The Wonderful People of Tas

Honestly I must admit I was a bit skeptical when RD said we were moving to Tasmania. I had not heard enough about it and I was so worried if it would to easy to settle here as compared to a more multi cultural atmosphere of a Sydney or a Melbourne.

Of course, one side of me was happy because most places in Tasmania are not overcrowded and growing up in a small town in India, I did miss the small town loveliness, while staying in Bombay:)

I have been overwhelmed by the goodness of people in Tasmania. From the friendly taxi driver who took us to the accomodation, to the unknown man who saw my struggling with my 14 month old in the stroller and came to take it down the stairs, everyone has been so wonderful.

The school principal where R got admitted took out time to personally take us around the school campus.

The spouse’s boss and his wife went out of their way to help us mingle into the community by organising a bbq at their place and inviting loads of folks over. The folks who came over asking me every now and then by phone or when they meet me at school, if I need anything!

The neighbour uncle who welcomed us with a bag of home grown pear and the neighbour aunty who asked me to ask her anything if I ever needed!

The spouse’s colleagues who helped us set house by spending hours setting up cupboards and beds. The lovely friend who loaned his fridge till ours came and the wonderful friend who gave his heater to us. The lovely friend who gave us his washing machine for free and the wonderful guy who came with toys for the girls because we didnt have enough!

The neighbour uncle who bought us lit candles and matchbox when there was a powercut and I was alone with the girls. The friends I made at school who have offered me babysitting services for free if I ever need a break to telling me that they can give me driving lessons.

The friend who drove us home everytime it rained or was very cold or hot or just because R loves her a lot. The same friend who made R’s eighth birthday (the first away from India) one the best birthdays ever by bringing in balloons and presents and her whole family.

The bus driver who stopped for a whole 3 minutes while I was running with the R2  in the pram because it was raining. And the 10 people in the bus who just gave me reassuring smiles that don’t worry, its fine!

The love that I have witnessed in Tasmania is so amazing! For someone who has come from a foreign land, it makes me feel so much at home:)

Thank you Tasmania for who you are:)


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9 Responses to The Wonderful People of Tas

  1. Wow! You’re on a writing roll.
    Keep those Tas tales coming. And yes, I’ve heard that people from Tas are usually quite friendly. Had a friend in Uni who was from there.

  2. My Era says:

    Tasmania is a beautiful place and I have had a taste of the goodness you’ve written about here. So glad you guys have adjusted so well 😀

  3. I visited Tassie last year and fell in love with Hobart in particular. However, the lack of beaches and the extreme cold will probably prevent me from making a permanent move there. So glad to hear you’re having a good experience!

  4. AA_Mom says:

    Wow RM – what a change! You have painted such a beautiful picture of that place with your words – that now I would like to visit it – if possible

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