Behind That Fire Place Door!

This actually happened sometime in the end of March. I am writing this now because I just remembered this is something I had to write on the blog! I mean such an exciting life I lead, I have to record it, eh?

So one day, R was at school. R2 had taken an unusual nap in the afternoon. She usually is bouncing around like a flubber ball. Anyways, I digress. So this was one rare afternoon, where I was actually sitting with my laptop, searching for jobs in peace. And I heard a sound.

I looked around and then shrugged my shoulders, because the house which we are renting is an old one and often we hear birds on the roof and mice below the floor. So I basically did not bother. Then I heard it again. Khrrr khrr khrrr…I looked to see if R2 was up and playing a prank on me. Then I remembered, she is only 2. I doubt whether she would be so smart..but knowing her, it is not impossible! Anyways, I looked around..and went back to job hunting..until, I heard it again..and this time, I realised it was coming from the fireplace.

Now the fireplace has not been put to use since last winter. I have no clue what is behind the glass door of the fireplace and honestly, I have no interest in it as well. But now, the sound was loud and clear. My heart started thumping! Was it a possum? Was it a wallaby? Wait, it can’t be a wallaby. They cannot climb into the fireplace..can they? Oh my God…it has to be a snake…definitely a snake..I could hear the khrrr turning into hissss….

I messaged RD.

Yaar, there is something in the fireplace making some strange sounds. I am so scared.

RD: Where is it? In the roof or inside the fireplace.

RM: All sorts of sounds are coming from inside the fireplace. I had told you to clean it up na!

RD: Ok. Don’t be scared. Ask our M Aunty (she is the house owner and our neighbour) to come and have a look. She will know.

RM: But she is not there!

RD: How do you know?

RM: Abey, the car is not there. Gosh! I will just ignore till you come. Please come home as soon as you can.

RD: yes yes, I will.

RM: oh my God, I think it is a bird.

RD: Arey, I can’t do much now.

RM: Oh my God, oh my God, I can hear it fluttering

RD: May be we will need a professional to check it then.

RM: I don’t want to do it alone. When you come, we will open the fireplace together.

RD: Wait, why don’t you open all the windows. Then remove the grill of the fireplace and finally open the fireplace door.

RM: RDDDDD, meri idhar Faat rahi hai! I cannot do it

RD: Why are you scared of a bird?

RM : Because I am scare of birds, and animals and reptiles

RD: hahahahahha

See, 11 years of marriage and the guy laughs at me. Laughs..

Then after 5 minutes he messages me again.

RD: okay, just spoke to M aunty. She is coming. She will help you get the bird out. Or the possum or the snake. (And he adds a smiley face to it)

RM: What…snake!!! OMG!!

and I hear a knock at the door. M aunty who is 70 years plus walks in and asks me what the matter is. I am trembling and she gives me a hug and says don’t worry. I said, what if it is a snake?

She throws her head back and laughs and says it cannot be. Snakes cannot climb chimneys. What does she know, hmpf?

She opens the windows and calmly opens the door of the fireplace, and a little bird just flutters and flies out, as I scream loudly! I am such a scaredy cat really!

She tells me not to worry and helps me shut all the windows and asks me if she should make me a cup of tea!

Honestly, it is super embarrassing even as I write this! Here is a lady twice my age, who is calmly going around as if nothing as happened, while I was trembling all the while!

I thank her profusely. And message RD.

RM: It was a bird re

RD: Photo bhej na!


And then RD sends this message

This came from M aunty.

“Your wife is gorgeous. Absolutely made my day that she could envisage a snake climbing up the chimney. “

Sigh! See..she found me so funny, too!!!!

But to my credit, when RD was not around, last to last Sunday, we heard another fluttering in the fireplace. I boldly open the windows and opened the fire place door (well after trying 10 times not to be scared) and out flew the bird and I screamed loudly again!


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2 Responses to Behind That Fire Place Door!

  1. hahahahaha! Its funny reading it knowing its a bird at the end of it…BUT I would be screaming and be a scaredy cat too if I were hearing that noise. Infact I was thinking, why did you not just pick up R2 and walk to the neighbour’s? I would have probably done that…

    • R's Mom says:

      because R2 was snoring away to glory and it is very rare that happens in afternoons..between being bitten by a ‘snake’ and waking up know what I would pick :):)

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