A Revelation, A Father’s Help (NOT!),A Compliment or Taunt? And that Singh Guy!

Some incidents, which are absolutely not connected to each other at all.


The other day, I woke up the brat to pee in the middle of the night. She got up after a lot of cajoling and finally came back and jumped on our bed to sleep. And then she didnt sleep. Rather she was having a very very disturbed sleep. She was tossing and turning. Sucking her thumb, putting her hands in RD’s face. Kicking me big time. I tried to ignore and go to sleep, but she just wouldnt settle down. This continued for almost half an hour and I was too disturbed to ignore it.

Then I just told her to stop moving. She opened her eyes a crack and said ‘Kya Amma?’

I said, ‘R stop moving’ Here is the chadar. I covered her and kept my hands on her chest, tapping slowly.

She looked at me again, smiled in her sleep. Then slowly all her restlessness disappeared. Her breathing evened. She clutched my thumb and held it tight. Then she settled into a dreamless sleep without moving an inch. All in a matter of 5 minutes. Thats when I realised, that a parent’s touch can work wonders for a child. That a child trusts a parent so easily. And that having a child is DEFINITELY a HUGE responsibility! To be honest, once these thoughts came in mind, I really couldnt sleep for a long time. Parenting, I tell you, is a very very tough job!


RD had gone out of station for a weekend. When he came back, R told him to tell her in detail about the ENTIRE journey, including, how he took a rick from the house to the bus stand, what all he did in the bus, what did he eat, what did he do there, how he came back, yaada yaada.

RD being in the indulgent father, told her in detail, including telling her how many times he had chai on the way and what he had for dinner and breakfast.

She kept asking phir phir?

And then suddenly the man I married says ‘Okay R, lets test this. I will ask you four questions about my trip and you will have to answer at least three correctly. If you do, then I know you have been listening properly’

This from a man, who doesnt bother ONE teeny bit about asking her questions related to her exams. While I was just picking up my jaws which had dropped to the ground, the brat I bore in my womb for 9 months, actually AGREED! I mean,she agreed to answer his questions.

And while I was picking up my jaw, the man asked her 4 questions and she answered all of them correctly!

I really give up on this duo, I tell ya!


Monday morning rush hour. I rush to pick up my bag from the bed room while RD is dressing there. He sees me shove everything into my bag. A plastic, some book, some stuff.

He pauses for a second, and then without batting an eyelid he says ‘Your bag is like Hermione’s! I am sure you need magic to figure out what’s inside eh?’

Now, is that a compliment?? *still wondering*


And on reading Scribby’s blog, I wrote this comment there

So my aunt is making R write words from A to Z, just for fun. She writes stuff like Ant, ball, doll, etc until we come to Y. And then she says ‘Thathi, Y for Yo-yo…and then takes a pause, and goes, Yo-Yo Honey Singh’ !!! I give up really!

