The Driving Licence Story – Part 1

So I hold an Australian licence for automatic cars. Now pay heed, its only for automatic..but hey, I HAVE A LICENCE..

Anyways, I am going to write down how I got one, so that my grandchildren (if I have any) can read it and laugh at me!  Its a long story..

When we came to Oz, RD said we could drive on our Indian licence since our visa allowed us to do it. Now you must note that in Bombay I was a very reluctant driver. I used to drive ONLY when I had to. I had to drop the girls to the daycare and rush to the train station and hence I was driving the familiar route for a couple of years. I refused to go on a road which had a flyover because my car would back up and I am too scared to do that!

So when we came to Tasmania, I was shocked, trust me, shocked to see how the roads went up and down…and some of them were so steep that I could sit on them and just slide down if I had a smooth bottom (which I don’t, it is rolling in too much fat, but that is another story for another day!). Anyways, the bottom line is that driving in Tasmania was terrifying…RD, being RD, just went one fine day and passed the written test..He called up and said, ‘hey RM, I passed the written test okay?’ and I am like ‘WHAT WHAT WHAT?…but only were reading the road rules like yesterday for the first how..what when….?’ well, you get the drift na?

Then he went ahead and took two lessons from a lady who was a driving teacher and booked his driving test. He took the test in the lady’s car (not ours which he had been driving for 3 months!!!!) and he PASSED…I mean, he just passed…

Everyone, I told this to, was pretty impressed because not many people can do it so easily (apparently). So I got reactions like oh wow, he must be good to that’s really amazing…

When I told people that I used to drive in Bombay quite a bit, but was scared to drive in Tasmania, I had them laughing out loud.. They were can that be possible that you can drive in such a crowded place but are scared to drive here..and all those stuff…I was like yaa but our roads are straight..not like a roller coaster ride…they were like, oh you will get used to it..just start driving…

So RD bugged me encouraged me into driving the car…It was an automatic vehicle, which meant I did not have to worry about the car rolling back on slopes..well, that is what RD said…and since I have married him in sickness and in health, I thought, he would not really lie to me…So one fine day, I got into the car…and asked him which was the brake and accelerator…He almost fell off the passenger seat…he is like ‘RM, it is the SAME’ only the clutch is not there…

RM: oh so you mean, I have to use only one leg..

RD: Of course..

RM: but but..what will I do with me other leg

RD *rolling eyes* just rest them, you crazy girl!

RM: but but…can I use one leg on the brake and the other on the accelerator..


RM: oh wait..that would be stupid..okay okay..I will use only one leg..I was just thinking the other leg may feel a bit bad, you see.

RD : *holding his head* just drive RM, just drive

Anyways, so I start..and my left leg kept searching for the clutch like a lover searching for his sweetheart (gah! that is such an exaggeration) anyways, slowly and surely I started getting the confidence to drive around a bit..mainly to drop R to school when it was raining and was too cold to walk!

Everytime, I got into the car I would say ‘Gajananam’ and R would start laughing…I swear, EVERYTIME I would say it…anyways, so one day I dropped RD to office as well…I did not message back when I reached back home, since R2 was hungry..yaada yaada..and he messaged saying ‘Did you reach? Are you alive? Is the road okay?’ See this guy really does wonders to my confidence, eh?

I had two issues –

  1. I had to follow rules…which I found extremely tough (Hey I drove in Baroda which is known for rick drivers sticking their legs out to show turn signals and Bombay which has no rules really!)
  2. I had to learn to navigate through steep slopes

I tried as much as I could…From June onwards, RD started telling me to take the license test…I did not agree..he gave me the deadline of August 31st…Somehow, things did not work out…until, one fine day, I went to give the written test…now I had studied really hard for it..I mean, really I spent hours learning the rules by heart…RD told me just get the logic behind it..but who really listens to husbands!

And I failed the test…out of the 7 compulsory questions, I got one short I got just one question wrong in the whole test, but it meant I had to give the test again..I was heart broken and devastated 😦

To be continued…….



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20 Responses to The Driving Licence Story – Part 1

  1. Tharani says:

    Hahaha. Funny funny RM. I really missed reading your posts. Catching up now.

  2. Seema says:

    You already got the licence! Tere charan kahaan hai maatey? I cleared the learners test in the first attempt and it’s been two years since. Abhi tak test dene ki himmat nahi juta pa rahi yaar. Send some blessings my way

  3. Shailaja V says:

    Ha ha ha ha, this was hilarious! Cannot wait for part 2!

  4. Bingo's Mom says:

    It’s been 11/2 half years since I finish my driving class and still pretending that I have some health issue (thanks to pregnancy) which is not true. Hyderabad is one hell of the place for drivers like me. Here vehicles come from 8 directions when the signal go green.

  5. “can I use one leg on the brake and the other on the accelerator..” – I asked the same question to hubby who had the facepalm moment and said “I really didn’t know you could think like this” And I waited for 10months in NJ to get the licence and start driving.

  6. Oh! As for the prayer – not only do I say it, but if Sam is with me in the car – I make him say it too 😛

  7. anisnest says:

    hope you cleared the test.. good luck RM!

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