Tera Jhumka Re…

I love Jhumkas or Jhimkis as they are known below the Vindhyas!

They are my favorite form of earrings. But I rarely wear them, and I dont know why!

I have a few that RD got for me from India.

Anyway my current favorite pair are these ones.

They are actually very simple especially compared to those elaborate ones which are in fashion in India when I went in January this year. Inspired by Padmavati or some other film, the ones I saw in Bombay were BIG!

Anyway, so one day,during my India trip, I was walking home, after going to the library. My my parents now live in Kerala. A small quaint shop caught my eye and I went inside. There were hundreds of earrings and necklaces and what not in that shop. Usually I would just come out of such shops because they overwhelm me.

As I just smiled at the owner and was about to walk out, a whole bunch of young school girls came walking into the shop. With their bright pink and white uniforms, hair up in long chotis ties up with white ribbons and their huge school bags, aged 11 to 15, they filled up the shop. Suddenly, there was a cacophony of sounds and loads of giggling and laughing and pointing.

I decided to wait a while before walking out. Now my thing is, I do understand a bit of Malayalam but cant speak it. As I was standing there, I saw the shopkeeper lady take out a box of jhimkis to show to the girls. I asked if I could browse through in English.

The lady said yes and suddenly, I had this group of 5 girls advising me which one was good and which one was not great. They started off in Malayalam but once I told them I cant reply back, it became a combination of English and Malayalam. They must have made me try at least 20 different ones before concluding between them that this one pair was the best one.

The shopkeeper was amused that I was patient enough to try each one while the girls were super excited. Finally we decided on this one because (as per the girls)

– It was silver and black so would go with any colour dress

– It was not very big so I could wear it anytime anywhere

– It was light weight so wouldnt hurt my ears

– It was 35 rupees so not too expensive

It was so amazing that these girls managed to convince me to buy those jhimkis. Their sense of pros and cons, enthusiam to help a stranger and just that sheer joy in selecting one pair of earrings was awesome.

I thanked the girls profused and just when I was leaving one of them went ‘Chechi, next also come here and buy when our school finishes, we will help you select!’

Kids, I tell ya!

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