What Do I Write About?

Today is the last day of the Blogathon…and I am glad I joined it!

Thank you, Maya for asking me to join the Blogathon…it was super fun writing everyday, often wondering what to write about, with RD and R asking me if ‘I had written my blog for the day’ 🙂

I am not sure if I can continue to write everyday, but I am sure I wan to keep this blog alive..

R2 has been a terror and everyday with her I only seem to scold her and scream at her. It is funny how she still wants to come back to me for some ‘love’.

The other day, she came to me and said ‘Amma, can you please give me some love?’ My heart melted and we had a great cuddle session.

R, on the other hand, makes me wonder if this is at 8 what am I going to do at 13! She fights, argues and often I end up screaming at her, even when I dont want to. She is such a strong personality and so headstrong, sigh!

I guess, as a parent, I have to keep evolving, but when you have kids who are six years apart, it gets really tough..Now I know why people have kids with less age difference. It just makes so much sense, eh?

R starts school on Feb 8 and she is super excited about it. She goes to a mixed class of 3 and 4, though she would be in class 3. She was a bit disappointed last year, when she learnt that her friends from India were in class 3 when she was still in class 2, mainly because the year here is from Jan to Dec, but she has got over it! She loves school here and is so looking forward to going back to school…

I think this post is just a rambling of nothing, but I guess, I could not think of anything else to write 🙂



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20 Responses to What Do I Write About?

  1. pins & ashes says:

    I missed the January Blogathon this year, but had loads of fun and found blog buddies in the last two years..

  2. Maya says:

    Yay. Am so glad you joined in RM. Please please continue blogging. Please! 🙂

  3. yaay! RM! Its been fun that we did this blogathon again! As for kids and screaming and coming back for love- I think that’s parenting – isnt it? I also feel guilty for screaming at Sam or cutting his screentime because he forgot to get his cap from school continuously for 7 days but I convince myself that, that is a part of parenting 😀

    I will look forward to your posts regularly…don’t stop writing.

  4. seema3 says:

    Congrats–Way to go RM. it was great to read your posts everyday and your commitment to even write during your trip, really wonderful. kudos to you…
    I had a screaming session with my 7 yr old boy and after that I just wanted to give him away to anyone, sigh!!

  5. Seema says:

    Yay, it was so much fun reading your posts RM, as is always the case. Miss R-ism posts re, kuch post kar na plz

  6. pixie says:

    Aww!! your 2 Rs’ are beautiful girls!! ❤

    *goes off to read the read of the posts*

  7. anisnest says:

    yayyyy we all did it!!

  8. shaktii says:

    Dear Rm,

    Shall we go for another round of blogothon in mar 🙂

    Iam tagging you https://shaktii.wordpress.com/2017/02/06/tag-time-3/

    All the best to R!!

    Hugs to the little one…

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