Some Websites I Discovered

I have started relying a lot on Twitter for news update. Since there is no newspaper here in the mornings, I often start my day reading twitter for news, while sipping my cup of coffee. That is the days when R2 does not get up at the crack of dawn. In order to beat her to it, I get up really early. Yes, I am pretty desperate that ways! The girl of mine was definitely a rooster in her previous birth! Its like whether its summer or winter, she always gets up when the sun starts to rise…Its pretty painful especially on days when I have slept late because I was too busy trying to finish a book..sigh!

Anyways, here are few sites I learnt about through friends, twitter etc etc, which I really liked

  1. The Better India

What a delightfully positive site..I started reading it about an year or so ago and I must admit, I am in love with it. It always gives positive news about India and definitely makes my day

2. The News Minute

I follow Dhanya Rajendran on Twitter and infact, got to know about this site from Sowmya Rajendran, of whom I am a beeeggg fan!Β She has been writing for the site and I got to learn about it from her. I love the way they write and are often very practical about their approach to the news. Very little sensationalization, at least from what I read!

3. Radio Garden

This website streams Radio stations and the girls and I have been listening to Hindi songs on Radio City through out the day during this vacation! What a wonderful wonderful idea

4. BrainPickings

I got to know about this site from Preethi, my cousin who runs IMC. She recommended reading this and I love reading through the wonderful articles in it

5. Slate

I started following Slate during the American election phase after reading an interesting article which was retweeted by someone in my timeline. I just like the way they write their articles πŸ™‚

Any other interesting sites you can recommend??



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8 Responses to Some Websites I Discovered

  1. Greenboochi says:

    I follow Dhanya on twitter too and like TNM.. I like how they cover South India (a little too much of Kerala sometimes) and agree with you on little sensationalization. Will look through these other sites too!

  2. anisnest says:

    I like all the blog sites.. that is what I am currently frequenting too whenever there is a break of 1.5 secs in between other work…

  3. Maddie says:

    COngratulations on the driving licence and the PR!!! I have been reading your blog but just not commenting.

  4. Long time lurker and follower of your blog, commenting for the first time! I love your blog! And some of these sites sound awesome. Am going to check them out as soon as I get a minute πŸ™‚

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