Haircut ???? – January 21, 2021

R and I both had a hair cut. I cut mine really short. From half way down my back to my shoulders.

Any shorter will make your hair look a bit….errrr….errrr – started the hair dresser, struggling to tell me politely how it would look but couldnt come up with polite words.

Medusa???? – I added helpfully and she just went all red😂

Anyway, haircut done and I lost 500 grams from my weight, so I can tell RD that out of the 50 kgs I gained from him, I have lost 0.1% or something!

So I sent pics of R and I to RD since he is at work…and the man I married says

Can you believe this!!!!

I give up, really!!!!

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A Beach Walk – January 20, 2021

So R2 who is bouncing back to her usual bouncy self went off to an activity centre for 4 hours where she has a legitimate opportunity to jump around without anyone screaming at her to stop🙄

R and I decided to go the library to change our books and I had the inspirational idea to go for a walk to the beach. Oh MY GOD! That was the dumbest idea ever!

No, the weather was perfect. The beach was beautiful. Our footwear was correct and we even had time!

BUT…I FORGOT that I had a kid who is 12!!!!! Who constantly complained and moaned and cried about why walking in the beach on a nice sunny excellent day is a waste of time and how going to the library before going for a walk is setting oneself up for failure because your mind is on the books and not on the walk and how walking in the beach can be dangerous because you can twist your feet or get wet and the cold can make you sicker and what not🙈🙈🙈🙈


Gorgeous Tassie🥰
Sun, Sand and Sea
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And it was all fine – January 19, 2021

Sorry for that cryptic post yesterday, dear blog. I apologise. I was too upset to write.

R2 vomitted twice and then she was completely fine!!!!!! How??? I dont know. But all I can say is, I am glad.

I must confess, while I am not the maternal type, I do hate it when kids fall sick. Any kid. Unwell, I DO NOT like.

Thankfully, the brat is up and about and I will have better things to write about 🙂

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Nothing to write – January 18,2021

R2 unwell. Nothing to write right now!

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Discovering Audio Books – January 17, 2021

I have discovered audio books this year. And heard 3 of them and I LOVE them. Like when I am working in the kitchen I can plug the ear phones and hear them or when I take the occasionally rare walk I hear them. I love the concept of audio books!

I prefer them to watching videos because I can multitask and I feel I can still use my imagination to create the characters in my head!

What an awesome concept!

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The Flop Donation – January 16, 2021

So RD and I went to donate plasma today. RD does it regularly like twice a month, but I usually do it once a quarter. Anyway, both of us had booked ourselves in. And….

Started with my haemoglobin. Wasnt up to the usual high so tested twice. Two of my fingers poked and its HURTING!

Lady said lets take blood from vein which you donate so should be okay. Searched for vein for 2 mins didnt get, tried again, didnt get, tried again…got it. My vein is a bit of a shy person. Often hides under all the flab and fat in my arm😂

Lady takes another haemoglobin reading. Good this time. All good. RD is in the next chair.

He has donated 150 ml despite starting after me and I am stuck at 10. I am squeezing my stress ball and wondering why the reading isnt going up. Thrice I had the lady come and ask me if I am sore or okay. I say okay. I mean, as okay as one can be with a needle poked in one’s arm.

Then that machine starts beeping. Lady comes again. Looks at me and asks AGAIN – are you sore? I go errr noooo…..

RD is grinning and shaking his head and going what happened? no blood 🙄

Lady calls another lady. Both ladies are frowning and ask me again NO PAIN??? Now I am worried so I say ..maybe some pain…They go…where? I go…errr I dont know!

They start taking out my needle. I have donated only 40 ml. They say they cant take anymore since there is a problem with the way my body is not letting the saline or the RBC come back.

RD goes, take from the other hand🙈

The lady says you will have soreness and swelling. We cant take from you. The needle has moved and the saline is not going in.


She shoves a SIX HUNDRED ml water bottle in my hand and says drink this and I will let you down. I am on one of those chairs which you cant get off if they dont let you down. I say …but but…its a lot of water.

She says Drink now or no getting off…

I go…I cant please

She just walks away😱😱😱😱

RD is giving should have drunk water before you came yaada yaada

I ignore and try to shove water down.

The lady comes and checks…I feel like a 5yo really…Finish and I will let you down.

I finally finish.

She smiles and says good good…now sit for 30 mins before you leave.

You can come back and donate after 2 weeks but you will have soreness and pain in the arm. She gives me the right instructions, a cream to put around my arm and says drink LOTS of water! and finally lets me down!

I type this with sore arm and fingers. I did donate a tiny bit of plasma which the lady said will definitely be used.

Next time…I am going to offer my right arm😂

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How to Make Dosa – With Illustrations you cant decipher – January 15, 2021

R2 saw me make hot dosas for her today morning. The rest can be read in the picture really!

Look at the spelling of sizzle and spread and her illustrations🙈

PS – I wrote the title and helped her spell Tava and maavu. Rest is all her work.

She really needs to do more writing. And she is NO expert in dosa making. Just saying!

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Pongal Ka Khana – January 14, 2021

Its amazing how different parts of India celebrate January 14 in different ways. All ways to celebrate the harvest but so different. In the house we had Pongal and chutney for lunch and puran poli for dessert! Totally satisfying day 😋

Puran Poli and Pongal Chutney!

Ah and for those good souls asking about those dreadful vadams, they turned out pretty good actually😂

Vadams have been fried and consumed!
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Overall Family Balance – January 13, 2021

A short post to note that our overall family weight remains the same. Has been for the last 3 years.

RD has lost 50 kilos. I have gained 50 kilos.

Afterall, mass can neither be created nor destroyed and all that law of the universe.

A well balanced family that believes in the right checks and balances.

Okay. Bye.

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Time Pass – January 12, 2021

Timepass – Origin- Indian English

Definition – When you have lot of work pending but just cannot actually do the work and do 100s of other unrelated irrelavant jobs but not get to the actual task.

Used in a sentence – RM has to do a particular task but is doing timepass on her phone, reading online books and looking at random updates on Twitter.

My life, these days, dear readers, is a major timepass!

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