The Blue Mountains 

We went to the Blue Mountains today. Slightly away from Sydney, this place was a coalmine which got converted to a tourist attraction. The world’s steepest railway at 54 degrees operates here and they also have a cable car and sky way to connect the mountains. The gorgeous valleys, the stunning rock formations and the beautiful scenery is breath taking!

Here are a few pics which really do not do justice to the place!

The beautiful rain forests

Sitting on Appa’s shoulders for a bush walk while Didi hurries to catch up

The three rock formations called ‘The Three Sisters’. The rocks were worshipped by the Aboriginal people

A stunning red flower midst the green

The railway at 54 degree incline

The closed coalmines

The closed coalmines

The equipment used by the miners


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6 Responses to The Blue Mountains 

  1. Anindya says:

    Beautiful pics and write up. ..lovely to know about this new place. ..😊

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