Some Random Thoughts

Okay, now I am finding it tough to do this Blogathon..but I am not ready to give up some random thoughts that are popping up now

  1. I can made decent pakodams..may be I should start a pakodam selling business…will it work?
  2. R is bugging me by not responding when I am calling her for help because she is reading. Now I can hear my mom laughing away to glory 😦
  3. R2 is a terror really. She is right in the middle of her terrible twos, screaming in the library, lying down on the floor of the supermarket and throwing a tantrum and screaming..and Lord, her voice..her voice is so so loud!
  4. This daylight savings has its advantages..but it has a lot of disadvantages too..the main thing..R2 does not sleep till 9.30 in the night..which means, I don’t get time to do any job hunting
  5. I plan to start studying again this year. A short course but at least something to keep me occupied!
  6. I have started borrowing books from the library to read. This means that I have to decide whether I want to spend time writing and searching for jobs or reading…I am tending towards the later!
  7. Today we had salad for lunch…With RD at work, the three of us seem to be experimenting with food
  8. I plan to make jhal muri today..I learnt how to make the jhal muri masala and bought some mustard oil…Now jhal muri is a common snack in the house!
  9. The weather in Tas is much better now…The temperatures are in the early 20s which means I have to wear only one sweater or jacket over my clothes
  10. R2’s toilet training is a super flop really…..and R was already potty trained at this age…Darn! I miss sending my kids to daycare 😦

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8 Responses to Some Random Thoughts

  1. Seema says:

    Oh you need to wear sweater now in Tas?? We are trying to shed as many clothes as decently possible here

  2. anisnest says:

    ek dum ramdom 🙂 arey don’t worry about potty training.. it will happen suddenly one day. That’s how it happened for LHB..

  3. First time commenting here, but I have been a long time reader of your blog! Thought I’ll finally come out of the shell and leave a comment…:-) I totally know what you’re saying when you say your little one is a terror! I have a 2 year old son myself and I am terrified of taking him out by myself. I swear he’s got the loudest scream which is also very shrill….I can hear a ringing in my ears when he screams! I can’t wait for the terrible 2s to pass….Sigh..

  4. Greenboochi says:

    RM.. please to share the jaal muri recipe! I am a big fan but have never made it home 😦

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