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After a Gap

I have not been writing or even commenting or even approving or even READING blogs..its so weird because I always love reading blogs..they give me things to think about, stuff to try out and ways to make my life much better.
The past few weeks have been crazy. I havent had time to read or comment on blogs at all. But trying to get back to routine now. Thats why logged in on a Saturday :)
I usually avoid using the computer on weekends, because I want to disconnect myself with the virtual world. But I suddenly realised, I dont have time to connect to the virtual world, so then disconnect cant happen only no?
Some random happenings over the past few weeks
1. I met up with Smita. She and her family are such awesome folks. We had so much fun talking talking and more talking. R and Arnav got along pretty well initially. But R got cranky after a while (she was tired) and then she started complaining that Arnav doesnt share his stuff with her.
Arnav the sweetie, goes to her and says ‘aap gussa ho kya. Didi, gussa nahi hote’ :):) And the brat melted :)
and of course, Smita and I went jabber jabber jabber. Her parents are super cool too. RD and I spent a lot of time talking to them. And her husband opened my eyes to a lot of things in life including buying stuff off e-bay. I am a fan of his now :)
And oh the menu.
Roti, pulav, pani puri, dahi puri (she actually made it with her hands and gave one by one to RD and me, one by one *falls at feet*, tandoori aloo, mater paneer, boondi raita, chane aur aam ka achar which aunty had made, home baked awesomely yummy cake (the brat had some 6 pieces!!!) and fresh cream and fresh fruits dessert.
By the time we finished, I swear, I was waddling like a duck and still wanted to eat more. Smita is the most amazing cook on earth! even as I write the menu, I am having water in my mouth!
2. The brat has her exams. Just one left for Monday. She comes back home at 7 and then wants to play down till 8. And then sit to study. I get a bit irritated  but I keep reminding myself she is only 6. I cant keep pressurising her. RD and I have had a lot of arguments about her studies. He thinks I take her studies too seriously and I think he doesnt bother about them at all. He says let her be, I say let her be too. But I do believe that I need to at least keep a tab of what she is learning at school. In short, this is one thing on parenting, we dont seem to agree on!
But we are married for 8 years now. So we have learnt to find the middle path. Which usually means IGNORE the other person if you dont AGREE *grins* So he doesnt bother, and I try and bother a bit!
The brat midst all this is pretty cool. ‘Amma,  mereko sab kuch aata hai’ This is what confidence is all about eh?
3. I had the most amazing pani puri and pav bhaji on earth, at the start of August. Pepper’s mom was kind enough to listen to my request and invited us over for dinner. Sigh! the very thought of that food brings water to my mouth. And aunty was so sweet so sweet so sweet, that she actually packed multiple dabbas for us to carry the extra stuff home. So we had pav bhaji for breakfast the next day and pani puri for dinner as well. She had actually packed enough for the three of us to have our fill. I really wonder what good I have done in life to have such awesome folks around me!
4. IMC’s book week was a big success. But  honestly super exhausting. And I didnt even do much. Preethi seems to be bitten by some kind of a super bug and kept the moment high right till the end phew! and what work boss, what work. For those of you interested in my sentimental thank you post, please click here.
5. I have been mailing TGND regularly and one of the things she told me is to recommend some books for her. Honestly, I have had no time to read. And then suddenly RD came back with some 20 books from his office for me. I was flabbergast. I mean TWENTY books. Apparently there was some giveaway in his office and he grabbed as many as he could. Including some Enid Blytons and one Mills n Boon. He also got a Wodehouse. And thats what I am reading now.
RD: Are you happy RM?
RM: distractedly looking towards the books : Of course boss, I am
RD: Great
RM: Are you serious RD? you got ALL these for free from office..really really
RD: Yes yaar, kitne baar bolu..some giveaway we had na..
RM: Wow
After a pause,
RM: By the way, man, where am I going to keep all these books?
But you know what guys, I married the right man, I think. There are times when I feel like throttling him, but then these are times when I feel, wow, this guy sure knows the way to my heart.
So TGND, I am going to read the books one by one and let you know theek hai?
6. I am getting bored with my work. I need a break. I need a change. I need to do something different. Please pray for me okay?
7. Our building had an independence day celebration. A lot of folks showed enthusiasm this time. A newly formed Ladies Welfare committee which was formed on the 10th of August, decided to have a small cultural program. This included some songs by the ladies and a couple of dances. The brat participated in one of the dances. Before you read what song she danced on, please ensure you are sitting or standing at a safe place where the possibility of you getting hurt is not there.
She danced on a song which goes ‘Ata maajhi satkli’ which has no connection WHATSOEVER to independence. But I didnt say a word. I swear. Two ladies in the building requested me if R could come for practice everyday (thats for three days in a row!) at about 6.30 in the evening. I agreed. She danced on it with another boy who is around 5 years. I must admit for 3 days of practise she did a wonderful job. But but..aata maajhi satkli errrr…okay whatever!
RD was nice enough to leave office on time and pick her up from the nearest bus stop and bring her back on time for practise.
A lot of people came and congratulated me on having a kid who dances so well. I was like I didnt even do anything. Please thank the other two ladies.
Midst all this, we also had a lunch that day in the building. Poori, chole, pulav, kadi and gulab jamun. Pretty yummm..
Overheard: The lady who taught R the dance telling some aunties who were sitting with her. RD is a very good father, he actually takes care of his daughter, made her eat while I was waiting to take her up for practice and even made dosas for her. 
I was laughing. I mean, he HAS to take care of her no? Anyways, RD, you have now got the certificate of ‘great father’ from the ladies in the building eh?
Okay, I think this post is one of the longest I have written on this blog. So I am going to stop now.
Hopefully will get time to read and comment on blogs and perhaps even write some on my own.
Till then, be good okay?
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A Selfish Generation?

This post has been in my mind for a long time. May be about 4-5 months. I usually try and put only positive stuff on this blog, but somehow, I have been observing stuff around me which makes me take it out on the blog here.

Random incidents I witnessed around me, and made me feel so worried if we are becoming a generation so self centred that we have forgotten basic manners. And if we are like this, what about the next generation?

