So Who is In?

I see a message from Maya at 6 AM. I get a bit worried. Wondering if she was okay, I open it up. She has just said ‘Hi, RM’.

Now I panic. I leave aside the cup of hot filter coffee, and use both my hands to tap the keyboard saying Hi tell me what what??? Every second seems like an hour. The mind is racing on what exactly can be wrong. Getting a bit worried, I keep one eye on the clock, one eye on the phone, one eye on the coffee, one eye on the paratha..Hey, I am a mom. I have some 10 set of eyes, okay?

Anyways, so I keep looking and then I see my phone screen light up. ‘Prathaam tula vandito’ is playing on the screen, but I can see a message from Maya. She is generally asking how are you and how are the kutties and stuff. And I am like, hey I was getting all perturbed with her early morning message and she is just waffling around!

And then she says ‘Oh I had something to ask you?’

RM: What happened?

Maya: well, so when are you making the announcement?

RM: Errr…what?

Maya: Oh you are joining in the blogathon in January, so can you please make the announcement on your blog?

See, THIS is why I love Maya. She is so so superbly cute, that I just can’t describe her coolness πŸ™‚

I burst out laughing (virtually and in reality) waking up R2 who was wondering who is this monster up in the morning in the kitchen!

While I may not be able to participate since we are going on a loooonnngggg vacation planned by the spouse, who thinks nothing short of pulling miracles, I promised Maya, I would ask the 2.44 people who read my blog if they are interested in joining in. Actually, I may join in, depending on the net connectivity. Maya does make me want to write again.

Its funny how I have moved from a writing 1 blogpost a day, posting 365 blogposts an year, to writing one post an year! I really need to remove the cobwebs from the brains and fingers and start the process of typing nonsense again!

And for all you readers who are still reading me, thank you! And could you please join in the January 2017 Blogathon which is the marvellous Maya’s idea πŸ™‚


  1. Write one post every day. Write, put in a picture, say in one word, put in a favorite quote, or whatever you like. The idea is to start using the blog again!
  2. Write to Maya on her blog –Β and let her know that you are being a part of the marathon
  3. Start on January 1st and continue till the end of the month. Or start on January 11th…like I plan to do.
  4. No other rules, just hop in to this blogathon and see your blog blossom once again!

Have a Merry Xmas folks! Eat tons of cake and enjoy the festivities…See you on New Year Day!

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17 Responses to So Who is In?

  1. Rena says:

    Eeeee thanks I’m joining the same ! I was over thinking but your tip no 1 when I read I’m like shitt I’ve so much to share what am I waiting for ! New Years I guess…happy new year Rd mum 😘

  2. Bingo's Mom says:

    That and all ok… Maya’s coolness a?! #noting

  3. anisnest says:

    I was just waiting for this announcement.. actually was little worried as what if no one makes the announcement.. love you RM.. and hey enjoy your vacation..

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  5. Sadhuvi says:

    I have joined in this marathon …Happy Christmas and enjoy your vacation ..

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  7. Ashwathy says:

    You are actually managing to blog in between all this! That itself is reason to celebrate! πŸ˜€ heheh

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  9. Sangitha says:

    In too. For the first time ever…hold my hand, please! Happy new year!

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