Queen Of Jugaad In The Kitchen – Part 2

So I was complaining about the electric stove na? It stopped working *bursts into tears* and our lovely landlady replaced it with an INDUCTION STOVE ! I mean, really????

This one is a black sleek device which makes a sound that goes guuuunnnnnnn! and imagine early in the morning when there is absolute silence (that is another post in itself), the stove goes guuuunnnnnn guuuuunnnn! And to top it all, my cooker does not work on it…it is not induction compatible *bursts into bigger tears* out of my three kadais only one works and the chapati tawa doesnt work! One small frying pan does, which means I have to make dosas, parathas, rotis and all that in one tawa…we have stopped having dal and subji on the same day..only one kadai na..so either I make dal or I make subji πŸ˜‰

And the fact that it costs 100s of dollars and should be scratch free makes my heart goes thud thud thud every time I use it 😦 

And it is such a contrast to the electric stove because this heats up in seconds..So for the first week it was installed I managed to burn the only got set of patrams I had left! I should rename myself from RM to BurnM really! I have made fantastically blackened dosas, jale hue besan ke ladoo, burnt theplas and what not! 

We went and got a rice cooker in desperation! So rice is not an issue (btw I made dal dhokli and soups in the rice cooker..queen of jugaad na!)

And then all this phoren vegetables and fruits*laughs loud*

I have learnt a lot of things about cooking and vegetables and fruits in the past 5 months

1. Frozen cut bhindi can turn as slimy as a snake. The way to cook it is – Put it into the microwave for 10 minutes, make the subji in a wide sauce pan and use lots of oil …(They don’t grow bhindi in Oz :()

2. Zucchini can be used to make theplas, avial, handvo, pasta, kootu and errrr…I dont know what else I have used it in!

3. I miss kadipatta so much! I have not been able to find them here AT ALL!

4. There are some 150 varieties of apples in Tasmania and each one of them is yummmm

5. The Australians call the smaller sister of orange as mandarin and the orange musambis as oranges…In short, I am super confused what to call what!

6. Corriander and mint are verryyyy expensive so I use them very very carefully..

7. Frozen green chillies are 10000 times hotter!

8. The carrots here are bright orange so the halwa I make turns out to be unrealistically orange in colour..R asked me the first time if I had added orange colour to it!

9. Coconuts are a rarity..I have not used coconut at all in my cooking..On Vishu day I made avial with dry dessicated coconut heheheh!

10. Ginger and garlic are super expensive too! 

11. Beetroots are sold with their leaves so I use them to make theplas too!

12. There is something called silverbeet which is like spinach. However my family refused to believe that my silverbeet corn subji was the same as palak corn! hmpf!

13. The strawberries here also are sour! So much for thinking that only Indian strawberries are sour! Though the girls love them to bits

14. There are so many exotic veggies I see when we shop like brussels sprouts, asparagus, boychok  or something..I still dont know  why we are not buying it yet!

I have, of course, tried loads and loads of new recipes, more misses than hits but hey who cares? Its all about experimenting and experiencing eh?

PS – Folks in India, if you are into handlooms, here is a wonderful place to get them – http://www.facebook.com/Panache-735358513234119/


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23 Responses to Queen Of Jugaad In The Kitchen – Part 2

  1. Shraddha says:

    Hey R’s Mom,

    This reminded me of the times when my SIL stayed in NZ. Same story!

    For the lack of kadipatta there, the next time you are in India or someone from India sends you a parcel, try this: Take kadipatta and either sun dry them or dry roast them on a pan, pack in zip-lock and use as needed. This is what my SIL did. It stays good for a really long time. You can try the same with pudina. Or best, when you do buy pudina, plant one stem in your garden… πŸ™‚


    • R's Mom says:

      oohhh yaa…thanks for that idea but getting stuff into Tas is a bit tough…food stuff need to be labelled etc etc..will try planting a pudina for sure!

  2. Hahaha! It’s Bok-choy. You are so cute!
    I have a fab recipe for Brussels Sprouts but it does take a bit getting used to the taste. Cut the dandi side of sprouts and peel off 2-3 layers of leaves and throw them. Then cut it in half length wise. Spread olive oil on aluminum foil in a baking tray. Take the halved sprouts in a bowl, drizzle oil, minced garlic(2-3 pods) and red pepper flakes and mix. Put the halves on the baking tray with flat side down. Broil/bake at 350F till top turns brown and crispy. Sprinkle salt and pepper. It’s yummy like that. Crispy top and buttery bottom.

