Dear R

I am sure R L Stevenson had a 8 year old around when he came up with the idea of Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde. I cannot tell you how many times I have thought about this recently. You girl, have the power to drive me nuts with your behaviour.

I am at my wits end trying to figure out what exactly is your personality. Are you the sweeter than sweet kid who is ready to take care of your sister for hours when I am unwell or that kid who tells me that You are being mean, Amma when I ask you to sit and do some maths with me for 5 minutes!

Suddenly you have grown up. I am really not prepared for this, you know! I am surprised how quickly in a matter of 5 months you have grown up from being a kid to being a mature kid!

Seriously girl, I wish kids come with an instruction manual! You drive me mad at times, and sometimes I feel what did I do so good in life, to have a wonderful child like you!

You are your sister’s biggest advocate and yet I think you spend 80% of your time with her, just fighting. Your favorite line is ‘Stop annoying me’ (Though I must admit R2 does her best to annoy you *giggle*) 

You hate doing chores and I think 2/3 of our evenings go in me shouting at you to do A B C. Its soooo frustrating to keep asking you to do the same thing again and again! Why cant you just do it????

You are like a sloth in the mornings really. No matter what time R2 manages to wake you up(She is the official alarm of this family!!) you wont go in for a shower until 7.12 and 34.5 seconds! Why, R, why? You can always read that book AFTER you get ready , no?

I now know exactly why my Amma used to scream at me for not reacting to her when she used to call me, when I was reading. You do JUST THE SAME!

Trust me, its sooooo bugging. Karma bites back, eh?

You have issues about the way I comb your hair (but you wont let me chop them off!), the way I ask you to layer yourself because its 5 degrees and you are wearing shorts!!!, the way I ask you to sit and write a paragraph for handwriting practice…actually everything!

If this is at 8, what will I do at 18!!!!’

oh wait, at 18, I will just ask you to go and live on your own *sticks tongue out*


Confused Amma

Always there for your sister!


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12 Responses to Dear R

  1. Shailaja V says:

    Trust me, this is the beginning. You still have the tween years ahead. Currently in that phase and am frustrated beyond compare!!

    As for R she’s too cute. Cut her some slack, mama 😉

  2. The Bride says:

    So R is a reader huh? I remember you being worried that she didn’t want to read at one point.

    • R's Mom says:

      Ohhh yes..she has turned into one..thanks to the awesome library here and the fact that we did not have tv for 3 months which meant she used to read 10 books everyday and we would go and change the books daily 🙂 Then we did get the TV but the reading continues 🙂

      PS – Out of all the things in that post is this the only thing which struck out 🙂

  3. I am confused 3 times over and honestly, i am all ready to spend my life up in the mountains being a sanyasini and I am willingly to leave behind the husband too! They all drive me nuts.

  4. seema3 says:

    ohh..I am not the only 1 in the boat…my son can drive me nuts everyday:)

  5. Eh? so Karma bites back? I loved going to school and getting ready for it…but the son is just the opposite…same story continues…here it could be reading or playing or watching TV – just anything else other than the task at hand! Sigh!

  6. Sangitha says:

    Just catching up and had to comment. Remember that ‘she’s not a reader, will she ever be?’ phase. She’s reading, man! She’s reading!!!!!! Yayyyyyy! I am obnoxiously going to say ” I told you so!” 😀 and whatever is the emoticon for the hugest cheshire grin! Go, R!

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