100 Happy Days – Day #12

After a long time, I must admit, after a vvvveerrrryyyy long time today, I got up at 6 to get back to bed and slept till 8.45 AM!!!! I think I had last done it when I was 12 years or something! I just slept it. I have been too tired I guess. Feeding 22 people on Friday and attending a dance workshop yesterday, I guess, I just exhausted all my energy. The man I married got the girls milk and made breakfast and got stuff ready!

Breakfast was very interesting. He got up early to soak moong dal for making moong chillas. He ground some carrots and tomatoes with the moong dal and then made chillas with some imli chutney and green chutney and cheese! Total delish, I tell ya! I was too busy gobbling it up to take pictures! But if you do have some extra chutney, do try making this chilla. Its delicious!

Today the inlaws arrive from India. They will be here for 3 months. Its going to be a interesting 3 months is all I can say ๐Ÿ™‚ RD and I will have some help with the cooking and cleaning and taking care of the girls. Its good they are coming in summer. We are planning on some picnic lunches and bush walking! The in laws love walking so should be super interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ If not anything, I get fodder for the blog, eh?

We had this amazing wood fired pizzas for lunch today. Yep, we are like that only! Eating pizzas for lunch. Actually in our family, I think we can eat them for breakfast as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Right now I am feeling so sleepy (don’t ask how I can do it, but I can…sleep at anytime of the day or night, no matter how much I have slept through the night!) that I can just nod off…which is exactly what I am going to do…because happiness includes an afternoon snooze, eh?

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100 Happy Days – Day #11

So on Thursday night, I messaged Smita (who is one of my favorite people to ask questions because she always has answers to my questions) asking her about how to cook Aloo Chaat. Smita, being Smita, gave me a couple of ideas, not only about the recipe but also about how I can serve it.

Then she told me ‘so you are doing the 100 happy days, eh?’ I was like yes yes. She is like ‘I left a very nasty comment on the blog, I don’t think it got published!’. I was like ‘What? Nasty???!!!’ She was like ‘yes, if you are doing this 100 Happy Days thing, can you please write proper posts. Don’t just write random stuff like my brother’s birthday and all that’ I burst out laughing. I am like okay okay. Now I have fodder for post for tomorrow. She is like ‘yes, you can write I asked for recipe and I got scolding in return’.

So Smita, for you, here is a post which is more than 150 words! I could ask as well tweet it,eh?

So for R2’s Birthday, R baked her two cakes….

  1. An iced chocolate cake – Recipe thanks to Deeps
  2. A iced rainbow cake – Recipe thanks to Monika

Thankfully, she stopped at two. She wanted to bake three since it was R2’s THIRD birthday! *eyeroll*. I was like Appa turns 39 this year, will you bake him 39 cakes, and I think she got the point! I must admit the cakes were a hit and I had only one piece left for the next day, which I actually stole and kept aside. RD didnt even get a bite of the cake! In short, the brat is an okay baker and hopefully we will see more of her baking soon *rubs hands in anticipation*

I made

  1. rajma
  2. Peas pulav
  3. Aloo Chaat (recipe thanks to Smita)
  4. corn chaat
  5. cut veggies like tomatoes, capsicum, lettuce, carrots, cucumber for salads
  6. Boiled eggs
  7. Papads
  8. Green chutney
  9. Imli Chutney
  10. Pakodams
  11. Barbeque Chicken for the guests (RD and I didnt eat it!)

RD made an awesome salad dressing. My neighbour aunty got some coleslaw salad and my friend and dance partner got some chocolate cupcake mousse! In short it was an exotic spread.

I must admit, it took me whole good week to get everything in place, but it was such an amazing spread and such an amazing company! Life has been very kind to us! We have wonderful friends here who have come family! With 22 of us, we sure had so much fun with an outdoor evening! Friends, sunshine, big backyard, barbeque and delicious food! The brat sure had the perfect birthday party!

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100 Happy Days – Day #10

Dear R2,

You turned 3 today. Terrible Threes are here and I can feel them, baby! You are obstinate. You are a total riot. You are very possessive about your things. You are super naughty. You are a difficult child.

But, you are also very loving. You always ask for your sister everytime you are away from you. Your sister is your life. You always have another hand out ‘for my sister’ whenever anyone gives you anything. You love your friends and family to bits. You are a social butterfly and talk to everyone. You love your time with friends. You are very good at eating anything and are always ready to try new things. You have no fear. You can climb high slides and jump big walls. You are adventurous and ready to face anything.

It is amazing how you are so totally Australian with your speech and accent. You have learnt the Aussie slang and speak with such an Aussie accent that your thathi finds it difficult to understand you.

