The End Of The Vacation

We sail back to Tas today. Its been a wonderous trip..the first real vacation that we took as a family. There was loads of fun, tons of memories, we met people of so many nationalities, made friends with unknown people, reunited with old friends, and are going back so much more enriched than we were 15 days ago!

This new year promises to be good and one of the things I am trying to teach myself is to learn to be more positive about things in life. I plan to look at the better side of things in life. I plan to see if I can look at alternatives to make a living! And more importantly, I plan to take life as it comes..

This trip bonded us as a family. We had loads of fun, fought a lot, discovered new traits about each other and saw our girls blossom into individual personalities.

Here is to more vacations and more fun! 

The sea as we say goodbye to Melbourne


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2 Responses to The End Of The Vacation

  1. anisnest says:

    wishing the family many many more vacations and fun..

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