    • Also, get a bunch of asparagus and snap off the hard part. You can bend it and it will break automatically at the spot where it’s turning harder. It’s horrible to eat that part. Then wash the rest nicely(very muddy it is) and just sautΓ© it in butter and salt and have it as a snack or side of noodle/pasta. Also, you can make it just like beans too with desi masala.

    • R's Mom says:

      yaa yaa Bokchoy only!! Oohhh thanks so much for the recipe…am going to try this *slrruuupppp*

  3. Bhavani says:

    All these chronicles are bringing back memories of our first few months of landing in the US. Seems like each one of us go through this. It is a fun phase πŸ˜‰ I can say it now:-)) You will have fun reading all this after a couple of years!!

    Make sure you know the difference between Pepper and Pepperoni….we are vegetarians and we ordered Pizza with Pepperoni thinking it was a veggie and realized it was meat only after opening the delivered box …ha ha …

    Keep writing…..


  4. Oh dear!! Next time id you are plan to move to another unit, make having gas stove a priority. When I came here first we also had electric stove and boy it was so hard to cook!! Within few months I made PK move to other unit with gas stove. *blessing literally*
    Till then you will have to use all flat bottom pans and tava πŸ˜•

    RM, not sure how it is in Tasmania but here in Sydney, I buy fresh dudhi, turai, fresh bhindi, coriander(0.99$ a bunch) and mint leaves(0.99$) from asian fresh veggie shops or even some indian stores have these fresh veggies. Mint and coriander are super expensive in coles or woolworths.

    Kadi patta(0.99$ a bunch), peeled garlic(3-4$ for half a kg, I make a paste and store in ziplocks in my freezer lasts me for couple of months atleast) yoghurt, green chillies that are less spicy than frozen ones can be found in almost all indian stores in fridge section.

    So its like when we do grocery shopping all fresh veggies and fresh fruits we buy from asian fresh fruit shop. Bread, eggs, cleaning products, sometimes fruits from coles. And Indian groceries from Indian stores😬😬😬
    Sorry for long comment😬😬😬

    • R's Mom says:

      RD was telling me there are definitely more options in Sydney…we also buy Indian stuff from Indian stores re…but not getting kadipatta and pudina…will ask
      next time though! Thanks for the comment re…its so helpful to know na πŸ™‚

  5. Pepper says:

    Boychok nahi it is Bok choy.

    RM you are so cute!

  6. Comfy says:

    Why does your cooker not work with induction stove? I have friends who have/had it and cooked with induction stove for years cooker and all. *Confused*
    I love your experiments πŸ˜€ and Brussel sprouts and asparagus are yum once you get used to their taste and super quick to make. All the best πŸ˜€

    • R's Mom says:

      The great RD exchanged our Aluminium cooker with my brother’s ceramic cooker before we came here *bugged* Ceramic doesnt work on induction! I will try both the veggies re..thankoooo

  7. OMG! So much tension of the electric and Induction cookers?! We are shifting from NJ in a few months and hubby says its all electric stoves, where we are going. My first thought was you when he said that! I need to learn how to cook now 😦

    And thanks a ton to Princess butter, I never buy any of those veggies either because I don’t know what to do with them – now I am going to give it a try πŸ™‚

  8. Dee says:

    Oh R! your post resonates with me so so much, coz I was in the same boat 17 yrs ago when I came to US as a young bride. Hugs to you girl. You will figure it out just like we all did. I hope your stove thingee gets fixed fast. I looked up Tasmania, looks breathtakingly beautiful!!!
    Good luck on your job hunt. Wish I lived close by, I would have helped out.

  9. Hahaha.. sounds distantly familiar πŸ˜›

    Curry leaves, you actually get curry leaf plant from Bunnings here. I always have stock of curry leaves, courtesy of friends who have a huge tree in their backyard πŸ™‚

  10. I kind of know what you were talking about and im sure i will have to adopt my juggaadpan again now that im going to be in phoren again for a while. ☺
    Anyways, always loved to hear cooking experiments of Indians living abroad. Do keep us posted when you start using those new veggies too… kinda interesting to know.

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