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The Boy Who Lived’s Birthday Post

I am late, the birthday was yesterday 🙂 For the BEEEG Harry Potter fan that I claim to be, its weird that I have not done a single post on the boy who lived exclusively! Though I changed my header … Continue reading

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And We Went To….

…the Kalaghoda Festival 2013 ..and boy! was it fun or what? I had promised R last year I would take her there, but RD went off to Australia and I didnt have the guts to take a 3.5 year old … Continue reading

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Of Writers, Illustrators and Vegetable Oats Soup

Nope there is no connection between the titles…the soup goes in as recipe #7 So on Monday night, I made daliya upma, vegetable oats soup and Maharashtrian style koshimbir… Odd combination eh…but the R family eats whatever is given on the plate…so … Continue reading

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The Story Teller In Me Part 2 and the Advantage!

Non Parents – Skip this blog post 🙂 and so after the elephant and stone, R wants a story on jhaadoo…you know the broom with which you sweep…I mean normal kids ask for stories of lions and tigers and rats and … Continue reading

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If I Have To Become a Mother Again, the Stakes Seem Too High

Warning: Crazy post ahead please read at your risk..or you know what…its a rant..just skip this one! And so, the other day while walking towards the bus…I meet up with NB who has been married for an year… NB: Arey … Continue reading

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The Weekend It Was

There were a bit of ‘firsts’ in this weekend1. R had her first playdate for about 20 minutes..Sunday morning the girl on the 10th floor who is about 5 and a half..came down to play with R at our house..which … Continue reading

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