The Different Drivers

When RD planned this road trip, I was not really very enthu about it. I am a home person. The very thought of packing stuff and going somewhere just to come back to the same place after a while, tires me out. But RD being RD just went ahead and planned it.

I did not have an Oz licence before the trip.RD insisted I get it but as usual, I kept it till the last minute (Engineering padhne ka asar, sab last minute mein karne ka!) And I did get the licence ( But thats another blog post and will be verrryyyy interesting one too)

Anyways so in this long drive, RD the driving lover,  has done most part of driving till now. I have just driven a few hours to give him a break. Over this drive I have realised:

1. He is very relaxed when he drives. You can figure that out from the way he drives. Its almost like a ballet dancer with smooth moves, subtle eye movements and so much confidence! 

I, on the other hand, drive as if someone is holding me at gun point! My knuckles are rigid on the wheel, my posture is ramrod straight and my head is so rigid that an army general will be proud of me and recruit me immediately.

2. RD is very cool about overtaking at high speed! I, on the other hand,overtake as if I have been sent to a battle. Check speed, check the back and check a million other things. The only thing is by the time I finish all the checks, the vehicle I want to overtake is no where in sight and has gone long beyond my overtaking reach!!!

3. RD takes very smart decisions. I, on the other hand, stayed behind a big truck in a 110 km lane, at the speed of 100 because the truck was too long for me to overtake!

4. RD can follow GPS directions without making a single mistake. I…well…I…eerrrrmmmm…well what do I say? I am the queen of U turns and the princess of re-routings! *lips are zipped*

This trip so far has taught me that RD is a better driver and definitely a better navigator than that stupid GPS, hmpf!!!


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8 Responses to The Different Drivers

  1. Boomerang says:

    I am still laughing about that engineering comment. Doing engineering degree had done that to me as well.

  2. I can completely relate to this. When I watch hubby driving it seems so easy and simple and smooth. But when I am at the wheel, I feel all the cars and trucks are out there just to be an obstacle course for me!

  3. anisnest says:

    RD might be a better driver but you are best in many other things dear.. so yes come on cheer up and focus on your strengths 🙂

  4. uma says:

    Hahaha..I was itching to comment yesterday but got busy with one thing or the other. I could relate so much to this! The husband and I HAVE to get into fights while on a drive because I’m the default in-charge of keeping checks on the GPS directions and I hate it. Invariably we get into more than a fair share of wrong turns and U-turns and well, don’t ask 🙂

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