves VERY quickly..Unfortunately RD’s reflexes are not as good as Chacha Chaudhary’s brains..which means the spider is refusing to get into the mug

RM: Ab main bolu kya karna hai

RD: okay okay give your suggestion..

I go and get our good old jhadoo which I bought for a fortune from the Indian store and give it to RD

RD: Jhadoo ka kya karu

RM : oye, just push the spider out, man!

So RD does some fantastic ballet with the jhadoo and the spider providing the requisite silent music and finally after 10 minutes of leaping, hopping, jumping and twirling, we have the spider out!!!!!!

I am not really scared of spiders..but this one was HUGE..

RD compared the spider’s picture to the pics in the internet and apparently, we had a Huntsman in the house which are non poisonous… Hey but we didnt know that eh? 

The Spider on Our Wall

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Australia Day

Today is Australia Day as well as the Indian Republic Day…So it is a double celebration for us…Back in India, we used to go down in the building and enjoy the flag hoisting followed by samosas, jalebis and chai 🙂

When we came here last year, it was just 5 days before Australia Day and we were so disoriented that I don’t think we did anything at all..

So this year, RD decided to surprise us..This man is really good with surprises..the only problem is, that he can hardly keep a surprise..So we are all up in the morning, eating crispy and not so crispy hot dosas (I cant make dosas on the induction stove *cries loudly*)

RD: So let us do something exciting

R: Appa, you always say that…what exactly is exciting for you?

RD: I have a surprise…lets do something really super exciting

RM: Errr…RD what is the surprise?

RD: oh we are going to the beach and eating wood fired pizza

R: yayayayay! But Appa if that is a surprise why did you tell us that?

RD: oh well!

And trust me guys, this is very usual in our house..RD can’t keep surprises at all…He always plans such amazing ones, but always always tells us what it is before the actual time!

Anyways, that being that, we left to eat some of the bestest wood fired pizzas I have ever eaten (I havent really eaten too much of that, but hey writing that makes it sound cool, eh?) and then we spent time in the beach..While RD, R and R2 went into the water, I chickened out as usual, saying it was too cold…

R made friends with three kids who had come there and all five of the kids had fun playing with a cute dog and building sand castles..

As of RD and I, well after a long time, we just sat together, often saying nothing, looking at the deep blue sea, the light blue sky and the mountains and trees, thanking God silently for sending us to this wonderful place!


Holding Appa’s hands to check out the water and the sand in the bottom, while Didi looks at awe towards to blue sea 


Stunning beauty which can not be really described in words…hence the picture!


The kids all playing in the water, while RD and R2 look at them and enjoy the scene


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A Week More To Write…

Okay, this blogathon is getting scary! I am not sure I have topics to write about..but but..I am not giving up…not with just a week more to go…I know I can do it…I just need to write about stuff…

Soooooo..what do I write about?




Okay, so I had cornflakes in the morning..Do you know cornflakes tastes awesome when you add cold milk and bournvita or milo to it, along with the sugar? Try it..try it..its super yummmmmm…

I had semiya upma for lunch…Do you know semiya upma tastes awesome when you make it in ghee instead of oil…try it..try it…its super yummmmmmmmmmm..

I had bread pizza and boiled eggs for dinner…Do you know that bread pizza tastes awesome when you add a bit of the boiled egg on top of it…try it …try it…its super yummmmmm…

R made chocolate muffins with choco chips on it…all by herself yesterday…including washing the vessels (That is my instruction to her…bake if you want..but you have to clean up afterwards)

I must admit the muffins are so yum that we polished it all off today!!!

I tried making rasgullas because the milk we were using was very old…now the point is..I used apni Seema’s tried and tested recipe..but but…my rasagullas did not swell only 😦 They are these chotu chotu balls…but hey..who cares..they taste so yummmmmmmm

So I was wondering…about the whole food thing..you know how food bloggers have these amazing pictures they upload which makes the food so much more seductive..what if the pictures were not great..would you still be interested in the recipes??? or would you just stop reading them…

Okay, aaj ka post over…I have written 300 words..ayayay!




