Folks Planning Your Second Kid….

….please note that having a second kid is NOT twice the amount of work..its TEN TIMES the amount of work related to parenting!

Phew! now that this is out of my system, I am ready to take the brickbats!

Honestly, I am glad R2 came into our lives! 

Its funny folks dont tell a lot of stuff about parenting. Everyone talks about the delivery and the breast feeding and the potty training and the infant and toddler development.

How come no one talks about the school exhibitions part of parenting? Of having to juggle the egos of 10 other mothers who are in the group created solely on the back of what your surname happens to be! I should have given R my last name instead of RD’s!!!

How come no one tells you about the expectations other parents have for the exhibition and how its practically IMPOSSIBLE to meet them? 

Its been madness for the past few days and it is likely to continue for this week!

I am definitely going to do a post on why I think this exhibition is useless as far as a kid’s learning goes!

And before you start wondering what the title has to do with this post…well… I have to go through this trauma TWICE!!! *bursts into tears* 

PS- parents wanting two kids- Be warned and up your patience levels by 100


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26 Responses to Folks Planning Your Second Kid….

  1. Maya says:

    Hi to all mothers who have to do this twice at the same time? **walks away slowly**

  2. Smita says:

    ha ha ha ha but honestly people specially Parents need to take a chill pill! Apni life main kucch kiya ho ya na kiya ho but bacche ko Einstein bana ke chodenge aur baaki sab ko paagal!

  3. My Era says:

    So true. No one, yes no one talks about the real, dark sides of parenting and schooling. All over the Internet and from the many parents I meet in real life, I have never heard of the zillion challengs I face with my 4 YO :mrgreen:

    Go rant RM for the good of all mothers. Truth needs to be told.

  4. Bikramjit says:

    Ha ha ha I know what you are saying just two weeks back my best friend has been blessed with a baby daughter 2nd child and suddenly I have not seen him for daysssssss…

    I see him everyday ..
    When I have called he says buay busy busy…☺☺☺

  5. Nancy Desai says:

    Hehe same pinch.. I am a mom of two with just 18months difference between the boys!! I have torn most of my hair off, damaged a few vocal chords and some nerves too.. BTW are ur kids in Children’s Academy? Coz from ur past articles its apparent that there is science exhibit which is also in CAAN.. Luckily I m spared kids are in Pre- primary.. Good luck to you and let me know ur views on the exhibit

  6. Divya says:

    Why no one talks about little people with BIG words, BIG emotions and BIG loud voices and how are we deal with it. We gave birth to them but dear lord they are from another planet all-together . Add the messed adults and unreasonable expectations from the world to this mix..parenting is one crazy thing do to. How are we to produce well adjusted, well behaved, caring, nurturing kids and oh with race horse type personality know to excel in everything!
    oh RM sorry for the rant but i get ya…that’s all!

  7. sjscribbles says:

    🙂 good advice RM !

  8. pixie says:

    awww!! hugs!! 😀

  9. The Bride says:

    Maybe there’ll be nicer mothers in R2s class. Mimi’s class mothers are more chilled out than Nene’s class.

    Or… quick, change R2s last name to yours!

    • R's Mom says:

      Oh are they??? Thanks re you are making me feel better!
      No way changing names re…getting things done in India is so hard that I would rather rant about parenting!

  10. LOL. That’s some warning. I am still not out of the after-effects of one child – second child can wait for a few more years. 😛 Wait, do I hear my biological clock ticking?! Oh, yes, I do. Sigh!

    Didn’t really get what your grouse with the exhibition and the parents’ group is!

  11. MR says:

    I agree 100%, I knew it before i had no.2 and resisted for exactly that reason, its way too much work and now that i have 2, i realise doing it first time is a novelty second time i have no patience and my poor 2nd child is deprived of it 🙂 oh well life is hardly fair.

  12. kirti says:

    The opening and closing sentences of this post says everything I have experienced as a mother of two on many occassions. Challenges do not increase linearly,they take the exponential increase for a mom of two
    The exhibition may not have a great learning value for kid but it surely had for the moms (atleast one who is ever learning). Hugs and hats off.

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