Of Going To Assemblies!

When I was in school, we had assembly in the morning. On non rainy days (usually September and onwards) we would have to stand in the playground in a straight line, class wise and we would say the morning prayers, etc etc. For me, assembly was fun because it meant that the first period would be a bit shorter since we all had to finish assembly, go to the class and then the teacher would take roll call and stuff…In short, I loved assembly 🙂

In R’s school here, they have an assembly every Friday towards the end of the day. Now, R wants me to come for her assembly since loads of parents attend it. I am, however, very skeptical about it.

And trust me, I have my reasons for that. My REASON BEING R2.

So, I have gone to her assembly thrice. In one year. Just thrice. And yet, every time, I have been there, I have had parents recognizing me in a jiffy. Why?

So the first time we went, R2 and I was when R’s class was presenting something and she asked me to come. So I went. R2 sat till the Australian national anthem was sung and she loved it. But as soon as the music stopped, she started screaming. Just like that. For fun. I was mortified. I quickly took her out and I could not take her in till the assembly was over, since every time I tried to step in, she would just shout. And R’s school students are V.E.R.Y S.I.L.E.N.T. Very very silent!

Anyways, the next time, R was performing for the Christmas performance and begged me to come. I was very very reluctant but I agreed, since I was also enthused about seeing her perform. So we went. The brat and I. Loads of classes performed before R’s and she was I think the 7th in line. As long as the music was on, R2 would just dance around, but since there were many many small kids there, it was not too bad. Until, R went on stage and stood. She was in the first line. Which meant, R2 saw her clearly. And then there was this sudden silence, you know how there are loads of people talking and then suddenly there is this silence. And in this silence, the brat decided to call out to her elder sister.


She screamed at the top of her voice. The WHOLE crowd some 500 kids, teachers, 200 parents, everyone turned back to check who it was. In the silence, R2’s voice echoed in the hall. R was so so mortified that I cannot even describe her face. She looked at R2 and broke into a grin for a second, and did a small wave with her hand, just putting it up a teeny weeny bit just to acknowledge her. And R2 went again ‘That is my didi’!

And the whole hall broke out laughing! There was not a single soul in that hall who did not laugh. While it was all tension for me, the laughing relaxed me. I realised folks actually thought it was super cute 🙂 And R went on to give a wonderful performance.

And then she told me ‘Amma, please dont bring R2 to the assembly again!’ and I promised not to.

Until today, when R’s class was again giving a small talk on anti bullying and she wanted me to come. Please please please, Amma, she pleaded.

RM: Have you forgotten what happened in your Christmas performance?

R: Its okay, Amma, she wont do anything!

RM: Really?

R: Well, she has grown by 3 months..hopefully she will have more brains now!

RM: Well, I will get her at your risk!

R: yes yes please

And so we went. R2 and I. And when R went on stage, she again showed her loyalty to her sister by screaming ‘R R R, Didi Didi Didi’

R looked at me and shrugged while I dragged R2 out of the hall. There was laughter again!

R has matured, and R2 has turned brattier, its just me who has decided never to take R2 to a school assembly again!!!



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Love Marriage Hai Kya?

So its Sunday afternoon. We are at the Gurudwara cleaning up after lunch. RD went in early to help prepare the food while I volunteered to take care of his girls till then 😉

We finished lunch and were doing the task of wiping the plates, glasses etc which were being washed. R came in to help me, since she had a bit of a tiff with the other girls there, who told her that she went to a public school so it was not good enough, or something like that…RD and I have told her to ignore all that, but how much can a 8 year old take, eh?

Anyways, I digress. So RD finishes lunch and comes our way. R promptly hands him a cloth and says Appa start wiping. Ok, he sighs.

Me: Its good to help, you know…

RD: yaa..right..I know…

and continues wiping.

There is this older lady who is washing the plates accompanied by a younger lady who is a doctor and we often end up talking. She was the one who told me that if she got married, she would love to have a relationship with her husband, like I have with RD.

The doctor smiled and turned back.

Me: What’s funny?

