The Usual Resolution Post

Reduce weight

Eat healthy

Avoid junk food and junk thoughts

Do not gossip

Read intellectual stuff instead of romance novels

Be a non screaming mother

Be zen

And the only one to follow….dont follow any of the above!

*gives evil grin*


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16 Responses to The Usual Resolution Post

  1. srividhya says:

    he he he .. good one R ki amma.. Same pinch.

  2. pixie says:

    1. you are not fat 😛
    2. how will you manage to avoid junk food?! 😛 :mrgreen:

    Zen? What’s that darling?!! 😛 😛

    Happy 2016 RM!! ❤

  3. My Era says:

    I am with you on the last one *hi 5* :mrgreen:

  4. sjscribbles says:

    I’m copying your goals for the year – may be except the last one, RM 😀

  5. Maya says:

    I diligently follow that last resolution every year! Yay!

  6. I absolutely LOVE your resolutions, especially the last one! 😀
    Happy New Year!

  7. ashreyamom says:

    lol.. agree with not following it.. 🙂

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