The Case Of The Vada Bondas In The R Household

Okay, right now I am freaking out! I am so worried that I have no finger nails to left to chew and am contemplating whether I should welcome RD with a belan or a saucepan!

So, we have invited a family for dinner. Its a north Indian family very sweet folks we meet at the Gurudwara. I decided to make south Indian for being oversmart, I should have just stuck to Gujju food!

Anyways, so the menu is masala dosa, medu vada, lemon rice and sambhar. The sambhar is decent. The dosa ย maav is too watery, the lemon rice is too salty and Gosh..what am I going to give them!

Yesterday evening, I had soaked urad dal for the vada. RD came back from work and volunteered to grind the maav in the mixie saying that you put the girls to sleep, grinding is an easier option!

Now, RD is a great Grinder-er. He grinds all the stuff in the mixie in a way which my very very particular-about-grinding-so-that-everything-is-smooth-as-silk paati would approve! Apart from my cousin K who did college with me, RD is the only guy who can pass my paati’s stringent expectations of grinding..anyways, you get the drift eh? In short, RD is a good grinder-er.

RD: I will do this, RM, you put the girls to sleep

RM: How about you put the girls to sleep? This one is a bit tricky you know

RD: Hey, its just grinding, what is tricky in it?

RM: Well, its vada maav, you need to maintain a thick consistency

RD: hahahh says the girl who has made the runniest dosa maav for guests tomorrow

RM: hmpf!

RD: I can do it. just go with to the girls

RM: okay, now remember to add a bit of salt to every batch so that its not tooย watery since salt often leaves additional water

RD: Wont it become too salty

RM: Add just a bit na..

R2: Amma, Amma sleep sleep

RM: Did you understand?

R: Amma…can we sleep?

RM: Did you understand

RD: mumble mumble

All is well that night. I keep the maav in the fridge. And today about 1 hour ago, I decide to make the vadas.

The first batch comes out beautifully. I cant be a more proud wife. I am so impressed with his grinding skills that I plan to give him two additional masala dosas in the night…


Beautiful shaped vadas…but but….

And then I ask R to taste one of the vadas. Oh wow amma, its yum, she says and skips away…So I put a piece in my mouth after putting 2 other batches into the oil. And I realise, the maav has NO SALT IN IT!!!!!

I call RD

RM: Oye RD, did you put salt in the maav?

RD: hmmm hmmmm what what

RM: Arey the vada maav which you grinded yesterday..did you add salt like I told you to?

RD: Salt, salt… told me that you will add later

RM: I DID NOT!!! I said add salt at every batch..

RD: no no, remember you said you will take care of the salt

RM: Nooooo

RD: Kya hua kya hua

RM: Now the vadas have no salt

RD: So big deal, just sprinkle some salt on the made vadas na

RM: Bangs head against the wall

RD: whats plan B then..and whats that crash sound at the back

RM: grrrr…there is no plan B!!!! I have made 6 vadas now already!

RD:Ah, so no worries na..add salt now na..

RM: grrrrr

And so I add salt..and guess what happened after that…Guess Guess..

The maav started to get very watery and my vadas started to resemble some weird creatures…

And then…thats it…I decided to make the vadas into bondas ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Now the vadas became bondas!!!

I only hope our guests don’t dislike it too much!



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12 Responses to The Case Of The Vada Bondas In The R Household

  1. Greenboochi says:

    Ok, now I read the post and I am laughing so much ๐Ÿ™‚ Trust husbands to miss our main point! It’s ok RM, vadai or bonda – I am sure they taste yumm ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. OMG! So now tell what the guests said and how was the dinner…

  3. anisnest says:

    Oh vada maav is supposed to have consistency na? I never thought about it, grinded in my own way with extra water and complained that I can’t make hole in the middle.. who am I kidding? My story of vada making for pongal..

  4. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ I achieved this feat all by myself on the Pongal day.. Making a vada with a hole and sliding in the oil without losing shape for me is a daunting task yet to achieve.. I envy people who do it with ease.

  5. Hehe…see, I would have stuck to salt-free and just have some chutney to dip it in which will add the flavour! ๐Ÿ˜€ Also, how in the world are you managing to cook all this here? Mind you, I have no idea how to make the batter for dosa/vada/idli but I wish I could because I do crave them often.

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahaha! I should have done it…Arey why..I have the right equipment and an Indian do manage to cook a lot of Indian stuff…Come over and I will feed you dosa, vada and idlis

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