A Culmination of Cultures – Blogathon 2017

My Appa always says ‘Travel broadens one’s mindset’ For a man who has visited most continents, I guess he knows what he is saying.

When we first arrived in Tas, I was so dazed by the journey and our sudden departure to even realise how different this would be for us.

Today after spending almost an year here, I must admit I find Oz a cultural melting pot. While Tasmania is more white dominated, there are still many cultures I have seen. After coming to Brisbane, I must admit its actually a cultural melting pot. There are so many nationalities, so many different kinds of people and such wonderful cultures to see, to learn from and to interact with.

These are the times I am glad that we made this move to Oz. Back in Tasmania, we have folks who are from the Gulf countries, Africa, Middle East, Eastern European countries and from US and Western Europe. Each person I interact with, I feel I am learning so much more! Every person teaches me something new.

Today we were at a theme park at Brisbane and I met this gentleman who was born in Sydney but moved to Gold Coast (which is a city near Brisbane) and we were discussing the whole cultural melting pot called ‘Australia’.

There are very few countries in the world, he said, where you can find such a diverse population. And perhaps one of the best part of all this is how people just accept and integrate with different cultures and make it an unique Australian one!

It is great that RD and I will have an opportunity to raise our girls in this country. No matter what, I hope we teach our kids about respecting all people regardless of their nationality, religion or colour! 


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8 Responses to A Culmination of Cultures – Blogathon 2017

  1. THIS is EXACTLY what I used to tell you years ago, when you would say that you hated travel! 🙂

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours, RM! Completely agree that Travel broadens your thinking. We thank God for the opportunities we have and the comforts too.

  3. anisnest says:

    very true RM.. I have realized this myself too.. travel teaches so many things that we can’t learn from a book

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