Trip to Mainland – Dubbo to Tamworth

So we went to the awesome Taronga Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo.What a place!

We had the option of completing the 6 km circuit by our car,by hiring a bike or walk it. Surprisingly, the usually lazy R said she wanted to walk….I must admit I was surprised because here is a girl who cribs every single day about the 2.5 km walk to school.

So we decided to walk.  With R2 juggling between walking and sitting in the pram, we completed the zoo watch, seeing some wonderful creatures. Kept in their natural habitat, these animals seem to be thriving and happy.

We enjoyed every moment of the walk, though I must confess, my feet were killing me by the end of it. My fitness levels are horrible. 

We ended the walk with a trip to the play area because R2 wanted to go on the ‘sli’ R and I also did a small jig on the baby zipline there. What fun!

Then came the fun bit. RD, bored of eating fries and pizzas and burgers, said he wanted Indian food. So off we went to the nearest Indian restaurant. And we waited and waited and waited …….till eternity.

R2 managed to drive RD crazy and I pretended I didnt even know them. R was just sitting dazed waiting for the food to come watching some ice skating on TV.

After what I thought was eternity, the lady came with the food. We all pounced on it like pakkis who hadnt seen food in ages!

Then we started our drive to Tamworth, only to realise that in all this confusion we had forgotten to fill petrol. And after yesterday’s adventure, RD was in no mood to take the risk. So we went BACK to Dubbo and filled up the tank.

The drive was beautiful. Straight roads, beautiful plains dotted with trees, mountains in the horizon, land scattered with some horses and cows…Australia is really a gorgeous place!

We passed settlements with just 2-6 houses and towns with beautiful churches and amazing houses. RD and I continued to be fascinated by the lovely sounding names of the places and creeks 🙂

We reached Tamworth to stay in a quaint old fashioned lodge, with lovely beds!

Tomorrow is another long drive but today I write this post, with  smile on my lips and joy in the heart. Gah! Whom am I kidding? My feet are killing me right now!!!! But Holidays are so worth it!

Calcutta or Tamworth? RD and I both simultaneously mentioned how the entrance to our room reminded us of the entrance to houses in Calcutta

The gorgeous peacock in the zoo!

The serene atmosphere of the zoo!


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