Of Going To Assemblies!

When I was in school, we had assembly in the morning. On non rainy days (usually September and onwards) we would have to stand in the playground in a straight line, class wise and we would say the morning prayers, etc etc. For me, assembly was fun because it meant that the first period would be a bit shorter since we all had to finish assembly, go to the class and then the teacher would take roll call and stuff…In short, I loved assembly 🙂

In R’s school here, they have an assembly every Friday towards the end of the day. Now, R wants me to come for her assembly since loads of parents attend it. I am, however, very skeptical about it.

And trust me, I have my reasons for that. My REASON BEING R2.

So, I have gone to her assembly thrice. In one year. Just thrice. And yet, every time, I have been there, I have had parents recognizing me in a jiffy. Why?

So the first time we went, R2 and I was when R’s class was presenting something and she asked me to come. So I went. R2 sat till the Australian national anthem was sung and she loved it. But as soon as the music stopped, she started screaming. Just like that. For fun. I was mortified. I quickly took her out and I could not take her in till the assembly was over, since every time I tried to step in, she would just shout. And R’s school students are V.E.R.Y S.I.L.E.N.T. Very very silent!

Anyways, the next time, R was performing for the Christmas performance and begged me to come. I was very very reluctant but I agreed, since I was also enthused about seeing her perform. So we went. The brat and I. Loads of classes performed before R’s and she was I think the 7th in line. As long as the music was on, R2 would just dance around, but since there were many many small kids there, it was not too bad. Until, R went on stage and stood. She was in the first line. Which meant, R2 saw her clearly. And then there was this sudden silence, you know how there are loads of people talking and then suddenly there is this silence. And in this silence, the brat decided to call out to her elder sister.


She screamed at the top of her voice. The WHOLE crowd some 500 kids, teachers, 200 parents, everyone turned back to check who it was. In the silence, R2’s voice echoed in the hall. R was so so mortified that I cannot even describe her face. She looked at R2 and broke into a grin for a second, and did a small wave with her hand, just putting it up a teeny weeny bit just to acknowledge her. And R2 went again ‘That is my didi’!

And the whole hall broke out laughing! There was not a single soul in that hall who did not laugh. While it was all tension for me, the laughing relaxed me. I realised folks actually thought it was super cute 🙂 And R went on to give a wonderful performance.

And then she told me ‘Amma, please dont bring R2 to the assembly again!’ and I promised not to.

Until today, when R’s class was again giving a small talk on anti bullying and she wanted me to come. Please please please, Amma, she pleaded.

RM: Have you forgotten what happened in your Christmas performance?

R: Its okay, Amma, she wont do anything!

RM: Really?

R: Well, she has grown by 3 months..hopefully she will have more brains now!

RM: Well, I will get her at your risk!

R: yes yes please

And so we went. R2 and I. And when R went on stage, she again showed her loyalty to her sister by screaming ‘R R R, Didi Didi Didi’

R looked at me and shrugged while I dragged R2 out of the hall. There was laughter again!

R has matured, and R2 has turned brattier, its just me who has decided never to take R2 to a school assembly again!!!




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12 Responses to Of Going To Assemblies!

  1. Garima says:

    Awww super cute post…am smiling ear to ear..thanks RM for the beautiful post and hugs to your girls

  2. Seema says:

    Hahaha, isn’t R2 super cute? Don’t be embarrassed da. I’m sure everyone in the hall admired R2’s love for her didi.

  3. sigdijan says:

    🙂 🙂 Hilarious!!! Couldn’t stop laughing the way you explained the situation. I too was like R2 a loooooooong looooooong time ago ;). Do write more often, I love reading your blog 🙂

  4. Awwww! Sweety R2! And such a big girl R. She took it in her stride and didnt let it affect her performance. Take R2 more times then!

    These are such wonderful memories to remember and talk about all their lives now 🙂

  5. anisnest says:

    the younger ones just exist to embarrass the older ones unlike our gen (what I am younger in our family soo yaa)
    hugs to R darling.. more hugs to R2 darling for giving a run to amma (its my turn to run now :))

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