Five Things Bugging Me Right Now!

Disclaimer – Rant post, just skip

1. People who write flowery language which make absolutely NO SENSE at all. I mean I love flowery language but when its in a formal report and with no sense, its so bugging :(

2. Someone coming in and eating the food you are making/ cutting. My brother used to do it. He would come in and pick up a piece of onion when I was cutting it. I would find it so irritating. Even RD does it..come and pick up a piece of dosa which I have just taken off the Tawa…ugh! really bugging! I mean take it after I finish cutting/cooking na…coming right in the middle and picking up a piece!

3. People showing off their connections and stuff on twitter,as if they are really close to the celebrity they are talking about yaada yaada. I think I have stopped being active on twitter only because of that. You know talking about this and that and then showing off all the time

4. The lady in the building who keeps telling me the SAME THING have put on weight…arey baba I know that, will you just talk about something else ugh!

5. People expecting you to call and giving you a third degree on WHY you didnt call and speak to them. And then even complain to others that you dont call! Its so bugging…if I have nothing to talk, I wont call eh?

okay rant over!

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The Signature Move…

…is a title I borrowed from Harry Potter series. Expelliarmus had become Harry’s signature move. But this post is not about Harry Potter or any magical mantras.

This post has been inspired from Pepper’s post.

So my Amma, she is legendary in Baroda banks for all kinds signatures of hers.

My Amma, doesnt really have a signature, she just writes her name. Which is okay you know. How some folks cant come up with those awesome kind of signatures. My Appa’s signature is super awesome, which I doubt any one can forge. He says it has his name on it, but I have always thought (and still think) he just draws some lines and says its his signature. Of course, to his credit, its very very consistent.

Anyways, I digress.

So Amma, and her signature. She writes her name. Which like I said, is fine. But the problem is she never writes the same name in all the places. She has come up with absolutely amazing permutations and combinations of her names in each place…

1. First name. Appa’s name
2. First name. Appa’s name’s initial. Last name
3. First name initial. Appa’s name initial. Last name
4. First name.Appa’s name.Last name
5. First name intial.Appa’s name initial (used this in school to sign notebooks for kids)

And the best part is she will never remember which signature is used where, except the last one which was used daily while correcting her students books.

I mean, really, dont ask me how my parents managed to do the documentation all these years.

Appa would ask her to sign some cheque

Amma: Of course of course

And then there would be a pause

Amma: Appa, do you remember how exactly I signed in this bank?

Appa would just sigh, pick up the original signature from the cheque book and let her know.

Even then there have been times, when Amma’s cheques havent been accepted in the bank, because of inconsistent signature. And Amma would be like, oh wait, was it this one (First name. Appa’s name) or this one (First name. Appa’s name’s initial. Last name) the poor banker would wonder what sort of a person doesnt remember her own signature!

Of course, having said, all this, I must admit, the bro and I never attempted to forge her signature because her handwriting is so so beautiful that it looks as if someone has printed it off the computer or something!Gah!

So does anyone else have signature moves like these??

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Timbuktoo and Mosquitoes

So I am trying to put oil in R’s hair. Every Sunday is a fight. But now I am just used to her crying, whining, and finally demanding a story and then agreeing to oil her hair to wash it.

So I sit in a chair, make her sit in her smaller chair so that the height is okay for me.

R keeps moving in the front all the time, and yesterday, I got totally bugged.

RM: R if you keep going to Timbuktoo, how am I going to put oil in your hair?

R turns to me indignantly and says ‘Amma, I am in TimbukONE only, where have I gone to TimbukTWO????

I got so stunned by the reply that I just stared at her gaping. The husband burst out laughing!!!


We have had a lot of mosquito problems in the past month at our house. Nothing is working. Dont even suggest those stupid good knight kind of machines..sab waste hai!

Anyways, today morning, R woke up with an itch in her hand.

Amma, she screamed.

What what?

Amma, I dont understand why God had to make these mosquitoes…They are so so bugging!

yaa baby me too :)

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Life in Pictures!

I hardly share pictures on the blog..mainly because I am super lazy to click pictures, then transfer them and then try and get them in place..yaada yaada…since 2014 started here are a few pictures I clicked.

