Four Garbas Which Make The R Family Happy!

Okay, right now RD has taken R to her swimming class and R2 is with him as well…which leaves me at home for 45 minutes when I should constructively doing the freelance assignment I have got…or searching for jobs…

But it is Mahalaya today…I have just finished making our mini Golu…and I am making sev tametanu shaak with zucchini methi theplas…Actually, I am just trying to make myself feel better since I am going to miss Navratri this year in India…When I was a kid, I remember telling people that my favoritest festival was Navratri because I love doing Garba…I wasnt very good with Dandiya, but if you grew up in Baroda, you would know that Garba is a lot more popular is perhaps one of the few places, where Garba has not been corrupted by Bollywood songs..dont get me wrong..I love Bollywood songs too..but dancing Garba in Bombay, made me feel I was doing more of Bollywood dancing than Garba!

I have been playing Garbas on youTube to R2 for some days are our favorites

Kesariyo Rang Tane Lagiyo re Garbo! This one is soft soothing and makes you just twirl away

This one is perhaps the perfect one to play when you are feeling nostalgic..the voice and the bhakti is so amazing in this one! I am such a big Atul Purohit fan! When you go to United Way Garba in Baroda and he starts the Garba with this one…there are goosebumps! Every time it has happened to me…A lot of people find this slow..but R2 and I often just wrap our arms around ourselves and listen to this in the afternoon calming ourselves 🙂

This one is a Sunday morning favorite in the house..RD puts it when we are making breakfast in the morning..after listening to the prayers on youtube..the catchy tune and the simple lyrics make it a super duper winner 🙂 R and R2 love to dance on this one 🙂

I heard this one last Navratri and absolutely LOVE IT! Its like the Sanedo but so much more peppy..R and R2 and I go crazy everytime we hear it..we are dancing, jumping and love it..we even sing it in the car (just the first two lines!) whenever we are in a great mood..its like this peppy tune which is such a mood lifter…Hear it and dance your way through this Navratri!

It really has nonsense lyrics..but we still love it..R always asks me for the translation and laughs every time she hears it 🙂

Happy Navratri folks! Keep wearing the colours everyday and enjoy the festive season 🙂

Till then, I go back to singing Garbas 🙂


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