I am going to just state the random incidents I witnessed personally. I am not judging anyone here!

1. I walk down the stairs to the first platform. A train has just arrived and I am walking towards the ladies compartment. I see a huge crowd of young students between 8 to 14 years, getting down from the physically handicapped (differently abled?) compartment. A small portion of a bogie in Mumbai locals is usually reserved for the physically handicapped, folks suffering from cancer and very pregnant women. Why are school kids in that compartment, I know not. May be they cant get into the other compartments. I refuse to form a judgement. Until, I see these kids, push a man who is on crutches with only one leg, down from the train. Literally push him in their rush to get off. He falls on the platform. Some of us rush to help him. The kids pay no attention to him. They just rush away laughing at some joke. I am appalled. I am not kidding. I am so shocked at their behaviour. I mean

firstly, you shouldnt even be there
Secondly, you shouldnt push when you know the man is struggling to get off
Thirdly, lets say you do it by mistake. At least HELP! APOLOGISE!!!

They just walked away. Each of them. Must have been at least 20 to 25 children. Not one looked back!

2. Over the past few months, I have noticed that no one..absolutely no one seems to offer seats to pregnant women. I have seen them standing in the bus for almost 20-25 minutes and not one lady gets up to give up the fourth seat in the bus usually reserved for them. No one. Infact, a couple of times, I have noticed guys get up and offer their seats. But not ONE single lady. Never! Isnt that weird? Havent we been taught to get up and give seats to people who really need them. Similarly for old people. If the old people’s seat is reserved, no one actually gets up for them. Ever. I agree everyone goes home tired after a day’s work. But isnt it basic civic sense?

3. Yesterday in the metro, as soon as we got in, a lady (must be in her mid 40s) tried to go and sit next to another lady (in her twenties). It was not a reserved seat for ladies. Just a general seat. The lady in her twenties kept her bag right next to where she was sitting. So the other lady asked her to remove the bag. This lady blatantly refused. The other lady was a bit surprised, until a guy came rushing in just as the doors were closing, promptly sat in the place where the other lady had kept her bag. Apparently, the lady in her twenties had been keeping the seat reserved for her friend. Really? Forget the lady part. We dont need reservations, but how can you keep some seat reserved for someone who is hale and hearty!!! I was shocked at this lady and guy’s attitude!

4. A heavily pregnant lady was walking down the stairs of the station very slowly. These two girls, come, brush past her, almost making her fall, and then just go ahead without a backward glance.

Such small incidents. Incidents which may seem totally irrelevant when you look at the millions of issues going on in the world. But incidents, which perhaps could have been handled better. Incidents which perhaps if handled correctly, may actually make this world a better place.

Sigh! Blame it on the Mumbai weather. There is pessimism in the air!

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This Week……

1. Has seen me super sick with a viral infection AGAIN!

2. Has been busy like crazy
3. Has seen changes in office in form of a new boss
4. Has seen me use many modes of transport – train, rick, bus, metro
5. I havent had time to even look at the blog posts.If my reader could speak, it would say ‘pongal-o-pongal’ at least 30 times over!
6. Havent had time to even approve comments
7. IMC book week in full swing..I cant believe we could do it this good…author interviews, book reviews, kids reviewing books, recipes based on books, giveaways, discount coupons, what not! I am overwhelmed with the kind of support the blog community provided..folks I havent met agreed to do book reviews for us, kids who know me only as RM aunty agreed to do book reviews, authors gave interviews, famous authors even wrote their viewpoints on books and reading, folks who I am on contact only by email, gave their superb opinions on reading and kids, folks actually went out of their way to COOK special book based recipes and then share them on the site……Gosh! I dont know what to say……I promised Preethi, I will write a post full of mush to end the book week on August 14th..will link it here..hehehehe :)

I am so tired that I could just sleep over the weekend…but but but..

I have two events to look forward to this weekend

1. An absolutely much awaited dinner of pani puri and pav bhaji today night :)
2. A society meeting tomorrow where they have promised Chinese dinner..


PS – See how I am trying to be optimistic in life :)

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I am Lucky eh?

Dear R

I am really lucky to have you. I swear.While you are still responsible for all the grey hair on my head, which your father exclaimed so loudly in the food court yesterday that half the people who were seated next to us yesterday stared and checked out the greyness, I think I am lucky as a mother.