1. The clouds when R and I were standing at her bus stop sometime in January. We spent 10 minutes guessing what all the shapes were like…What are your thoughts?



2. This is how I have combed the brat’s hair since last year. 10 minutes of shouting fighting screaming ,squiggling, moving head etc etc. Now I cut it really short :),


3. The roses in the balcony in February. At one point there were 12 of them blooming together :)

20140317_082832 20140317_082852

4. The flowering blooming in Thane when my cousin and I ran the Thane marathon together. It was so captivating that I stopped to click a pic! 20140216_073711


5. Kalakhatta ice cubes :) R loves gola but hygiene is always an issue. I dont have an ice crushing machine or any kind of kulfi moulds. So used the ice tray to make the kalakhatta flavor ice cubes. The brat loves them20140412_123853


6. Vishu Kanni at home! 20140414_210312


7. Amma celebrated her birthday a couple of days ago. RD got her this cake and we cut it in the evening :) Its super yummm..and for those interested..its chocolate truffle :)20140415_144030


8. And finally I succumbed. I let R put nail polish on her feet. She pleaded, cajoled, cried, and really really pleaded badly..I was like anyways she turns 6 this year. As long as its done during vacations its fine I guess.

20140415_211924 Gee! NINE pics uploaded on a single day..thats a record on this blog :)

Happy Easter Everyone :)


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Exams Over, Questions Galore

Most kids in Bombay have finished with their exams. The brat finished hers as well. As per her, all her papers went extremely well *laughs out loud on that* and she answered all her oral examinations also properly. Her results are out on April 26th. So will let you know if she passed or not *evil grin*

This examinations are a funny thing. I dont think children upto class 5 should even have exams. I have realised for all the big talks I used to give about not pressurising my child for studying and letting her be, etc etc and yaada yaada,I turned out quite different. Which is suprising me, honestly!

I actually sat with the brat a few days before her exams started and made her go through all the writing work and the spoken part. Does that mean I am turning into a Tiger mom? I dont know. I am finding it extremely difficult to draw that fine line between being a tiger mom and a bindaas mom. I find myself oscillating between the two.

For example, I do follow up with R on her homework. Each day. Everyday. After coming back from office, I check her calender and I check if she has done her homework or if she needs help in anything. But at the same time, I dont bother revising anything with her if the homework is done. Is that becasue she is still in SR.KG? I dont know!

During her exams, I would revise everything with her, make her write all her stuff once and then let her go down to play. And thats it. We were done. I am not sure if thats the right approach?

RD is hardly bothered about her studies. Sometimes he doesnt even know which exam she has. He says he is not going to fret about such things in life. I used to say the same. But if one of us dont, wouldnt that be wrong? I remember my mom sitting with bro and me for our studies, until one day in class 3 I had a major argument with her regarding something our teacher taught us. After that I told her, I will study on my own, I will never ever come to you. And I didnt *gee what a headstrong brat I was!*
I guess the key is to keep a track but not pressurize.(I mean if we dont keep a track, wouldnt it amount to neglecting the child??? I dont know)But my question is how to do that? I seem to be either making her sit down forcibly and make her do her studies, or I seem to be just leaving everything thinking ‘ayega toh theek hai’ types. Which is the right approach? and if neither is right, which is the one that falls in between?

Many schools now a days follow a system where children dont have to do any writing till they turn 6 or 7. Unfortunately, R doesnt go to such a school because we couldnt afford the ones in our area which follow that system. She just goes to a normal school which started writing in Jr. Kg and now they even have stuff like fill in the blanks with has/have. And R gets it right everytime. How? dont ask me, I dont know the rules myself. But my problem is, are we doing the right thing? Should we send her to such a school? I feel there is too much pressure on her, though honestly, she seems to be learning at a normal pace and doesnt seem to have any pressure. She is grasping whats taught, and whatever she doesnt understand, she just tells me ‘Amma nahi aata toh main kya karu?’ Then I think, maybe I am reading too much into the situation. May be this approach is fine as well. After all we also learnt this way.

