Trip To Mainland – Museum at Brisbane

I love museums. Take me to one and I can disappear there for hours. I think I got the love for them from my dad. He used to take us to the one in Baroda and we would spend hours marveling the huge bone of the whale there and the intriguing Egyptian mummy.

For me, a museum is the best place to know about the local history of the place and the learn just a bit more about the people who have inherited the place.

The Museum at Brisbane was something I wanted to visit ever since RD planned this trip for us. Our friends were kind enough to take me there today.

R2 and I walked through the Museum with our friend. R and RD have gone to some theme park 🙂

The Museum has several specials and the first we saw was about parasites. There is an amazing display on how parasites seem to thrive in the urban environment and which parasites comes in contact to humans by which route. The effect of climate change and manmade pollution seems to be really far reaching.

The next section was the prehistoric age where we saw the bones and remains of the various dinosaurs and flora which were in Australia. One of the best displays there was the display of how the fossils are found and what leads the archeologists and paleantologists to such fossils…

The next section we saw was a mish mash of a lot of stuff. The first part had the stuffed animals, birds, insects, fish – all native to Australia. R2 was pretty fascinated and loved it. But what I loved was the lovely description and models of the toys used by kids over the years, the hand written notes of a milliner, the musical instruments used by the Aborigines and the way medical equipment used by the doctors in the late 1800s and early 1900s!

There was a small section on different cultures of the world and there was a fake overtly colourful garland lying there, talking about Malas used by Indians for decoration. It spoke about the festival of Pongal and how we pray to Lord Surya. It is so fascinating to read about India from a different perspective 🙂

We then walked to the Hadron Collider section but we didnt go to the show since R2 would have just created a rukus!

The last section we saw was on the flora and fuana of Queensland. Different creatures and birds and animals…super fascinating. I think I am in love with the Platypus…and the Koalas…Everytime I read about the Koala, I just want to be one. Sleep for 20 hours a day! How cool is that 🙂

We finally came down to the playarea section where they have huge life size dinosaurs. A dinosaur song and dance movie was running for kids and R2 spent 1/2 hour enjoying to the fullest!

All in all, definitely worth a visit. I hope I can take R there one day!


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