The Story Of That Scary Spider

So yesterday night at 10 PM, I finished searching for jobs and all that and went to the toilet before sleeping. RD had his headphones on and was laughing to himself loudly, watching some stuff on his phone.

I stepped out of the toilet and looked up and saw this gigantic spider right above me… It was as big as the size of my palm…my mouth went dry..


No response..

RM: Arey RD sunnnnn RD RD RD

RD looks up from his phone..

RD: You called me?

RM: Look look

RD: not moving : What is it?

RM: Arey come here mannnn come here

RD : What baba?


RD moved out of the bed in slow motion, muttering under his breath…

RM: Look Look

RD looks up and says wow thats a big spider..

I look at him astonished

RM: Abey do something

RD: acha let it be is it bothering you


RD: yaa let it be

RM: No what if its poisonous and bites R2 and all

RD: hahahahhaha okay wait

As I wait for him to go and get something to remove it..the man I married goes to get his phone …TO  CLICK A PICTURE…

RM: Hopping around..abey what are you doing..

RD goes to get a chair and climbs on it to click a better picture *eye roll*

By this time I am hopping around screaming instructions, shutting the doors to the bathroom and bedroom and this man just is calmly clicking pictures from different angles, describing the beauty of the spider!

RM : Boss, can you please remove it?

RD: Oh well…

So he takes a pair of gloves and a mug..yes yes a mug to push the spider in..

RM: Oye hero what is your plan?

RD: I will just push the spider in the mug, close it with my hands and then take it out and release it…

RM: bangs head: How can you take it in your hands…It will run na…

RD:nah nah I can do it

And the spider just scurries near the cupboard..its gigantic and moves VERY quickly..Unfortunately RD’s reflexes are not as good as Chacha Chaudhary’s brains..which means the spider is refusing to get into the mug

RM: Ab main bolu kya karna hai

RD: okay okay give your suggestion..

I go and get our good old jhadoo which I bought for a fortune from the Indian store and give it to RD

RD: Jhadoo ka kya karu

RM : oye, just push the spider out, man!

So RD does some fantastic ballet with the jhadoo and the spider providing the requisite silent music and finally after 10 minutes of leaping, hopping, jumping and twirling, we have the spider out!!!!!!

I am not really scared of spiders..but this one was HUGE..

RD compared the spider’s picture to the pics in the internet and apparently, we had a Huntsman in the house which are non poisonous… Hey but we didnt know that eh? 

The Spider on Our Wall


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16 Responses to The Story Of That Scary Spider

  1. Greenboochi says:

    Oh gosh that’s a large spider!

  2. Tharani says:

    Hahahahah. Can’t stop laughing at RD taking picture

  3. Dee says:

    OMG! just looking at the picture makes me want to scream! It is indeed huge. I am the first person to try to get my slippers or broom, but the husband wants to get a soft tissue, hold it “softly” and release it outside. Bah!
    Don’t get me wrong, I am against animal or insect cruelty, but after hearing cases where a woman had to lose her right breast due to a spider bite (it was a teeny weeny brown spider mind you!) while she was out gardening freaks the hell out of me.

  4. That is SO HUGE! i am not generally scared of spiders either – the chotu ones we see in India, but anyone would get scared of this!

  5. Why!! Why would you post that picture! Huntsmen, poisonous or not, are terrifying! Excuse me while I go and jhatkofy every cloth on my body. *shudder*

  6. They may not be poisonous but I agree with you they are creepy! We had one in the bedroom the other night and it disappeared before we could catch it. Needless to say, I had a sleepless night! Found it the next night on the other side of the room and got rid of it! I never used to be scared of spiders till I came here to Aus. Now I know in my current place, there are supposed to be redbacks in the backyard and potentially funnel webs too and I’m terrified!

  7. Omg..That’s one big ass spider !! Poisonous or not it’s scary all the same.

  8. anisnest says:

    oh my!! that is scary..

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