The Worst 7 Minutes Of My Life Till Date…

The R family decided to venture out to mark the #NationalScienceWeek and we went to the Festival of Bright Ideas at Hobart.

What a fantastic festival! I have so much to write about it but before that I think I need to write about the worst 7 odd minutes of my life first!

So RD parked the car at a car parking and the four of us started to walk towards the festival site. Now one of the things that happens every Saturday at Hobart is the Salamanca Market. So this festival is quite near it.

The weather was pretty sad today. Rains, cold winds and snow on the mountain, but honestly, its Tasmania. We attend festivals no matter what the weather.

R2 refused to wear a jacket. She was wearing a sleeveless t shirt and then just a thin jacket over it. RD and I forced her to wear a bright pink puffer jacket and she carried a BIG BLACK umbrella with her.

She got a bit angry at us and was sulking. She was walking behind us and RD warned R and me, not to walk into the grass because it was very slippery. R and I started to walk on the path and I turned and asked RD ‘Where is R2?’

He looked at me and said ‘Oh isnt she behind us!’ We turned and she had vanished.

What followed was total chaos and I think I lost 10 years of my life. We were in the middle of Salamanca Market shouting R2’s name. I started to panic. R looked around and went in one direction while RD went in another. I started asking the stall holders. I was asking if anyone had seen a little girl in pink puffer jacket with black umbrella. Most people just looked at me as if I was insane. On a side note, I must have looked like one. Wild eyed and shouting R2’s name.

I went to a hotel and a group of 4 old people were sitting enjoying their lunch outside.

‘Have you see a little girl with a pink puffer jacket and black umbrella?’ I asked.

They said no! The waiter serving them asked me where I had seen her last. I said just a few minutes ago.

The old woman and the old man got up and asked me ‘how old is your little one?’

I dont know what happened but I broke down. Whether it was the tone of their voice or my palipating heart, I said she is 4!

Oh my God! said the old woman and 5 other people heard me. They saw me crying and all of them got up from their seats and came rushing.

What colour hair?

What clothes?

What did she wear?

Can she talk?

I am crying and answering questions. Everyone including the waiter start searching. Another group of stall holders are looking for her.

At this point, most people around me are searching for her. A couple of women around me are trying to calm me down.

I am still looking around and running in circles. After 3 minutes, I see the brat walking with her sister GRINNING widely. Can you imagine my shock?

I ran to her and hugged her and she asks me ‘Why are you crying? Whats wrong?’

The crowd started laughing. Like literally laughing. RD and I spent the next 3 minutes thanking everyone and apologising to everyone.

What amazing folks Tassie people are! Like really amazing. Imagine leaving your hot food and searching for a kid in the rains and cold. As soon she was found, they all told RD that they could absolutely understand what we went through. They were kind, understanding and absolutely non-judgemental.

  • Apparently, one of the stall holders at the market told RD to report to the police booth so that they could send out a call to everyone immediately. But as soon as RD reached there, he heard R calling him and he turned around to see R2 with R.
  • R said she thought where her sister could ‘go’ and tried to think like her. She saw R2 a little away to the left, from where we were talking to a lady who was asking her where her mummy was. R ran to her and R2 told the lady that R was her elder sister and R thanked the lady profusely and got R back to RD.
  • Apparently, R2 thought we had wandered towards the left and assumed thats where we were and walked in that direction. When she didnt see us, she just stood at a place looking around when the lovely lady started asking her about her mum.
  • ‘But mum, why are you crying? You cant lose me, I am fine’ were her words.
  • But the panic I felt in those minutes is something I will never forget. I was shaking so much. RD took me to a chocolate shop and got me some hot chocolate.
  • For someone with no maternal instincts, I felt so helpless in those minutes that I thought I was going to die. What horrible thoughts came to my mind! Did she get kidnapped? Did she come in front of a car? Did she get angry at us and run?
  • God! I could literally hear my heart breaking.
  • I am so thankful that I live in a place where people went beyond and more to ensure that I was united with my child. I am so thankful that I have an older daughter who kept her presence of mind and thought logically instead of running in circles like me. I am just so thankful to RD for being calm and buying me chocolate to calm myself down!
  • What a day! Phew!
  • More on Festival of Bright Ideas soon!
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    6 Responses to The Worst 7 Minutes Of My Life Till Date…

    1. Mukund says:

      Welcome back. 7 minutes! OMG!! This memory will last a lifetime.

    2. Hugs R’s mom . It shakes you to your very core and it actually takes a few days to recover . It happened to me at a grocery store when Bandar was three and I still shudder when I think about it . I was so badly shaken about it and could only tell myself that she was ultimately okay over and over again . 3 years have passed since this happened and I put this down as my worst parenting moment ever . Hugs , hold her close and take your time to recover . I remember I blogged about this at that time too and helped to get it out in some way .

    3. OMG, R’s mom! It must have been a harrowing 7 minutes!

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