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Kunti’s Confessions And Other Short Stories – From Women’s Web

Women’s Web is a website I have been following, since its inception. When I got a chance to review their latest offering, Kunti’s Confessions and Other Short Stories, I was more than happy to do so.


The book is really unique in itself. It is a collection of short stories which have been written inspired by specific lines from interesting lines from books of famous women authors. Every month, Women’s Web ran a monthly writing contest, in 2016, called Muse of the Month, in which they would pick up a line/cue from the book of a contemporary Indian woman writer and then readers were invited send in their stories. From these stories, 15 of the best stories were picked up to create the book.

All of the 15 stories are really special. But some of them really stand out. Kunti’s confessions is inspired from Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s “The Palace of Illusions”. Deepa Arun creates a beautiful story around Kunti and her feelings giving us a glimpse on what a mother and a woman really felt about the Mahabharata war. The second story which I really liked a lot for its simplicity talks about an aging actress and her protege. Deepa Arun also writes an extremely interesting story ‘A Tree Tale’ which I actually modified a bit and told my 8 year old and she loved it! Such a lovely way to teach kids about the environment and the its importance! Another story which stood out for me is the story of Rupa who is a working woman, who manages work and household. But when her husband wants her to move abroad with him, she wonders, what about her career?

A lovely lovely story of Zarine is something which got a smile on my face. I love reading about stories of people who find their love, and this one leaves you so happy! The story of the modern day Kunti and Draupadi is a pleasure to read, while that of a woman trying to come to terms with her marriage and family brought a lump in my throat.

I could go on and on…Each story is unique, each story deals with a different circumstance and each story leaves you with a message. Editors Aparna and Sandhya have done an amazing job picking up stories which are so different and yet seem to have a common thread in them – that about being women who react to circumstances to the best of their abilities.

I finished the book in one sitting. The stories are short and extremely interesting. Its fascinating to see the human mind work so differently in each situation and I loved the fact that there is a mix of each emotion which comes out in the stories as you read them.

Definitely worth a read!

This book is available as an ebook on Amazon India and Amazon US, and will be shortly available as a print edition too.
PS – This book was sent to me by Sandhya for review. The opinions in the review are my own.
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And So She Has Started To Swim…

R was very afraid of water as a toddler. We have tried a lot of times to make her learn swimming. We tried in Bombay and then we tried in Goa when I had delivered R2 and we were there for a while with my parents.

It was only after coming to Tasmania, that we insisted R join a swimming class. She agreed. I loved loved loved the way they teach swimming here. It is all about fun and getting to know the water. Unlike RD who said that his dad just put him into the river at their village one day, and asked him to swim across, here it is a very set methodology.

When R joined, she was with kids as young as 3 years old. Kids here start swimming at the age of 6 months, I think. She was in the lowest level, but this time I saw a determined child. I asked her if it worried her and she said ‘Look, Amma, I have to start somewhere. So what if they are younger kids, more fun, no?”

This attitude meant that she was really serious this time. She would listen intently to the coach, practice and then she slowly started floating, without the help of a float. We did a couple of holiday classes with her, which meant we had to go every day of the week during her holidays. While the swimming pool was 1.5 kilometers from our house, we would leave 40 minutes early, because we had to walk to the pool. She would never complain. I would carry fruits for her to eat while walking back. A couple of times, she said, it was tiring to walk back after an intense swimming lesson, but most days she was okay with it.

We kept to it through out last year. She went up one level sometime in September, I think. But again, there were kids in her class. She kept going at it. Front stroke, back stroke, floating, getting to know the water. Her second coach is brilliant. She is a superb combination of being strict and loving and honestly, R loves her.

On Friday, when we re-started her class after the long 3 weeks gap, she astonished not only me, but also her coach. She went straight into the water, swimming half the length of the pool, with clear strokes and clean body line. She literally took to water like fish. I would not say she is a superb swimmer, but for a child who picked up swimming seriously only 10 months ago, she has shown a drastic improvement. When her coach is busy teaching other kids, I see R practicing going underwater without breathing and all that.

