The Cold

For folks who know me, I am always cold…In my office in Bombay, I used to wear a jacket, a shawl and even a monkey cap at times in April and May because the temperature used to be kept so low in the office! The AC control person used to recognise my voice everytime I would call up and crib:)

When we came to Tasmania in January end, everyone told me ‘Don’t get used to this weather’ (Honestly I used to wear jackets even then!)

And then daylights savings ended. But I still was not so much affected because I still wearing a t shirt and a jacket ALL THE TIME.

Till it was May. The hottest month in India. BUT…gosh…the cold in Tasmania just caught me unawares. I moved from 2 layers to 5 layers. Since our house does not have central heating,  I still wear 5 layers. Any attempts to start the fireplace have been a flop till date. I have read manuals, gone in detail over the internet, followed the husband’s instructions step by step and yet….no fire for more than 20 minutes. How, mom, how asks my OO. I dont know!!!

The winters will be challenge for a person like me but the warmth of the people will more than make up for the cold:)

Surprisingly both my girls seems to be born Tasmanians:) They have adjusted so well to the winter that it really surprises me. Both move around in t shirts even in 10 degrees and keep removing their jackets saying they are hot!

Guess kids adjust anywhere eh?


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2 Responses to The Cold

  1. Haha! I remember your posts and your odd tweets about the cold. Well, as they say ‘Winter is coming’ 😀

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