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Love Marriage Hai Kya?

So its Sunday afternoon. We are at the Gurudwara cleaning up after lunch. RD went in early to help prepare the food while I volunteered to take care of his girls till then 😉 We finished lunch and were doing … Continue reading

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Tagged! After A Long Time

The lovely Shaktii tagged me on this one… 1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?  A piece of dairy milk chocolate, some noodles, some saunf, some cheese..some…errr..okay okay…*zips lips* 2. Where did you last go on … Continue reading

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And I thought it was 12 re! Dear RD, You know I usually do not write letters to you on the blog..If I write one you will be like this grammar is wrong and that spelling is incorrect but anyways..thanks … Continue reading

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