The Half Asleep Post

I have come to the conclusion that doing holidays and a blogathon together does not make sense. I am so tired by the end of the day that I almost forgot to write a post! 

But here I am writing something half asleep! 

Today we saw the Sydney Museum, had a chocolate overdose in the Lindt Cafe, met up with one of RD’s friend for lunch, and had dinner with a beautiful Colombian family, another of RD’s friend!

What lovely people and what wonderfully well behaved kids they have! One is 17 and one is 14 and both of them indulged R and R2 so beautifully..I hope my girls grow up to be so nice!

Making a lego nothing from the millions of lego blocks at the Museum

Still working on it!

The sand play at the Museum


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2 Responses to The Half Asleep Post

  1. anisnest says:

    a big salute to you RM.. you are a big inspiration to all fellow bloggers to not give up..
    that sand play looks awesome..

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