Why Why Girl!

So R had band practise today and RD dropped her off to the location. Which meant that R2 and I went to school by ourselves.

As we were going in the car, a faint moon was seen in the sky. Since it winter here, the sun and the moon often compete for attention with their gorgeousness in the mornings and evenings. Anyway, so I excited point to the moon to R2 and she goes ‘Hmmm.. looking good ma.’

After 30 seconds

R2: Why dont the moon and the sun fall off the sky mum?

RM: Oh! I guess that is because moon and sun are out of the scope of the gravitational force of the earth.

R2: Hmmm!

After 10 seconds

R2: What did you say?

RM: Oh well you see R, the earth is pulling all of us down. So if you throw a ball up, it always comes down. But the earth can pull things down only up to a small distance in the sky. So the moon and sun are out of that distance so they dont fall on earth. Okay?

R2: Okay.

Again after 2 seconds,

R2: How did the earth and sun and moon and planets come?

Yaar, yeh astronomy ka bhoot kahan se aaya isko!!!

RM: Well, there are loads of theory behind it but I think the most popular one says that first there was nothing and then there was a big bang and then all the planets and sun and moon were formed.

R2: Who did the big bang?

RM: Well, I dont know but some people believe that there is a God who did it.

R2: Is God the people?

RM: Errrr I am not sure. I havent seen God.

R2: Why?

RM: I dont know.

R2: Hmmmm

After 5 seconds,

R2: So how did people come.

Now you can see how this conversation is headed. I was in no mood to explain Darwin’s theory to a 4 year old. Then I felt a bit guilty and thought I shouldnt be like this. I started talking about apes and people and how people evolved. I am not sure what she understood but again after 10 seconds she goes,

So that is how the Aboriginal people came into Australia. They were the first people of the land, isnt, mum?

There you go, folks. I think I have taught the 4 year old all about the first Australians, though credit goes to RD for playing that lovely ‘We are one’ song often for R2.

We ended up talking about mums and dads and who came first, child or mum.

I am not sure what the brat is going to be when she grows up, but she sure is a definite ‘Why Why Girl’ at the moment!

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4 Responses to Why Why Girl!

  1. Smita says:

    Like my husband tells me, always answer a question of A in a manner that you don’t leave a scope for another question but well I am of the funda answer honestly and needless to say I suffer like you do πŸ˜€

  2. The Bride says:

    Well done on the explanation of why the sun and moon don’t fall down. I was stumped myself.

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