A Blogger Meet After Ages…

Its funny how one can be friends..really good friends with people you have never met in your life…Like my Amma still finds it really hard to believe that I often share my deepest secrets with folks I have never met ever and yet trust them enough to share my aspirations thoughts and frustrations!

Okay enough of the sentimental stuff…Now for the fun part!

Three months ago, Deeps messaged saying she was coming to Bombay. We decided to meet up and Smita and Ashwathy were included in the plan. See, now plan is a very interesting term! Like I plan and plan and plan and make some more plans, but hardly anything materialises..

Of course, Smita is a very persistent person and I thank her for this whole meet. Deeps mentioned something about staying in town and since Smita lives faaaaarrrrr away from me we decided meeting in South Bombay (better known as Town by the Bombayites) was the best place for us to meet.

Town is a very broad term you know. But Smita and I pretended we knew every part of Bombay. I had RD on speed dial (Rather speed whatsapp) when we were planning where to meet.

Meantime, Deeps says she doesnt care where we meet, as long as she gets Vada Pav. I was like I will get it for you, provided you are okay eating road side stuff. Smita suggests, I could get Jumbo Vada Pav for her, while I am skeptical whether we get any Jumbo Vada Pav in town.

Since, I did not want to eat any ‘Firangi food’ and convinced Deeps that she was coming all the way to Bombay and should eat Chaat and Pav Bhaji, she was like okay okay. Smita and I raked our brains on where you get Pav Bhaji in town. We came up with ZERO options!

And then Smita talks about some place near the Jahangir Art Gallery. Have you ever been there, RM? she asks. To be honest, I hadnt been inside it. But I was like yaa yaa, I have seen it.

Smita: So do you know the place behind it, its like an udipi where you get Pav Bhaji?

RM: Oh is it..really?

Smita: RM, have you EVER been to that place?

RM: errrrrr….

In short, she figured out I had NO IDEA what so ever, where she was talking about.

Then, I remembered this place Shiv Sagar where RD had taken me once, during our courtship days, when I had come to Bombay. Whether the place was still there and what time did it open and where exactly it was, I had no clue. Then Leopolds came into the discussion. And we decided to meet there.

When I told RD about it, he looked at me skeptically. What, I asked him getting bugged at his expression.

Errr…who drinks in your group? he asked.

Why is that a problem, I snapped back.

No, seriously, who drinks? Because if you are going to Leopolds, you should really be drinking. Otherwise its a waste eh?

And so we again came back to Shiv Sagar. Smita was confident it would exist and would be open as well.

Smita had an event to attend that night and I was coming back from a trip from Ahm that morning. But we still were sure we wanted to meet each other.

RD asked me to drop out R2 from the plan, since she would find it too tedious after a night in the train. That morning, R came down with a horrendous cold, and I couldnt take her as well.

Smita dropped out her brat as well. But Deeps being Deeps, had promised to bring Namnam and we could meet her at least.

At 9 Smita messaged saying she was leaving. I was in hyper mode, since I still hadnt had a bath or breakfast. So I left as well. Ashwathy messaged saying she could leave at 11 and reach by 11.30…I was super jealous, but I pretended to be nice *sticks tongue out*

And Smita then messaged me saying she reached CST. I was still in the train. And panicking, since the train was moving at snail’s pace. We suddenly remembered that Deeps wanted to eat Vada Pav. And then Deeps messaged she reached as well. Smita went to meet Deeps, while I went in search for Vada Pav.

Can you believe, that the station did not have a single Vada Pav stall. I was zapped. I asked three counters, no one, had it. So, I went out and found a stall. I must have asked the guy at least a 100 times if the Vadas were hot and not to add the spicy chutney!

And I packed and went to Shiv Sagar. As soon as I went into the restaurant, I was greeted by a suitcase, almost as tall as me. When I went past it I saw the delightful Namnam and the lovely Deeps. And of course the super cute Smita. Ashwathy was late *sticks tongue out again at her*

And we ordered food. I was super scared about giving the Vada Pav to Deeps, but Smita was like, shut up and keep it we will see how she can eat it later!

And we ordered food after a lot of thought.

For those interested

Chocolate milkshakes

Strawberry milkshake

Tea for Deeps which was the last to arrive hehe!

Mexican pizza

Cheese pizza

And of course, Pav bhajis

and oh, I added a masala papad to it. Deeps didnt like it much! Weird, her tastes are.

Ashwathy came in and ate ….nothing!

But I guess she had a late breakfast. And then we spoke and spoke and spoke some more.

From there, we decided to go to marine drive for a walk. Really, that was a STUPID idea, because Deeps had come with stones in her suitcase which was as large as Namnam. Me, being the smart one, picked up Namnam’s suitcase, while Smita, Ash and Deeps struggled to carry the large one with stones in it. He he!

And then Namnam and I decided we wanted icecream to eat. The sun was right above our head. Smita remembered there was a CCD near CST station. So we all went there. First we needed a taxi to transport us there. Smita got a taxi and we all boarded onto it, with the stone filled suitcase on the carrier.

I was so sure the suitcase was going to break through the roof and crush all of us. But miraculously it did not happen! We reached the CCD and went in spending 20 minutes decided where exactly should we be keeping the suitcases! Finally by the time the place was decided, I was hungry again. Indulging in chocolate drinks, (Smita had coffee, for the records!) we talked and talked and talked some more.

Ashwathy had to leave a bit early, but the three of us and Namnam continued the chocolate indulgence. And we talked and talked and talked some more.

Its really cool how much you connect to a person over the blog and can speak about everything under the sun. From bitching, to work related stuff to Bollywood to books to chocolates to courses, to aspirations to food, we discussed so much!

Then we all went back home 🙂

PS – This is my version of the meet

PS1 – Deeps, Ashwathy and Smita are not going to agree to this!

PS2 – Namnam is such a smart girl!



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6 Responses to A Blogger Meet After Ages…

  1. Deeps says:

    Once again, RM…I LOVE YOU! That vada paav was the best I had had!! Goodness you had to run around so much for a plate? Really I think these vada-paavs have some serious attitude issues with me!

    As I told Smita too, I am so glad this meet turned out the way it did. I was on a high for the rest of the day, from all the laughing, bitching, yapping, chocolate indulging session :P.

    What you have said in the beginning and in the end…agree agree wholeheartedly, RM. Its amazing how we can form strong bonds with people we haven’t met, feel the connect, and when we do meet up it never occurs for a minute that its the first time that we have met!

    Loved this post. I could virtually relive the day 🙂

    Oh and yes, we loved the cashews, R especially.

    And Namnam loved you! 😀

  2. My Era says:

    You guys sure had a good time together 😀
    BTW what happened of those Vada Pavs?? Who ate them finally?

  3. I am so J! About the meet, the vada pav, and the Marine Drive walk! I want!

    Leopolds! Have only read about it.. would love to visit it in person some day..

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