When You Need Your Dad!

RD: I will grind the dosa maav today

RM: looks at him skeptically

RD: Oh you can always add the salt later, can’t you?

RM: yes yes..please do please do

Remember how I had talked about RD’s amazing grinding skills!

So RD starts the mixer..and then starts again..and again and again..and it is not working!!

RD: Errr…RM…

RM: nahi nahi…give it me..

and I almost shove him out of the way, grabbing the mixer with both my hands and shaking it thoroughly

RD: You know, RM, it really does not work that ways

RM: you don’t understand do you?

and I start pressing the reset button at the bottom of the mixer..and keep trying again and again..but the mixer does not work.

RD and I try using the mixer in different plug points using different adapters..but no, its just not working..

I almost burst into tears…I cannot imagine my life without my mixer…I use it almost everyday!!

RM: Nahi nahi nahi

R: Errr…Amma..are you okay?

R2: (She is a parrot) Errr…Amma..are you okay?

RD: Its okay RM, we need to look for solutions

RM: You dont understand, do you? How can you do that?

RD: what did I do…

RM: The mixer..make it work…now..

RD: Arey, what nonsense..how can I do that?

So then I call RD’s man of all solutions…my Dad..

Appa: Hello kid

RM: Appppaaaaaaaaaa

Appa: What happened? What happened?

RM: Appa, I am in panic

Appa: oh my God, are the kids okay?

RM: Well, your kid is not okay?

Appa: Why why what happened?

RM: my mixie my mixie

Appa: What what?

RM: My mixie is not working, my mixie is not working

Appa: oh my God, RM, its only mixie na..you got me worried for a second, okay what happened

So, I tell him what happened. He suggests some stuff but says, perhaps you will have to buy a new one

RM: But where will I get a mixie in Tasmania? No one uses mixie here

Appa: They are called food processors and you will get it

Meanwhile, my man of all solutions, RD has already researched the internet and tells my dad that he could get a Sumeet one or a Bajaj one, though they are pretty expensive. Appa says, but no choice eh?

My uncle and aunty have come to my parents house to stay for a couple of days, and we decide to Skype with them, since I have not talked to them for a long time.

So we talk and I cry buckets about my mixer while my aunty and uncle tell me not to get too worried and we can always get a new one. Talking to them always leaves me in a positive mood…Then my Appa comes online.

I have dismantled the lower cover of the mixer and we are trying to figure out what is wrong. Appa asks us to check the spring attached to the rotor via a spring. I figure out how to get the spring out and clean up the carbon attached to it. Then RD figures out how to take out the other spring as well. Suddenly we see a loose wire. Appa asks us to clean up the carbon bit and then attach the wire to the second carbon spring and then fix everything back again. He asks us clean everything and put it all back, which we do.

All the while, he is examining the mixer via skype directing us what wire to touch and what to clean.

And then we turn the mixer around and start it and IT WORKED IT WORKED IT WORKED…

I was so excited..I screamed and did a little dance and RD and I were so so happy!!!

And that is why, my dear readers, Appas are the bestest people in the whole wide world!!!

We must be the first family in the world to repair a mixer via skype instructions…


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8 Responses to When You Need Your Dad!

  1. anisnest says:

    you and your writing skills.. ha haaa.. amazing RM..
    I don’t know if I will appreciate this “Appas are the bestest” thingie today.. Go and read my today’s post if you want to know why!!!

  2. Seema says:

    Talk about effective utilization of technology. RMD is a superhero yaar!! R2 is so cute to repeat what her Akka says. Bechara RD, kaise tujhe sambhal raha hai!

    My Indian sumeet mixie too broke 😦 But the mixie is fine, the most used chutney jar ka blade broke. Sigh! I am kaam chalaoing with the cheapest blender from Kmart 😀

  3. sjscribbles says:

    Visited the blog page after ages RM, just lost my dad on Jan 05 … So aptly the title reads… ‘When you need your dad ‘…I really need my dad back RM ! Just like you have yours, my daddy was my hero RM ! Miss him so much the wound still so fresh ! Sorry to hog your space RM !

    • R's Mom says:

      Aiyo..hugs hugs hugs da…you take care of yourself..am sure he would really be looking at you from up there and sending his love…big time hugs darling

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