Dear R2

You turn 2 today..yes TWO! I can’t wait for you to turn five!!! for whoever told me today that wow, time really goes fast, I don’t think I agree to them too much! I can’t wait for you to grow up and become more independent! I can’t wait for you to get potty trained and finally I can stop buying diapers..and I can’t wait for you to start full time school..

Having said all that, wow, you are two eh?

You are a riot really! Someone today called you a monkey looking at the way you were swinging on the parallel bars and you have been called a riot, a tornado, a hurricane and a total fun girl!

Honestly, the past 3 weeks have seen you grow from this nice lovely sweet kid to this horribly behaved, ‘its mine’ saying, kind of selfish girl..Sometimes, I am appalled at the way you go and hit or bite other kids! Everyone in your B4 told me not to worry about it too much, since its just the start of the terrible twos! I hope this behaviour fades away soon!

You can speak broken sentences and it is sometimes, hilarious, how you try and think so so hard before you get that right word to speak…You are a long way away from speaking full sentences, but you seem to be making an effort at least πŸ™‚ Your hero and guide is still your didi, who is teaching stuff, perhaps which shouldn’t be taught to you..but both you girls are thick as can not live without each other, but you can not live without fighting too..

When I had you after six years, one of the things I was sure was that you girls would never fight because you are too young for didi to fight with..but I did not really understand that siblings matter what their age difference..but siblings also stand by each other..I love it when didi comes to your rescue if someone is being unfair to you, or when you go and stand with your didi in solidarity when someone is trying to be unfair to her…its this love, kanna, which will take you ahead in life, long after amma appa are gone..Remember, your didi loves you a lot..she does has a funny way of showing it πŸ™‚

You are your Appa’s darling and you wait for him to come back from office every start asking me about your didi and appa from afternoon onwards..and your favorite part of the day is picking up didi from the bus stop…You get so bored with me at home, but what to do darling, Amma is yet to get a job eh?

You eat anything and everything..well don’t seem to like cake too much..which turns out great for your didi, since you end up giving her most of your pieces..You are okay okay at sharing, and will do only with Didi or Appa..

The other day I asked you who is your favorite, and you went, Didi and who else, I asked, you said Appa πŸ™‚ I guess, I am last in queue, but hey, I don’t mind it one bit..

You are naughtiness personified and all of Didi’s friends are your seem to be enjoying going to her class everyday, and pretending to ‘study’ along with her πŸ™‚ You love singing the rhymes at the library and Wiggles are your favorite…

Your skin is still giving a lot of trouble and the doctor here also prescribed medicines for your eczema..I moisturize you everyday twice and still the skin is dry as sawdust…I only hope, it gets better with time!

I guess, you will turn out to be a tough one to handle as you grow older πŸ™‚

We love you darling, and I hope you keep up this great spirit of adventure as you grow older..Remember that we love you for what you are and always will

Loads of love

Amma, Appa, Didi


Look Ma, I am a monkey!


Ready to walk with my didi anywhere in the world!


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26 Responses to Dear R2

  1. Sadhuvi says:

    Happy birthday R2….she is so cute…God bless!!!!

  2. Garima says:

    Happy birthday R2..

  3. Trish says:

    Wow! 2 Already!!! Happyyy birthday R2!!

  4. Swaram says:

    Such a cute post. Happy birthday R2. πŸ™‚ Wish you guys were here in Mumbai. πŸ™‚

  5. anisnest says:

    Oh sweet baby.. Happy happy birthday dear.. May you be blessed with the best of all ma.. You are born in a lovely family. Take care of Amma too okay? for she is my friend. Don’t trouble her too much.. Troubles are meant only for Appa.. Amma are not capable to handle them…

  6. Happy birthday, R2!

    Also, don’t worry about the fights, they will never go away πŸ˜€
    Speaking from experience – I am 26, my brother is 17, my sister is 16, we still get into fisticuffs time and again, no matter how much we love each other.

  7. UmaS says:

    Awww…she’s such a fun kutti girl ❀
    Happy birthday little R…big hugs from me!

  8. Smitha says:

    Happy Birthday to R2! Is she two already! It feels like yesterday that she was born! Lots of hugs and kisses to the little munchkin

  9. Happy Happy Birthday to the little Kutty pie! πŸ˜€ Welcome to the terrible twos all over again eh? All the best to you, Mumma! πŸ™‚

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