Love Marriage Hai Kya?

So its Sunday afternoon. We are at the Gurudwara cleaning up after lunch. RD went in early to help prepare the food while I volunteered to take care of his girls till then 😉

We finished lunch and were doing the task of wiping the plates, glasses etc which were being washed. R came in to help me, since she had a bit of a tiff with the other girls there, who told her that she went to a public school so it was not good enough, or something like that…RD and I have told her to ignore all that, but how much can a 8 year old take, eh?

Anyways, I digress. So RD finishes lunch and comes our way. R promptly hands him a cloth and says Appa start wiping. Ok, he sighs.

Me: Its good to help, you know…

RD: yaa..right..I know…

and continues wiping.

There is this older lady who is washing the plates accompanied by a younger lady who is a doctor and we often end up talking. She was the one who told me that if she got married, she would love to have a relationship with her husband, like I have with RD.

The doctor smiled and turned back.

Me: What’s funny?

Doctor: you two are. This older lady is praising your relationship

At this moment, RD drops a spoon and looks so surprised that I wish I could have clicked a picture.

Doc: She is saying you both are a very sweet couple

Clang! bang! clang..both RD and I have dropped the plates now..

Me and RD: whaattt?

Older Lady: (in Hindi) : you both are very nice

Me: Errr..thank you

OL: Its fun to watch both of you talk

Me: eh?

RD pretends to wipe all the spoons in one go because he does not know whether to laugh or smirk or what!

OL: Love marriage hai kya tumhari?

Clang, bang, clang, dassh…you can well imagine what all fell down from our hands..

Me: no no..we have had an arranged marriage..

At this point, we all are laughing loudly..because we don’t know where the conversation is headed!

OL: Acha, lagta nahi hai? (is it, does not seem like it?)

Doctor: See, I told you the other day and he have a special relationship!

RD: thats because we dont fight in public..its more fun fighting at home alone!..

OL: nahi nahi..tum log bahut ache couple ho..maza aata hai tum ko dekh ke (no no, you both are a wonderful couple, its fun to see you guys together)

RM: Well thanks so much…

Doctor is laughing and RD is just trying to hard to control his laughter about us being a great couple and I am thinking whether throwing the plate or the glass on his head would be more effective!

PS – At the end, I did neither. I just said thank you very graciously and returned home with him, to fight about who would vacuum the house! (some things never change, eh?)


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10 Responses to Love Marriage Hai Kya?

  1. Seema says:

    It’s because RD and you are the best of friends! Kala tikka to your relationship RM. May you continue to have more skirmishes to strengthen the bond even further ok? Now chalo you do the vacuuming coz I am big RD fan, gah!

  2. raji says:

    I agree. you two are an awesome couple.

  3. Comfy says:

    You did the right thing! You say ‘Thank You’ and then fight after you get home. That is how these things are done. And this is how marriages last 😀 😀

  4. anisnest says:

    Do dhrishti to both of you RM.. God bless!

  5. Awwww! Though I have met both of you, haven’t met you both together – now we should plan to meet 😉

    God bless and Kaala tikka!

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