Doctor: you two are. This older lady is praising your relationship

At this moment, RD drops a spoon and looks so surprised that I wish I could have clicked a picture.

Doc: She is saying you both are a very sweet couple

Clang! bang! clang..both RD and I have dropped the plates now..

Me and RD: whaattt?

Older Lady: (in Hindi) : you both are very nice

Me: Errr..thank you

OL: Its fun to watch both of you talk

Me: eh?

RD pretends to wipe all the spoons in one go because he does not know whether to laugh or smirk or what!

OL: Love marriage hai kya tumhari?

Clang, bang, clang, dassh…you can well imagine what all fell down from our hands..

Me: no no..we have had an arranged marriage..

At this point, we all are laughing loudly..because we don’t know where the conversation is headed!

OL: Acha, lagta nahi hai? (is it, does not seem like it?)

Doctor: See, I told you the other day na..you and he have a special relationship!

RD: thats because we dont fight in public..its more fun fighting at home alone!..

OL: nahi nahi..tum log bahut ache couple ho..maza aata hai tum ko dekh ke (no no, you both are a wonderful couple, its fun to see you guys together)

RM: Well thanks so much…

Doctor is laughing and RD is just trying to hard to control his laughter about us being a great couple and I am thinking whether throwing the plate or the glass on his head would be more effective!

PS – At the end, I did neither. I just said thank you very graciously and returned home with him, to fight about who would vacuum the house! (some things never change, eh?)

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Tagged! After A Long Time

The lovely Shaktii tagged me on this one…

  • 1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth? 

A piece of dairy milk chocolate, some noodles, some saunf, some cheese..some…errr..okay okay…*zips lips*

  • 2. Where did you last go on a vacation?

Mainland in Australia

  • 3. Do you play Pokemon Go? 

Woh kya hai bhai??

  • 4. Name someone who made you laugh today?

My Rs…they make me laugh all the time..but they bug me all the time too!

  • 5. How late did you stay up last night?

Between 1 AM and 4 AM (its still last night no?) because R2 had a severe cough…

  • 6. If you could move somewhere else where would it be?

No where…Tasmania is the most perfect place to be !

  • 7. Ever been kissed under the fireworks?

Abey…fireworks ke neeche no sane person gets kissed..would you bother kissing when you would be looking out for your safety..kuch bhi eh?

  • 8. Do you believe ex’s can be friends?

First find me a boyfriend..then I will make him my ex and..and then I will tell you! I have been boyfriend less ALL MY LIFE!!!! *goes into a shell crying loudly and lamenting about the lack of opportunities while growing up in a small town*

  • 9. How do you feel about Dr Pepper?

Errr..what on earth is that?

  • 10. When was the last time you cried?

Yesterday night..due to lack of sleep..I was bawling with R2 hehehe

  • 11. Who/what was the last person/thing you took a picture/video of?

Errr…Errr..*checks phone, shakes it, rattles it, and then checks again*

  • 12. Was yesterday better than today?

Yeh kya question hai yaar!

  • 13. Can you live without TV?

Yes..totally..I dont watch TV at all!

  • 14. Are you upset?

Eh? Why would I be?

  • 15. Do you think relationships are ever really worth it?

Of course..that is why homo sapiens sapiens are called social beings, no?

  • 16. If you could have any job/career, which would you choose?

hahahahahhah *bursts out laughing so loudly* at this time..anything…

  • 17. Are you a bad influence? 

As if anyone would admit to it..hmpf! Well, I think only to my girls…

  • 18. Can you tag two you think will fill this out?

Anyone with a writer’s block take it up eh?

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And I thought it was 12 re!

Dear RD,

You know I usually do not write letters to you on the blog..If I write one you will be like this grammar is wrong and that spelling is incorrect but anyways..thanks for reminding me  yesterday that we completed 11 years of marriage…I had completely forgotten about it and then I actually thought it was 12 years but guess its still 11..to be honest I even calculated in my phone calculator (2017-2006=11) much to R’s amusement, who said I need to learn from maths from you..What Amma? Married to Appa for 11 years and you still are not as good as him in Maths!! Bah what does she know?

