Australia Day

Today is Australia Day as well as the Indian Republic Day…So it is a double celebration for us…Back in India, we used to go down in the building and enjoy the flag hoisting followed by samosas, jalebis and chai 🙂

When we came here last year, it was just 5 days before Australia Day and we were so disoriented that I don’t think we did anything at all..

So this year, RD decided to surprise us..This man is really good with surprises..the only problem is, that he can hardly keep a surprise..So we are all up in the morning, eating crispy and not so crispy hot dosas (I cant make dosas on the induction stove *cries loudly*)

RD: So let us do something exciting

R: Appa, you always say that…what exactly is exciting for you?

RD: I have a surprise…lets do something really super exciting

RM: Errr…RD what is the surprise?

RD: oh we are going to the beach and eating wood fired pizza

R: yayayayay! But Appa if that is a surprise why did you tell us that?

RD: oh well!

And trust me guys, this is very usual in our house..RD can’t keep surprises at all…He always plans such amazing ones, but always always tells us what it is before the actual time!

Anyways, that being that, we left to eat some of the bestest wood fired pizzas I have ever eaten (I havent really eaten too much of that, but hey writing that makes it sound cool, eh?) and then we spent time in the beach..While RD, R and R2 went into the water, I chickened out as usual, saying it was too cold…

R made friends with three kids who had come there and all five of the kids had fun playing with a cute dog and building sand castles..

As of RD and I, well after a long time, we just sat together, often saying nothing, looking at the deep blue sea, the light blue sky and the mountains and trees, thanking God silently for sending us to this wonderful place!


Holding Appa’s hands to check out the water and the sand in the bottom, while Didi looks at awe towards to blue sea 


Stunning beauty which can not be really described in words…hence the picture!


The kids all playing in the water, while RD and R2 look at them and enjoy the scene



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4 Responses to Australia Day

  1. Seema says:

    Wow, lovely pictures RM. I can so relate to you when you say ‘thanking God for sending us to this place’. Abbas and I still pinch ourselves sometimes to double check if it is reality or are we dreaming?

  2. anisnest says:

    It’s winter here RM 😦 you and Seema and writing about beach visits back to back 😦

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