R’s Summer Special!

So what do you do when you are at home, after a vacation and your mom is in this bugged, irritated mode!

You just take things in your hands! Here is an easy recipe to watermelon juice and popsicle…Just dont let your mom’s bad mood, spoil your fun days of vacation!


Pick up some water melons which Amma has kept and put in the fridge


Chop them into little pieces and put them in the mixie jar


Grind it in the mixie


Pour them into popsicle moulds and deep freeze them…The extra juice just pour into the glass for lil sis and yourself and gulp it down!

PS – This one was done entirely by R…from chopping the watermelon to using the mixie. Sometimes, it is such fun when kids grow up to be independent!


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10 Responses to R’s Summer Special!

  1. Rena says:

    Hahahahw RM which means it’s ok to be not available for genuine reasons 😅 Which hopefully kids will understand growing up every year and finally be off on their own 🤔

  2. Garima says:

    Oh man she is all grown up…I remember she making lemonade , cutie pie big hugs to u

  3. Muuaaahhh to R! This super energetic girl is growing up ! (How do I get heart in my eyes emoticon here? )

  4. Seema says:

    So the grumpy old mum didn’t get any leftover juice eh? Sounds about fair 😂😂😂 *runs for life*

  5. anisnest says:

    wowww.. you are a beeeeg girl now R 🙂

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