11 years of togetherness..though it does seem a bit less..its like I feel I have been married to you for 12 years heheh 🙂

We have literally moved continents in our togetherness, no?

Funny how the other day that doctor lady at the Gurudwara told me ‘If I ever get married I hope I have a relationship like you and RD!’

I burst out laughing and then said ‘Boss that means you will always be fighting’

She said ‘No I dont believe you..you are more like friends than the usual husband wife relationships I have seen!’

That I have to agree. Our relationship has evolved through the years and definitely we are great friends now!

The other day we were at someone’s house for breakfast and you went for a cricket match. You called me up saying you had forgotten your sunglasses and if I could get it for you and I was like ‘you have a cap that is good enough..am not coming to give you the sunglasses’

You said fine fine I will come myself and get them..our friends were pretty astonished and the husband laughed and told his wife..you wont tell that me, eh? The wife said ‘never, you would just keep complaining about it forever!’

Guess we are comfortable in our relationship now though we do have our share of daily fights..Its amazing to see how much calm you have become after the girls have been born but sometimes your temper does flare up!

I was wondering what to give you as an anniversary gift (No I am NOT going to help you clean up your clothes cupboard..dont even think about it!!!) I guess the coconut ladoos I made yesterday are good enough..

I continue to be jealous of your mathematical abilities and clear practical thinking in life.

I am still bugged that you leave your wet towels on the bed (thought you have definitely improved a lot over the past few years) and never do anything immediately when I ask you to do it..but hey guess if I can bear with it for 11 years, I can definitely do so more 111 years more!

Here is to many years of fighting, tears, love, respect, nagging, screaming, having fun, going on adventures, travelling with two kids and most importantly, friendship!

loads of love


PS – and while you are at it, can you please keep your bag inside and get your clothes into the cupboard! If they are not done over the weekend, I am going to throw them into the bin, man!


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What Do I Write About?

Today is the last day of the Blogathon…and I am glad I joined it!

Thank you, Maya for asking me to join the Blogathon…it was super fun writing everyday, often wondering what to write about, with RD and R asking me if ‘I had written my blog for the day’ 🙂

I am not sure if I can continue to write everyday, but I am sure I wan to keep this blog alive..

R2 has been a terror and everyday with her I only seem to scold her and scream at her. It is funny how she still wants to come back to me for some ‘love’.

The other day, she came to me and said ‘Amma, can you please give me some love?’ My heart melted and we had a great cuddle session.

R, on the other hand, makes me wonder if this is at 8 what am I going to do at 13! She fights, argues and often I end up screaming at her, even when I dont want to. She is such a strong personality and so headstrong, sigh!

I guess, as a parent, I have to keep evolving, but when you have kids who are six years apart, it gets really tough..Now I know why people have kids with less age difference. It just makes so much sense, eh?

R starts school on Feb 8 and she is super excited about it. She goes to a mixed class of 3 and 4, though she would be in class 3. She was a bit disappointed last year, when she learnt that her friends from India were in class 3 when she was still in class 2, mainly because the year here is from Jan to Dec, but she has got over it! She loves school here and is so looking forward to going back to school…

I think this post is just a rambling of nothing, but I guess, I could not think of anything else to write 🙂


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When You Have Daughters….

You just do things which you never have done earlier…

Like putting nail polish on your dirty feet for the first time in your life!

Concentration at its best..wish she did this while studying 😂😂😂😂

And not just any simple colour…the brightest, jazziest and sparkliest color you can get!! 

Ignore the misshapen yucky feet! Check out the jazzy colour!!!

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Of Living My Life As Read In Books

As a kid, one of my favorite author was Enid Blyton…actually I am lying, even now, one of my favorite authors IS Enid Blyton..yes, as I grow older, I have issues with the way females were portrayed in her books and all..but I still love reading her…I love Famous Five and Secret Seven and the Malory Towers and St.Clares and Naughtiest Girls and all that…One of the things I always read about, in her books was camping..and for me, that became a dream come true yesterday..I ACTUALLY lived like how I have read in books 🙂

Our friends were camping at a place near us and asked us if we wanted to join in..they have a camper van and hence had a spare tent which they said they would lend us and teach us how to put up and all..

