About Giving Presentations

So the smartass that I am…I volunteered at R’s school to give a presentation on Petroleum and Plastics after R was telling me how her teacher plans to introduce them to the topic…

I went up to R’s teacher and said that I have worked in the industry for some years and would be okay sharing some of my ‘knowledge’ with her students if she is fine with it..While I was all expecting her to go ‘Errrmmm its okay’ and all that she was like ‘Yes yes yes..please do, we would love it..can you do it next Friday?’

RM: What what?

Teacher: yes yes..next Friday suits you?

At this point, you could practically hear my mind whirring about what should I say..and then I was like ‘okay..the maximum I will make a fool of myself in front of my child’ It cant get worse eh?

RM: yes yes..I can come on Friday morning

Teacher: Great..see you then..

RM: oh wait..

Teacher: What?

RM: I have R2 with me..so I guess I cant do it

Teacher: oh that’s alright..you can just get along..she can sit with the other students

RM: well..teacher…did you notice..she is 2…only 2 years

Teacher: That doesn’t really matter…she will be fine…

So I took the plunge…While I have given a couple of presentations to clients and all..giving it to students is a different ballgame in itself..

A couple of things I was clear was

  1. Keep it short
  2. No videos..they could check out videos in their ICT class if they were really interested

So I spent three days in agony..cutting, scratching, writing, rewriting.. (Gee..now I know how professional writers feel) and created a 8 page presentation…I sent it to my man of all solutions..my Dad

I called him up and told him that I had sent him the ppt..giving him a background..

Prompt comes his reply in an hour’s time

Dear Kid, 

I do not know how much time you will have but the ppt is not very great. your language is ok for two slides but goes to graduate level in the last few slides.’

And he gave me some 20 pointers on how I could improve it..then he gave me loads of different websites (I am supposed to be a researcher *facepalm*) which I could use..

So I took his comments and reworked on some parts of the ppt…Then I showed it to RD..RD being RD was like oh well..yaa…maybe you can change this and you can change that..think from a 3 grade student’s mind..yaada yaada…

I again, took RD’s suggestions and made the changes…

I sent the revised ppt to teacher and asked her if she thought anything needed to be changed..She mailed back saying it was excellent 🙂

Anyways on D-day, I went to R’s class…R was a bit skeptical but was a bit preoccupied with R2 being around

So I started presenting….and I realised I loved it..I enjoyed every moment of it..I had the kids asking me questions..I had them repeating stuff after me..I showed them my paati’s 65 years old aluminum tin and my mom’s brass pakodam maker..I showed them how pellets look like and I showed them the extrusion process of plastic making by using playdough..

In short, I think I was decent…I thanked the teacher..R2, thankfully, cooperated by sitting on R’s lap…and the students seemed to have assimilated some stuff..

I came back home..

R’s reaction – Well..you were good Amma..I did enjoy what you taught..

Now this, my friends..is the ultimate compliment anyone can get!

The teacher asked me if I could give the same presentation in two other grade 3 classes…I was like what..yes yes..of course…

And, so that is what I did yesterday…And again..the kids seem to enjoy it..there was loads of discussions..questions asked and answered and everyone seemed to like the ppt…

So there…..I think, giving back to the community in form of sharing knowledge is the coolest thing..and I hope I get opportunities to do it again and again 🙂



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17 Responses to About Giving Presentations

  1. Uma C says:

    That is so wonderful of you, RM to volunteer and do such a great job of it too! How knows, maybe this is your calling and you might get more opportunities like this in future! Sometimes, I feel so dumb that I have really no knowledge to share. Good going, RM. All the best.

  2. Varsh says:

    It is super-exciting for kids to have their mothers teach. I took a few aptitude classes where my son was in the same class and he was so curious and well-behaved (which is normally is too)! I loved that special rapport we shared.
    Am sure R was a proud girl. The compliment she gave was the cherry on top!

  3. Wow RM, you are a rockstar!

  4. The Bride says:

    Aw I love giving presentations at my kids’ school too. Though kindergartners can be a challenging audience.

  5. Boomerang says:

    Way to go RM!!! You rock!

  6. Tharani says:

    You are a super star RM!

  7. My life my words says:

    Sounds like a great presentation considering how difficult it is to get the attention of the kids for something up to their liking 🙂 well done , may be you should think of a teaching career too !
    By the way , I love your posts and just recently did my page too .

  8. qberaloans says:

    Awww… this is awesome. Compliments from kids! They can’t fake it, na

  9. Sangitha says:

    Woohooo! Teaching is in the genes, how could you go wrong?!

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