Seriously? What Was I Thinking!

…rather what were RD and I thinking when we decided to have another kid!!!

The first one is already giving me grey hair and the second one will ensure I have NO HAIR left!

R2 is a riot really..and I am at my wits end at times, dealing with her..She is like this bunny with a never ending supply of battery always jumping and shouting and screaming and dancing..I go to bed every night so exhausted that most times I am asleep even before RD says good night to me!

R, on the other hand, is turning into this If-there-is-a-question-you-must-answer-it-or-I-will-bug-you-so-much-that-you-will-have-no-choice-but-to-answer …search Google Amma she told me the other day when I told her I don’t know what silver tailed dragons are!

I mean really!!!! gee thanks baby!

I tell RD I need a new kadai for my of those flat bottom ones which will work on the great electric stoves…

But Amma, you already have so many patrams..ask for something more exciting na! says the older brat!

Or when I ask her to go and have a bath… Amma, our teacher said Tasmania is facing drought conditions so I think I will skip having a bath every other day so that I can help save water..

This is like the height of laziness!

Or when I am in my crib mood telling RD about not being able to find a job and how frustrating it is!

She says ‘Look Amma, you cribbing all the time wont work! You will get a job..dont worry about it so much..if you stop worrying, you will get it faster!’

I didnt know how to respond to that one!

Or when she asked me for a chocolate and I refused saying eat it tomorrow..She said ‘Amma, why did we buy the chocolate? To eat it na! Let me eat when I feel like will make me happy..dont you want me happy?’

I just gave her the chocolate!

Or when I was trying to complete a job application and R2 woke up..I looked pleadingly at R..

She not only made R2’s milk, she also made her drink it sip by sip and put her on the potty..She would have even cleaned the bum if the guilty me hadn’t gone to clean up ๐Ÿ™‚

Guess this is why RD and I had R2! *Makes note to self to come back and read last part of post whenever I get bugged at R*


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4 Responses to Seriously? What Was I Thinking!

  1. I refuse to notice every thing else except that the Big Sis is simply awesome-est ever! (Like Sam says, hehe)

  2. Comfy says:

    RM I am here after forever to aawww and ohh about the little one but then I saw your header. Oh My God! RM that picture is so beautiful and so are R and R2. One big squishy hug and noisy kiss to the two of them :hugs:

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