I Love You

So R2 says the other day,

You know, mum, I really love you a lot.

RM: Why? (I know. Its stupid. Instead of melting into a puddle of love at this declaration, here is a mum going why!)

R2: Because you make really good sweets for me!


And as if that is not enough, the brat continues…Actually, I love R more than you.

Eyerolling amma asks why?

Because she makes better cookies and cakes than you!!!

I give up, folks, I give up!


I pick R2 from daycare, drop R for her hockey practice and then get R2 home since RD is picking up R after practise.

After a quick bath, I give R2 dinner. Nice sambhar, beans poriyal and rice with ghee, for those asking 😆

Anyway, R2 eats it all up. Asks for a cookie as dessert, which I give since its homemade and all that.

After 5 minutes, Mum, can I please have some milk?

I nearly drop the patram in my hand. WHAT??! I just gave you dinner!

R2: But my tummy is feeling like having milk. See, ask it. It is saying milk please!

RM: !!!!!

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4 Responses to I Love You

  1. Seema says:

    Hahaha! I love bhukkad kids, R2 sounds like the child after my heart. Give her a huge cuddle from me, will ya?

  2. Smita says:

    she is a brat!!!! 😀

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