While all mothers may say the same about their kids you know, but I must admit I am really lucky. I feel should note down this for you to read, when you are 16 and ready to disown me forever.

Saturday, Appa and Calcutta Thathi planned to go to Shirdi. You didnt want to go. You said you will stay with me or even go to daycare, but you didnt want to go. We tried convincing you to go, since I had a lot of work in hand. With the IMC Book Week starting today, I had tons of stuff to upload, yaada yaada. I told you I wont be able to spend time with you. Plus with your results for the first exam coming in, I had to go to your school to collect them and your daycare couldnt send the van that day.Due to all this confusion, Appa and I requested you to go with him. ‘But Amma, I dont get to see you all week, please I want to spend time with you’ you told me. I felt bad, but I told you that I will spend the whole Sunday with you.

After a lot of cajoling, finally you agreed. And not only that, Appa hasnt stopped exclaiming what a wonderfully cooperative girl you were through the entire trip. Thanks darling, for being so wonderful.

And then, yesterday when we went to the food court, you wanted to play in the play zone. Appa agreed. I disagreed due to the crowd. Appa said ‘let her play for 20 minutes’ And you went in. When Appa called you exactly after 20 minutes, you came out in a jiffy. You tried reasoning with him for an additional 5 minutes, but when he was insistent, you came out. Without a fuss. And thanked us for letting you play despite the late hour. Gee, when did you grow up so much?

And then since Thathi went back to Calcutta today, I have to reach office late since your daycare opens late. Which means, I will return home late. When I told you today morning about it, you told me ‘Its okay, Amma. You dont get worried. Appa and I will manage. I will even do my homework with him, okay?’

Thanks da, I am just plain lucky to have a kid who is so understanding. Of course, you are still responsible for all my grey hair and sore throat, with our fights and screaming sessions okay?


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These Tweet Sized Thoughts Again

1. R has been made the class monintor for this month. I found it hilarious. She even got a badge.

RD’s reaction: You know who is made the monintor na?
RM: Who
RD: The naughtiest kid in the class so that they behave

2. RD forgot his dabba at home. I was furious

RM: Appa forgot his tiffin at home
R: Oh he forgot
RM: am not giving him food from tomorrow
R: Its okay ma, he FORGOT


3. R: Its raining again today
RM: Yes, but I hope it rains in the catchment areas
R: Why
RM: Only then we will get water through the year na
R: Yeh rain God also super confused na Amma, he should go there and rain


4. The brat and her dad are listening to some song which goes ‘Jhumme ki Raat’

RM: What kind of a song is this?
R: A nice one Amma!

5. The brat has holiday for Eid, I dont

R: Amma, I wish you could stay at home with me
RM: Yes, baby but I need to go to work
R: ask your sir for a chutti na
RM: Not possible
R: This is why I will never go to office. I will have my own office

6. R: Amma, we did story telling today
RM: Really, but teacher didnt give any notice na
R: So what, I just went and told a story..she asked who prepared, I said me
RM: Really? But you hadnt na
R: So what, I went and told a story..I had fun too
RM: What story
R: Woh raat ko telling


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Seven Things on my mind right now – Tagged!

The rules for the nominees are:

Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.

List the rules and display the award.

Share seven facts about yourself.

Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

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1.  Thanks a bunch Sangi...For someone who inspires me at every step of life, you sure are kind enough to give me this one :)

2. Rules listed above


Now Seven Things About me..now thats a toughie..I have already done so many things about myself kind of posts…so I am going to write the seven random things that come to my mind right now

1. I want to eat McDonalds French fries with Peri Peri, fried rice, manchurian and schezwan noodles

2. I am loving the past 3 evenings. RD and I sit down in the lobby of our building, talking about nothing actually, waiting for R to finish playing with her friends to take her up. It have NEVER happend before!

3. I like speaking to my mother everyday. Its fun to talk to her about the latest news, her latest interest (sewing!), she is excited about the fact that learnt to stich a petticoat all by herself from a blog which I had asked her to refer, food, gossip etc etc

4. This time I havent cribbed about the rains in Bombay at all. We just need them so badly!

5. I am trying to give up biting my nails and kind of succeeding on that…though sometimes when work gets too much, I go back to the old habit of doing it again :(

6. I am trying hard to become non-judgemental but its very difficult, I tell ya

7. I am in this phase of life where I want things to progress differently than they are doing now. I dont know whether things will work out at all, but I am hoping and praying they will. I want so much MORE from life. Greedy me!
There…now anyone who wants to take up this interesting tag..go ahead :)

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