I Should Have Been A Teacher…

…said all the mothers yesterday in the Exhibition practice session at 8 in the night, when I was breaking my brains to make the kids understand what the whole project was about.

It wasnt easy handling 8 kids with their own temperaments, and 8 mothers with their own temperaments as well. But I think I did well.

All the mothers unanimously agreed that I am teacher material *laughs away to glory*

This was said for someone who does not even have the patience to stand in the line and get a burger for herself!

But guess, yesterday was one of the better days. I cajoled, scared, screamed, laughed, loved, explained and had fun with the kids.

They found me funny and weird and that did the trick I think. I quizzed them, I made them repeat after me, I clapped for them and I made them laugh as well!

A mother said ‘You are in the wrong profession. You should be a teacher. Kids will benefit so much from you!’

Another told me to start tution classes.

A third told me to take her daughter home and make her study everyday 🙂

In short, NOW I realised that my mother is such a superb person. She touched the lives of 100s of students and taught day in and day out.

I give it to the school teachers. Big fat salutes to them and shashtang namaskarams! They are really a great breed!


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8 Responses to I Should Have Been A Teacher…

  1. My Era says:

    Being a teacher is so much about being patient, understanding and knowing how to share knowledge in a fun way.
    Good on you RM for being so good with teaching kids at 8 pm. I am not even 1% teacher material *sigh*

  2. Still not too late for a career change 😛

  3. pixie says:

    you WOULD make the perfect teacher!! 😀 😀

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