Dear Abba,

Its funny how I called you Abba though you really weren’t my grandfather. My bestie N met me in grade 11 and the rest, they say, is history. You were N’s most awesome grand dad and I couldnt wait to meet you and Aji.

You and Aji had come to Baroda to stay with N and you adopted me as your grand daughter. I dont remember either of my grandfathers but if someone asked me to describe my grandfather, I would, perhaps, end up talking about you.

With your super tall height, the twinkle in your eyes and your calm looks, you often reminded me of Albus Dumbledore, without the beard 🙂

You were such an inspiration to me. You were the bestest of civil engineers having worked for YEARS at BARC. You were so humble about your achievements and yet, we knew that you were amazing.

I remember you actually opened my eyes to what an amazing place Bombay is. You were patient to take me to the Dadar market and take me to my uncle’s house to Sion after I spent some nights with Aji, N and you at your house. You welcomed me with open hands and taught me about taxis and auto rickshaws in Bombay.

Your taught a teenager to live life to the fullest. You encouraged my dreams and you gave me confidence. Your patience is legendary and I hope if I have grandkids, I can be to their friends, what you and Aji were to me. Thank you for accepting me as I was.

I hope you are enjoying in heaven now with Aji because both of you belong together forever.

Loads of Love

Your adopted grand child

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