Mesmerising Melbourne

I cannot get enough of this place. The quaint buildings, the rambling trams, the new skyscrapers and the lovely people…Old meets new in a seamles way at Melbourne..This is a city with a soul..While Tasmania remains my first love…I am in love with Melbourne 🙂

Today when we were trying to find our way to the Melbourne Museum, a gentleman asked us if we knew which tram to catch..Then he, not only guided us to the right tram, he also pointed out all the key monuments on the way and gave us suggestions the best way to get around. He asked us to get off at the right stop and even asked the driver to guide us to the further route.

While we were coming back, a gentleman actually gave us a map and told us where to go and what to do…The people here smile a lot, are super friendly and have a wonderfully sweet 🙂 There are ao many street artists doing amazing stuff – singing, dancing, doing stunts..Its such a culturally rich place

The Melbourne Museum in superb..From dinosaurs to the various rocks available on Earth, to  flora and fauna of Australia and the world to the Aboriginal people’s culture…its a sight..

There is a special Children’s area as well as a there was a special exhibition on microbes where we learnt about anti venom and stuff…. It was such a wonderful learning and so much fun! 
For some weird reason, I am not able to caption the pics so in order
1. A perfect cone that fell from a tree near the Melboune Museum

2 A piece of rock from the moon on loan from NASA

3. The coat of arms of Oz

4. One of the oldest forma of rock formations of Earth 

5. The folks in red who were helping everyone find their way through the city

6. A street performance

A cone that fell from the tree

A piece of the moon


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6 Responses to Mesmerising Melbourne

  1. Bhagyashree says:

    Hello RM! I have been quietly reading your posts in my gmail inbox and expressing different emotions in silence. Firstly the surprise that you moved to Tas and then the usual admiration for R & R2 which you so sweetly describe and which never fades. I was reading this post of yours and the pictures were refusing to load on my mobile and so I switched to desktop to check out the pics. Sadly they wont load here as well :(.
    However, the curiosity of checking out the pictures proved to be a boon for me in a way that I came back to my blog which I had abandoned and have woken it up from its sleep. I am tempted to take part in the blogathon but cant take such a big leap right now 😛
    I hope you enjoy the trip and waiting for some more interesting stories from you! TC 🙂

  2. Trish says:

    OMG! You came to Melbourne!! And didn’t meet me??? Katti 🙈🙈🙈🙈

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