I am glad you came to our lives because like your sister says ‘you complete our family.’ You fight so much with your sister but both you girls can’t live without each other. Nothing gives your Appa and me, more happiness than seeing you girls cuddling each other and loving each other.

Today you had the best of birthdays. With friends who have become more than family to all of us. We were 22 of us and we had so much fun together. Amma cooked up a storm and I am so glad I did because everyone loved it.

Thank you for coming into our lives and thank you for being you. Just get a little less naughty, please.

Loads of love


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100 Happy Days – Day #9

RD was not there yesterday night, travelling for work. So it was the girls and I . We had french fries for dinner. That made me pretty happy. Sometimes, it is just pure junk food which gives me a lot of happiness. I must admit, after coming to Tassie, my intake of chips has gone up by a gazillion times. That is, of course, showing on my tummy and hips. I now can state proudly that my hips resemble a hippo. Anyway, not taking that into account, I was talking about fries. I think they are amazing. So unhealthy that you can’t just resist them!

And then today R and I baked two cakes. How it turned out, I will let you readers, know tomorrow. All I can say is I am proud of the fact that my daughter likes to bake. She agreed to bake with me despite me shouting at her for dropping the sugar, flour, butter, oil, baking powder, cocoa powder and choco chips on the floor. I mean, really, how can a child be so clumsy?

Ok. My parents are laughing so loudly in India after hearing me say this that I can hear them all the way here in Tas. SHE HAS YOUR GENES, RM, said my Amma before bursting into another laughter riot.

These parents, I tell ya!

Oh and R2, she is good at licking bowls of cake batter. She can even lick the spatula clean. So clean that I didn’t even realise it was unwashed till R told me, ‘Amma, I think you forgot to wash it. R2 has just finished licking it’.

R’s swim school teacher looked at R2 and told me ‘She looks like trouble but she is so cute that she can get away with anything’. Like I told R in the car the other day ‘The next person who calls R2 cute can just keep her’ She is definitely a riot! When I was complaining about her to mom, she very calmly said ‘Well, I think you had R2 only for you to realise what you were to me’.

See, these parents, I tell ya!

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100 Happy Days – Day #8

So today is the brotherโ€™s bday! I am thinking how we used to celebrate his bday while growing up!

Honestly, it just used to be extended Diwali celebrations because it was usually Diwali time. But that meant that the gut got some awesome stuff to eat!

I made some yummy chocolate sweet at home to celebrate his bday and chocolate always makes one happy, eh?

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100 Happy Days – Day #7

Okay. Now I am struggling for words. That day when you do a million things and still have about a million pending! And I don’t even work full time! Life sometimes just has plans for you, which you can’t do anything about!

Today I tried an asparagus stir fry. Just put in some oil, tadka, one green chilly and some salt and pepper. And honestly, I loved it! RD thought it was too bland. R decided it was too green to even look at it. R2 was adventurous enough to take a bite and tell me ‘Actually, Amma, I just want sambhar and rice’. Well, at least she tried.

I guess, I will buy asparagus just for myself from next time. I have decided to live a bit for myself as well. Like how I bought a whole packet of cocopops and no one in the house ate them, except me. But hey, I loved them and enjoyed every bite of that sugary chocolatey cereals which have no goodness in them. Like I said, sometimes, you need to live for yourself. I am sure I am not buying those cocopops in the near future. But sometimes, indulging is good, eh?

Hey I just wrote some 200 words now. Good enough to post, eh?

Happy about eating some good aspargus stir fry!!!

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100 Happy Days – Day #6

So, I had to take the Rs for a doctor’s appointment the other day. We were planning to pick up R from school and go directly to the doctor. Now, R at the end of the school day is like a python which has not seen food in years! She will grab anything and everything in sight and put it down her throat as if she has been starving for years! Honestly, I kid not!

My girls eat so much that I wonder how their stomachs haven’t developed a voice and shouted out their protests! Like the other day, RD messaged me saying, ‘Our younger one is Gathokach!!’ She ate and ate and ate all the time she was with him..hehehehe!

Anyway, so that day when we went to the doctor and I had packed some food because I knew R would claim to die of hunger if I didn’t give her anything!

So I cut some oranges and put it in a dabba and then I packed a packet of chips. Because, I am a lazy mom that way *eye roll*

R jumps into the car and says ‘Amma, I am starving’. Like I didn’t know that *eye roll again*

R2 chimes in from the back ‘R, R, R..there is ooorraannggeee’

R picks up my bag and she says ‘oh look R2, there is chips and orange’

R2 looks at R and the R looks at R2. Both of them grab the box of oranges and eat it up in 2 minutes. The poor chips packet and the packet buyer are looking at the girls in shock!

Guess, I am doing something right, somewhere!

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