Trip To Mainland – Day 2  (Melbourne to Dubbo)

Finally the Spirit of Tasmania left at 11 yesterday night. The cabin was gorgeous with two bunk beds. Unfortunately, R2 had severe coughing bouts through out the night and I could barely sleep. Finally we disembarked at 8.50 AM and saw the beautiful city of Melbourne.

Its pretty, clean and extremely well maintained. R was shocked to see the number of cars on the road. Guess living for 10 months in a quaint corner, tucked in the bottom of the world does have its effect on the kids.

We hit country Australia soon and I cannot describe in words how beautiful the place is. Green trees, brown plains, crystal clear blue skies peppered with milky cotton like clouds, long winding roads…It felt so serene and peaceful driving from Melbourne to Dubbo.

In the morning R was grumpy but soon we coaxed her into a good mood and we had so much fun on the drive. Singing songs, hearing to old Hindi movies songs, English pop music, playing words ending, eating cheese sandwiches and sultanas in the car and admiring the beautiful scenes as we raced past delightful sounding towns like Grong Grong and Wanga Wanga.

One of our favorite part of the trip was reading the beautiful sounding names of the small settlements and towns we passed. Like RD said, They have such a solid character in them.

We even passed places named Mangalore and Forbes 🙂

We had fries for breakfast and fries for lunch and pizzas for dinner. Talk about the height of eating junk!!!

We reached Dubbo at 7.30 PM after almost 11 hours of driving.

Adventure of the day was me driving away without realising that the fuel tank was nearly empty. When RD took over the light for Empty went on. There were few moments of panic because RD had read a sign ‘Next fueling station 107 kms away’ and we didnt know how many km had passed since that sign! In short it was sheer panic till we reached the near petrol bunk some 25 kms away!

Its been a hectic two days but filled with loads of fun. We are enjoying every bit of it! 


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