But the downside of this system is. R cant read by herself. Which kind of makes me feel bad. At nearly 6 years, kids read by themselves right? R struggles to read even 3 letter and 4 letter words. And the worst part is, she is refusing to even make an effort. How much ever I try, she doesnt want to read on her own. I stopped reading her books in the middle in a hope that she will start reading on her own, but thats not happening. I am very worried about it. My mom says am overreacting and she will start reading when she is ready. Pushing her will just make her rebel and she will not start like that. I dont know. I am so confused. And yes, I do confess that I have started comparing her to other children who I know were reading effortlessly at her age. But thats wrong. I know is it. Every child is different. But..but.. thats the disadvantage of putting her in a normal school. All in all, these exams left me with a lot of questions

1. Whats the fine line of balance between a tiger mom and a bindaas mom?
2. How do you keep track and yet not pressurize your child into studying?
3. How do you get your child to start reading on her/his own?
4. Are studies really that important?
5. Why do we lay so much emphasis on studies? Why am I not worried that she is still scared of water and she is hesitant to swim? That should affect me as well right?
All confusion and no answers? Any help?


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Randomness Returns

1. The brat’s exams get over today. After four days of Hindi, English, Maths, EVS, yaada yaada, today evening, I am going to let her just be. Yes,I did sit after her to make her ‘study’.

2. She has discovered a new friend in the building. A first in 5.5 years. The girl is one year old to her, in the same school as hers and an year older class wise also. But both the girls seem to hit off very well. Infact, both of them look alike also. As if they are twins or something. A couple of folks in the building have confused them for each other. They play together in the evenings from 7 to 8 after the brat returns from daycare. They fight equally and love each other equally.

3. The days in Bombay are getting so hot, that I think eventually by May the roads are going to start melting. I heard Bangalore is no better eh?

4. My Amma is here for a while so life is a bit easier. She cooks in the mornings and takes care of everything else. I am getting totally spoilt.

5. Amma is on a cleaning spree, getting the cobwebs out and the windows polished. I am contributing nothing to the entire clean up process.

6. Its summer now and am remembering the mangoes of Baroda. The chundo and the panna and the aam ras and the junagadi kesar..sigh! I miss my childhood

7. I had this sudden urge to eat jhal muri. I called up RD asking him if he could get it from somewhere. He was like ‘there is no place nearby I can get you jhalmuri, lets make at home’ We made a pseudo jhalmuri that day evening and we enjoyed it. The next day, he got me sukha bhel from work, and at the risk of sounding conceited, I liked my jhalmuri better.

8. On the food note, we are have been living without eating onions and garlic for about 2 weeks now. The brat and RD plan to go to Sabarimalai in May and RD is on with the vratham. R is barely affected, since her daycare gives jain food and she is not a fan of onions anyways! I am missing the taste of garlic but am too lazy to cook for myself separately :)

9. Everyone seems to be doing 100 days of happiness and A to Z challenge in the blogworld. I can barely think of any happiness to write about honestly. The daily routine gets cumbersome. That doesn’t mean I am unhappy. It just means I am plain lazy to write about the happy things in life

10. I read this post on ‘real’ things by Bride. So so agree to a lot of things she says. And organic food in Mumbai is verrrryyyy expensive eh?

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Darn my Luck!

Its Chaitra month Navratri going on and today is asthami. As in the normal Navratri some people celebrate this asthami doing pooja for small girls.

Now the brat is a popular choice in my building (not too many small girls eh?) which has 2-3 north Indians who call her every year to do prasad. I always always always send R because I LOVE the prasad they send across. The black channa, puri and sheera. And the brat always gets back excess food for me :) (What I am a practical mother, some advantages of having a girl eh?)

Anyways so today morning, at about 8.30 I get a call.

Hi, I am XX calling from X floor

RM: Hello hello

Voice: We are having Navratri pooja at the house, can you please send your daughter for the pooja

RM: Oh, but she has gone to school

Voice: oh..when will she return

RM: We will be back in the evening

voice: oh okay

RM :you have made puri,chole, sheera prasad kya?

Voice: Yaa, was hoping to have her here..but chalega..

RM: Errr…we….

But the phone got cut. And she didnt even ask us to come in the evening to collect the prasad.

Darn darn darn! That prasad is to die for. Absolutely yummmmm and I lost a golden chance to eat it. Just darn my luck!!!!

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