Her coach called me to her and asked me if we had spent our entire vacation just making R swim. I laughed and said, no, not at all. The coach said, she has shown such a strong improvement, that I am putting her up one level immediately.

This level is the starting point of serious swimming. Trust me, RD and I are relived. For a kid who hated water and was so scared of it, R has come a long way and I am pretty proud of her. I know there are kids of her age and much younger who swim like pros (After all we live on an island, everyone should learn how to swim, eh?), but for us, its a big achievement.

I only hope she continues to swim like this and make the water, her best friend.

Next in line is R2..but before that, I think, I better start taking swimming lessons 🙂

ETA: This post is actually dedicated to Ugich for being the inspiration behind making R learn to swim. She always has told me so many times that I just need to give R some time and she will get to it…so thank you so much 🙂

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When You Need Your Dad!

RD: I will grind the dosa maav today

RM: looks at him skeptically

RD: Oh you can always add the salt later, can’t you?

RM: yes yes..please do please do

Remember how I had talked about RD’s amazing grinding skills!

So RD starts the mixer..and then starts again..and again and again..and it is not working!!

RD: Errr…RM…

RM: nahi nahi…give it me..

and I almost shove him out of the way, grabbing the mixer with both my hands and shaking it thoroughly

RD: You know, RM, it really does not work that ways

RM: you don’t understand do you?

and I start pressing the reset button at the bottom of the mixer..and keep trying again and again..but the mixer does not work.

RD and I try using the mixer in different plug points using different adapters..but no, its just not working..

I almost burst into tears…I cannot imagine my life without my mixer…I use it almost everyday!!

RM: Nahi nahi nahi

R: Errr…Amma..are you okay?

R2: (She is a parrot) Errr…Amma..are you okay?

RD: Its okay RM, we need to look for solutions

RM: You dont understand, do you? How can you do that?

RD: what did I do…

RM: The mixer..make it work…now..

RD: Arey, what nonsense..how can I do that?

So then I call RD’s man of all solutions…my Dad..

Appa: Hello kid

RM: Appppaaaaaaaaaa

Appa: What happened? What happened?

RM: Appa, I am in panic

Appa: oh my God, are the kids okay?

RM: Well, your kid is not okay?

Appa: Why why what happened?

RM: my mixie my mixie

Appa: What what?

RM: My mixie is not working, my mixie is not working

Appa: oh my God, RM, its only mixie na..you got me worried for a second, okay what happened

So, I tell him what happened. He suggests some stuff but says, perhaps you will have to buy a new one

RM: But where will I get a mixie in Tasmania? No one uses mixie here

Appa: They are called food processors and you will get it

Meanwhile, my man of all solutions, RD has already researched the internet and tells my dad that he could get a Sumeet one or a Bajaj one, though they are pretty expensive. Appa says, but no choice eh?

My uncle and aunty have come to my parents house to stay for a couple of days, and we decide to Skype with them, since I have not talked to them for a long time.

So we talk and I cry buckets about my mixer while my aunty and uncle tell me not to get too worried and we can always get a new one. Talking to them always leaves me in a positive mood…Then my Appa comes online.

I have dismantled the lower cover of the mixer and we are trying to figure out what is wrong. Appa asks us to check the spring attached to the rotor via a spring. I figure out how to get the spring out and clean up the carbon attached to it. Then RD figures out how to take out the other spring as well. Suddenly we see a loose wire. Appa asks us to clean up the carbon bit and then attach the wire to the second carbon spring and then fix everything back again. He asks us clean everything and put it all back, which we do.

All the while, he is examining the mixer via skype directing us what wire to touch and what to clean.

And then we turn the mixer around and start it and IT WORKED IT WORKED IT WORKED…

I was so excited..I screamed and did a little dance and RD and I were so so happy!!!

And that is why, my dear readers, Appas are the bestest people in the whole wide world!!!

We must be the first family in the world to repair a mixer via skype instructions…

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