The Television Shows In Tasmania

So the only thing we watch on TV is ABC Kids! And I have only one thing to tell about them – They are amazing!

When we were in India, R was addicted to Doremon and trust me it is the stupidest show on earth because that Nobita keeps crying all the time and does not even realise that there are things he can do without Doremon! Basically I felt all the show taught was how NOT to do your stuff yourself!

When we came to Tas, we were without a TV for about 2 months. That began our love affair with the local public library. With nothing better to do in the afternoons, R took to reading. And she took it like no man’s business. I exaggerate not, but she actually used to read 6 chapter books a day! We would go to the library every other day to change books!

Then the Tv came. And somethings never change. Like the love for TV. So we started watchingn ABC Kids. While TV time is restricted to about an hour a day, I must admit all the shows she watches are really really good. They either teach crafts or cooking simple things or are small 5-7 mins cartoons or shows which teach all positive stuff in life. A program called Go Jetters have this four kids going on adventures to various parts of the world and R now knows about famous monuments and places thanks to that. There is an adorable peppa pig and the super interesting mister maker who not only teaches crafts but also talks about some artist daily. I must admit, I really don’t mind the girl watching so much TV. Its a good way to relax and learn too.

So yay to TV shows for kids in Oz! They rock!


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6 Responses to The Television Shows In Tasmania

  1. Oh, anything to get rid of Doremon! That’s all I’ll say 🙂

  2. Yay! Glad to have you back! 🙂
    About TV, Zo only watches Disney Junior and Nick Jr – and it has most of the shows you mention! Like Mister Maker is on, and the 5-7 minute shows too. NO Pogo or Ninja Hattori or Doraemon ever!
    Peppa pig, btw, I made her stop watching after reading somewhere about how it was causing kids to throw tantrums 😐 Sorry, but I am impacted by silly researches like that. Max and Ruby, I love! 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      Oh my God! I had no clue that Mister Maker used to come in India..I thought it was very Aussie…Thank God she doesnt watch Doraemon..that is such a pain..Peppa Pig is nice re..I have watched some episodes seems to be sweet program..dunno about the tantrums part 🙂

  3. Sampada says:

    Hi RM,
    First time on you blog, I too live OZ, Mel, Go jetters is my sons favorite too and fireman sam and everybody’s favorite bananas in pyjamas. Ha ha ha a must watch.

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