From 0 to 10 to 0!

So in Bombay I used to take 5 modes of transport to travel to work everyday! A car till the daycare then a rick to the station then a train to the office station then a metro train and then run the last 10 minutes!

When we first arrived in Tasmania what struck me was the utter lack of people on the road! At a given time there are like three other people walking within eyesight!

And the roads! Oh the roads! They go up and they go down and then turn around! And they go up again!!

For someone who has grown up on plains this whole up and down meant walking was a struggle. I would huff and puff like a walrus climbing a cliff even walking 5 minutes! And what irked me more was since the service apartment where we were put up initially, was a 12.53 minutes walk ONLY (in the spouse’s words not mine!) the spouse would go in the mornings, come back for lunch, go back and come back in the evenings AND then go out for long walks again! I was like WHAT!

But with no great bus service from our rented house to R’s school and the fact that we did not have a car meant that I had no choice but to WALK! up and down and up and down!

R;s school is 2.5 kilometres from our house which meant I would have to get R and R2 ready and leave an hour ago. We would walk to school (surprisingly R hardly complained about the walk) and I would walk back with YO. And go back to pick her up and bring her back. Which meant a total of TEN kilometers of walking EVERY WEEK DAY. Yes yes 10!!!

At this point you would wonder, wow that means so much weight loss! BUT it had the opposite effect on me. Since I was like I am walking up and down so much I AM going to lose weight, I started eating know a gal needs her energy after all! Also because I have not got a full time job yet (that is another crib post!) I am at home all the time experimenting recipes and eating them too!

Slowly the weather started getting colder which means every morning I had to layer myself up, layer both the girls who would absolutely REFUSE to put anything on except their t shirts😦 And R started getting tired while walking back after a full day of play in school! (yes yes play only happens here which is another post in itself!) I started carry food to entice (read bribe) her to come back walking! But it started raining and walking in a stroller with a 1.5 year old in the rains is not the brightest of ideas!

So then we decided to explore the school bus route. But for me to send R to school by a bus which wasn’t a school school bus but a public bus which takes only school kids was a big decision! I kept postponing it until one afternoon it was pouring and a friend had to drop us back home in her car!

And then I decided a bus isnt bad at all. I spoke to R’s teacher who told me that she thought R was quite capable of handling it. “I told you ma” grinned R at me. And that day I learnt to let go!

She comes back by bus everyday and she is totally comfortably with it. The bus stop is 5 minutes from the house and I go and pick her up.

In short now I am back to 0 walking:) but being home all the time, the food intake hasn’t lowered. You do get the drift right? On what’s the state of the weight eh?


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11 Responses to From 0 to 10 to 0!

  1. Oh, I remember when we moved to the UK. Before London, we used to live in this little village in East Sussex and I think you either waited for 45 mins for the bus or walked. We just walked. Of course, it didn’t help that there were ince little bakeries on the way.

    • R's Mom says:

      Bakeries on the way….wow! that sounds like a delightful place to be in 🙂 There are bakeries here..but I pretend to be broke most times.

  2. My Era says:

    10 km of walking is a LOT of walking to be done in a day. I’m glad you’ve finally opted for the school bus. And R has always been a rock-star, no wonder she was confident about going on her own in the public transport.
    As far weight don’t worry too much and enjoy the time you now get for yourself 😀

  3. freakyveggie says:

    10 Kms every day, wow ! I can’t imagine myself doing that, glad that R found her bus now.
    And am glad to read your posts after a long time 🙂

  4. Rams says:

    Hi Rs mom
    Was missing you for a looooooooong time!! hope you guys have settled down in Tan! All the very best on the move 🙂

  5. raji says:

    I missed you so much R’s Mom. Read your recent posts after many many months today. Glad to know you are all adjusted so well in Tasmania. Enjoy your time there and keep writing….:)

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