When I Got Reminded of Calcutta…

We reached Melbourne today. Something about the city reminded me of Calcutta. And we did not even go sightseeing. We just went to our hotel and went for a walk and a drive.

Maybe its the trams or perhaps the easy nature of the whole city which got me thinking of Calcutta. There is an old world charm about this place. The open parks, the huge roads, the lovely buildings all make Melbourne so pretty!

We are so exhausted after almost a 10 hour drive but the drive was so scenic. Each part of Australia is blessed with a different kind of beauty and I just can not describe the beauty of the place!

Though, after living in Tasmania, Melbourne seems like a maze to me! No right turns, no left turns and no u turns meant we kept going round and round..RD’s girlfriend was pretty useless really because she kept asking us to turn right where the sign said DONT turn right! Thank God it was RD driving..I would have taken the turn and paid a fine, I guess and blamed it on RD’s girlfriend…

Exploring the city tomorrow..right now we are exhausted

Looks so much like Calcutta!!!


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6 Responses to When I Got Reminded of Calcutta…

  1. Have you guys shifted or what?
    RD’s girlfriend?!!

    • R's Mom says:

      no no.. on vacation da 🙂 RD’s girlfriend is that Google maps wali who says in 200 metres, take the left turn yaada yaada…RD always listens to her 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Seema says:

    Heyyy, for some reason, I was not getting any notifications from your blog for so long. I didn’t know you were blogging 🙂 Missed meeting you all and I have been telling Abbas all through our trip. You were in Sydney when we were away and you are in Melbourne when we are back. We will try to make to Tasmania next. So good to be back to reading you RM. Hugs and kissed to both my R darlings

  3. Seema says:

    Abbas also loved Melbourne cox he thought it was so similar to Calcutta too.

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