So RD and I agreed…

We met them at about 3 PM on Saturday, after a hectic morning of going to an Indian couple’s grahpravesh and followed by an Indian lunch. We had packed up air matresses, bed sheets, food (by the ton), water , a torch..(Which RD felt was not needed because our phones have lights, but hey its CAMPING..needs to be authentic eh?) and all that…

We reached there at 3 PM and our friends had set up their camper van…the kids and RD went to the pool with my friend G, which her husband and I set up the tent. Well, he did 80% of the setting up, I was just helping him…but it was so much fun..we talked physics and mathematics and weather and bush walking and what not..we had so much fun! He taught me how to set up the tent, step by step..put in the pegs and then secure the tent and this tent was a TWO ROOM TENT! I kid not..but it all came out of one single bag as big as R2 hehehehehe 🙂  I must admit, the setting up was one of the best parts of the camping trip for me..

Then we joined the kids and the spouses at the pool and the kids and the fathers had fun splashing around the water..

This was followed by the most amazing dinner of home made pasta (yes yes they had home made pasta, not just the pasta sauce) and pasta sauce, with the leftover pav bhaji which I had taken, eaten as masala pav…We ate chocolates, and chips and khakharas…oh it was a fun filled dinner with conversation about everything under the sun, with the kids dipping this and eating that!

RD and our friend S started with a game of cricket, with R supporting S and their son supporting RD..we did get a bit too loud and got told off by an old uncle (who later apologised to us in the night!) I bowled a couple of bowls and got S out (S by the way is a sports teacher at school and is good at ALL SPORTS!) so getting his out was like the yay! moment for me 🙂

We then lazed around the swings for the kids, and went for a walk in the camp site (Which was cut short for me, with R2 deciding to do potty in her diapers!) and then went to play a game of 8 ball at the pool table, which I did not even understand..I was just randomly hitting balls while RD and S and G were trying to teach me rules..hehehehe 🙂

We tried putting the kids to sleep and while their son slept in like 10 minutes, R and R2 just could not get used to the ‘loud’ sounds of the birds….I was laughing so loudly when R told me ‘Amma, these birds are so noisy..how do they expect to sleep’. But sleep in a sleeping bag, nice and cozy as the weather got cold, is one of the best experiences ever!

After about one hour of trying, they finally slept..and the four of us spend a couple of hours under the stars, eating almond biscuits (which my friend had made at home, yummmm) and talking about everything under the sun..yaa yaa 🙂

We slept through the night and got up to go for a walk to eat amazing breakfast at the village nearby…

G and I dismantled the tent along with the kids, while S and RD went for a run 🙂 We got the camper van dismantled as well and then went to pick strawberries on the way home..

All in all, a wonderful day which I will remember for a long time to come..and once we get some money, RD and I have agreed (yes yes..one of those rare things which we both agreed!!) that we are going to invest in a tent and spend time camping…

Few things :

  1. With a young kid, it is a challenge with diapers and new place to sleep and all, but the more we go, we hope R2 gets used to it..
  2. After your kid is completely toilet trained and used to making new friends, like how R is at this age, (may be after the age of 5 is great), camping is a great way to relax and let the kids bond with nature
  3. If you are not fussy about using public facilities and are okay eating any kind of food, camping is definitely for you
  4. Like us, you can start one night at a time, and then go for a couple of nights, if you are comfortable doing it
  5. Sleeping in a tent is an experience of its own, and while it was fun in the sleeping bag, the hard ground did take me time to get used to 🙂

Go for it and it will be fun 🙂


The tent beneath the trees


Our friend’s camper van and our tent and you can also see R’s cycle 🙂


The pretty sights by the evening


The old quaint village where we had breakfast


Running towards the breakfast place!


Pretty flowers by the campsite


Fresh strawberries which we plucked 🙂

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