The Queen Of Jugaad In The Kitchen Part 1

I can write a book on the mad stuff I have done in the kitchen after coming to Tasmania…

Part 1 is all about my frustrations with an electric stove! Honestly, I seriously believe an electric stove is one of the most unwanted inventions among all the inventions made in this world. Why, why, why on earth are there plates which take 10 hours to heat up and then are so hot that they take 10 hours to cool down!!

So imagine its 7.32 am and you need to leave home at 7.53…thats 21 minutes right? In a gas stove this means making 10 dosas with an average of 2 minutes something seconds per dosa…but if you are a novice to electric stove cooking…the darn plates take 22 minutes just to heat up…which means you can either forget the dosas or forget to leave home on time..!!!

Like a friend said (who by the way is Tasmanian and has lived here all her life!) the first pancake takes 5 hours, the second takes 5 minutes and the third is burnt in 5 seconds! That happens every time..I swear EVERYTIME I make dosas!!!

When we came here..our stuff hadnt arrived so RD got me a set of basic nonstick utensils to kadai, one pan, one get the drift eh? And I thought..gosh what am I going to do with so much patrams when my stuff arrives…

But I feared unnecessarily…really faltu mein! I burnt EVERY SINGLE VESSEL!!! E.A.C.H Of them!!!!! It was sooo frustrating…and I could not even use those vessels anymore since the teflon coating went for a toss!

So then it was tapping friends time..The lovely Srividhya and the super Pixie gave me some tips to survive before I burnt the kitchen down in frustration! I even sent pictures of my stove and oven to Srividhya who actually search a manual for me online and told me to follow the settings! I cant be more thankful to both of them..

Then, of course, there is the curious case of the dried coconut and the frozen green chilly…but that is a story for next time!


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14 Responses to The Queen Of Jugaad In The Kitchen Part 1

  1. Smita says:

    Darn I wish I could send my old maid to you…she had once made my Non Stick Tava a White metal tava ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. My Era says:

    That electric stove can be quite a menace. For someone like me who was always in habit of leaving the food the gas stove after turning the gas off, the electric stoves came as a horror cause they stay super-hot for so long. Oh well! glad you’ve got expert help and instructions from friends.
    I know how annoying these simple things can get.

  3. Uma says:

    Seriously, RM! I don’t understand these electric plates at all. Once I had to use that to boil milk and I took forever to even understand how to switch the damn thing on. Imagine having to pressure cook rice and etc, etc. My full empathies and sympathies to you, although this left a smile on my face ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Meeta says:

    I need all the tips please. We are soon relocating and I have heard that electric stove is what we are going to get.

  5. Boomerang says:

    More electric stove love to you girl!!

    How on earth ppl live with such stoves?

  6. 7 years with such stoves and going strong *fist bump*. I learned to use the residual heat of the stove for last cooker seeti or last roti or last simmer in kadhai. Hehe. Flat bottom everything, and only wooden spoons. Start at high and turn it on medium when pans are hot. Never heat without oil.
    Also, baking soda and lemon juice soak will help with burnt food. I have to do this quite often thanks to attention deficiency disorder. ๐Ÿ˜›
    Btw do you have induction stove or electric coils? I have had coils but friends have had induction plates too.

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